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  1. Yes against Swansea, it helped make up for that fking stupid penalty he gave away.
  2. Apparently Gregor is interviewing Roy De Alien. He’s obviously looking for some hot tips.
  3. But not at this club! I think we’ve tried it enough thanks!
  4. Still only being used from the bench then?
  5. Seen Springsteen a few times. Brilliant. Lets hope he comes to Bristol and he hasn't played here before so I reckon he will!
  6. I thought the whole game lacked quality. 3rd rate Uefa trophy.
  7. Its so refreshing isn't it, no bullshit catch phrases.
  8. Yes, the former city players are the only celebs I've ever heard of!
  9. Yes, he'll definitely get a plaice in the team.
  10. Indeed. I give him till nov/dec.
  11. Well, my opinion is it's poor, and I and I don't think that is being harsh!
  12. You're right actually, it's not particularly relevant to your post. I guess I was posting about Mitrovic being too good and very expensive for this division, and I can't get enthused about him scoring loads of goals in it! It'll be interesting to see if he's able to up his game for the Prem, unlike last time.
  13. The relevance is, how much he cost, how much his wages are, and how could any other championship club afford him without regular parachute payments.
  14. How much has each Mitrovic goal cost Fulham?
  15. Fulham to win the Championship again in season 23/24. Get on it now!
  16. I see you've been out and about in Redland with your telephoto lens again...............
  17. You mean like one of those mythical nordic creatures......
  18. Why waste money on a fair trial...............
  19. Everyone knows they're guilty, so what's the point.........
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