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  1. They sold themselves for peanuts to smallish prem clubs
  2. What people don't understand is that thanks to Ashton we got a squad no decent manager is willing to work with and MA can't tell Steve a total clear out is what is needed.
  3. Type "Common sence" and the shop is open for the odd few souls making the effort
  4. World is full of information and it's not always easy to find. Sometimes you ask for some flexibility when people turn up without notice. Worked very well before internet..
  5. We met up with Gerry in Weymouth in October 2014 https://www.svenskafans.com/england/bristolcity/hostresan-2014-518292
  6. Gerry talked highly about his grandson
  7. And look at what has happened since the Chief of Communications was appointed. A total disaster.
  8. Adam Baker should be appointed Chief of Communications
  9. My crowdie was never to be. The first two games after the restart of the season effectively killed it off
  10. We are all going to walk that way
  11. What help can LJ possibly offer?
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