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  1. Regular sight down The Gate late sixties early seventies.... My first car was a little red & black Austin A40 …. vividly remember 'bombing' along the Portway towards town with several mates onboard... When suddenly one of these 'invalid' cars came along side us a overtook with ease.... Ohh the embarrassment.. shame!
  2. If Capaldi and others were present they should take a share of the blame... Why didn't one of them give a shout to Grealish - a simple '' VAN ON ! " would have surely avoided the problem.
  3. Will never forget the sight of Bert Tann having to ask the Eastville gardener for his ball back after it destroyed a prized rose bush... and the irate gardener telling him and his mates to go and ''play up yer own end''.
  4. Just asked one of the Sainsbury's checkout girls at Avonmeads ... she had absolutely no idea about any Sainsbury / BRFC Mem negotiations so on that basis I'm minded to treat the rumour with a degree scepticism.. Could still be credible though... considering the blanket of silence thought to have been agreed by both parties..
  5. Strong rumour that Sainsbury and the Gas will resume talks on the future of The Memorial Stadium Bristol later this morning. It's believed an urgently convened video conference has been arranged between bosses of both organisations for 11am today. No official confirmation has been forthcoming from either party a brief announcement is expected around midday... No details of the shock move will be released following the debacle of false speculation and misinformation during previous negotiations on a similar project a few tears ago. Those proceedings ended acrimoniously, and a virtual news blackout is expected this time around. Potentially this could be great news for fans and connections of BRFC.
  6. Rubbish Rob, Thanks to you all players now know that its easy to score goals, all they need to do is have a couple of fags and hey presto the ball flies into the net! Mind you packets of fags are so expensive nowadays I guess that goes some way towards justifying their large pay packets. Are ciggies tax deductible for footballers, can they claim back VAT as a business expense?
  7. We could swap owners and coaching staff...
  8. That might work better for a Gashead spotted aimlessly wandering around in the Whorefield area with a tatty A to Z map book in his hand... Less believable for a Red in Ashton tbh..
  9. You could've joined us for a pint, rather than watching those nomark posh studenty types... Headliners were pretty bloody good though eh? Rock and roll away the bigtone...
  10. Dont tell me the Mott the Hoople gig was at Colston Hall? If so that night was one heck of a **** up for my mate and me, when the 'bunch of students' band warm up support was on we buggered off to the bar for a couple of pints while waiting for Mott … Argghhh few months later the ' unknown Queen students' turned into supergroup and the rest was history... Mott were great though.
  11. *** what like used to happen now and again in and around the old East End in the good old bad old days?
  12. " Go on…. Pull my finger! "
  13. Reminds me of a Steven Spielberg film ..... P C - Goes Home!
  14. Probably got it on 'the tick' anyway...
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