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  1. Great that he has done. Still unbelievable in this day that people feel the need to make such an announcement. Hopefully this is the first step forward in the right direction
  2. That was my first thought as well
  3. Would this be instead of or as well as Kane Wilson, if we were interior course?
  4. The only real down side to this is the amount of messages I’ve had from either gas supporting mates or, even worse, mates that don’t even support them trying to have a dig and take the piss out of me… Literally couldn’t give a shit. Fair play to them, quite a result. But what it has to do with me I really don’t know! And if you say you couldn’t care they think they are getting a reaction!
  5. Good argument, will give you that! Guess it comes from our youth but you are probably right, equally as cringy.
  6. As a grown person, do you really wait to see players walk around a pitch? Seems strange to me. I got memories from being a kid running onto the pitch last game of the season, great times. Unfortunately our kids what get to make memories. They get to talk about the time someone waved from afar!
  7. Why are pitch invasions frowned upon nowadays? Years ago it was the done thing last game of the season regardless of how things had gone. Games gone soft! Just to add to that, don’t get the point of the lap of appreciation either.
  8. Is it based on ticket sales like football? 90,000 tickets sold even if 70,000 people show up
  9. Looking forward to this one now. Build up has been nonexistent which for me means the hype isn’t what it should be but now we are a day away the excitement is there. Good to see a decent press conference as well. Fury seems to be more focused than ever. Let’s just hope it’s a good one!
  10. Going to Weston on the train with the kids on Thursday from parsons street station. Do they have a ticket station there or do you need to buy in advance? Thanks
  11. Said it time and time before, he was playing his best football a few years ago and then was suddenly dropped and loaned to Blackpool. Doesn’t seem to have recovered since and hard to see here he goes from here.
  12. Still the only manager I didn’t want sacked! He should have been backed and given time. There was a lot around the Maguire and Gray transfer stories. Not sure if any of these were ever validated. I’d take him back.
  13. The celebrity take over at Wrexham, has it ever been confirmed what their intentions were? Was it publicity or are they genuine about getting Wrexham into the big time?
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