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  1. Conway has the look of a natural finisher to me.
  2. Check in for moaning levels at about 13.45.
  3. Just thought I'd check in to see how the moaning.....err..game is going.
  4. This mornings offering with Pat Mountain and the keepers(good name for a band), is excellent.
  5. Maybe, but Potter likes to go for ball playing CH's.
  6. Eh? I think defenders shit themselves when Sterling runs at them with pace., first name on the team sheet for me, which I couldn't say about Grealish although I like him as a player.
  7. Yes, I think that's what has happened. He can pull off some blinding saves, and has good ability with the ball at his feet usually, but he looks all over the place at the moment. The rest of the team look well in control of themselves. It seems like he's regressed into his Everton form! If I was Southgate I'd be looking at alternatives once the tournament is over.
  8. Is anybody else concerned about Pickford's form? Seems to have totally lost any calmness to me.
  9. The family is donating all of it to Unicef.
  10. He didn't throw anyone under a bus. He's calling out a lack of intensity in some unnamed players, who will/have been notified of said situation. If some aren't doing it, then they should be got rid of, particularly after last seasons pathetic showing.
  11. I believe I'm right in saying we haven't conceded yet?
  12. No, of course he's not rubbish, but to read your critique of him you'd think he was! What he does have, and I think its fairly critical to the way Southgate sets the team up, is blistering pace, if it wasn't for that he probably wouldn't get in regularly before the other options.
  13. How on earth did he even get in the squad, he's rubbish!!!
  14. How anybody could watch the ITV coverage when there is a different option is beyond me! The commentary is appalling. I have to watch it with the sound muted when its the only viewing choice. Clive Tildsley, FFS.
  15. Walker, blistering pace.
  16. No, its because people can't get jobs in the private sector. FFS.
  17. We've got one of those as you come in our front door.
  18. Have Ukraine got through?
  19. Well I'm glad we aren't playing France or Portugal!
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