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  1. Andorra have just subbed on a 41 year old…
  2. Without wanting to read through 4 pages to see if this question had been asked or answered… Why did we only keep him for one season? Was there a reason he left when he did?
  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was thinking this! Thought I was going mad. Will take it nonetheless
  4. Please tell me there is no rematch clause
  5. Master class from Usyk! The man is a machine
  6. Anything other than a knockout now and that should be that!
  7. Trouble is every close round like the last two will be given to Joshua
  8. They should make it a rule that you should be in the ring within so many mins after your opponent, cut out all this bullshit
  9. Probably, doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve his shot though. Having said that, I’m fairly confident you would have said that about Ruiz in the first Joshua fight…
  10. Anyone else wanting Usyk to win tonight? Can’t stand the media trained bollocks AJ constantly comes out with! The only reason I would want AJ to win would be to set up the Fury fight and get smashed that way, but there is the obvious Wilder risk with that. Either way I hope Whyte finally gets his long overdue title shot next year!
  11. Alex Scott seems to either start a game or is out of the squad completely
  12. How did he get on today? Obviously a win start was great but how did he perform individually? Hoping there were good signs of being the quality right back we have been missing since Ayling left.
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