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  1. So, West Brom, Fulham and Bournemuff to go up, and come straight back down again, certainly makes for an interesting competition!
  2. Quite. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/13/gareth-southgate-england-ditches-his-cautious-machine-for-something-altogether-more-exciting
  3. Tomlin is definitely a waisted talent..........
  4. The Pastry is not Enough.
  5. Spooncaker. The Man with the Burger Bun. From Russia with Pavlova.
  6. Sign him up...err..match winner...err...badly managed ....err..
  7. Just thinking the same! Will be excellent.
  8. Martin's movement is good, but he lacks pace.
  9. Ah, I meant since he left us. I like Nikki and preferred him to DB, but unfortunately his career never really took off properly due to his injury issues. Good keeper.
  10. He's hardly played has he?
  11. Hopefully TB will get fit enough under the new regime to be able to put a proper shift in, if not he's not going to play much under NP. Its ok having a languid style as long as it functions for 95 minutes. TB has rarely if ever lasted well for a whole game.
  12. Interesting that apparently there were lots of overloads against our right side/Tanner, and both our goals were scored from similar positions on the left of their defence.
  13. He really should wear the same kit as everyone else.................
  14. Well, apparently I'm going to come back from being dead.....
  15. Can we please get back to moaning about the team, FFS.
  16. Apparently the sight of THE bush has been known to make Oz's billy boil..........
  17. How does your Mrs feel about that...........
  18. We had plenty of those in the treatment room last season and look where it got us.
  19. Louis has a lot to add to his game at champ level before any prayers are answered.
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