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  1. Sod the release clause! He isn’t a £30m player let alone £100m! He will chip in with the occasional assist but more than likely will be back at Villa on loan within two seasons
  2. £100m for a player of Grealish’s standard. Anyone care to even explain this?
  3. Might be worth mentioning that on the post. It reads as though it’s your opinion.
  4. Is this a quote from somewhere or your opinion?
  5. Scum, plain and simple. Put aside his role with the ones across the river, he has no place in football and none in society. You would hope they would see sense and dismiss him immediately. They could have this reflect either way on them as a club depending on their response to this.
  6. The young ‘uns done well when given a chance last season. Is there a hope they will come good and save us a few million?
  7. Arsenal have, on paper at least, signed very good defenders in the past. They some how manage to train that out of them time and time again. Personally, when you consider Tomori signed for Milan for about £20m, I think Brighton have had Arsenal’s pants down for £50m for White!
  8. All of which will make us slightly less shit! Kalas poor all season, Nagy hit and miss, Wells is ok, couldn’t comment on Williams but I would guess signing two central midfielders tells you what you need to know about our hopes of his fitness, Semenyo not too championship quality… I will give you Bentley though
  9. Granted there are one or two still to come back but that line up suggests another season of struggle to me. Need another striker and a winger at the very least.
  10. Take a second striker you trust and will actually use, thus for not making Kane play pretty much every second of every game and him then being able to move more than 10 yard at a time when the final comes along!
  11. It was shorts and socks only mate, been far too many years since I owed an actual team football shirt. If I had your body though I’d probably consider it.
  12. Cheers guys, will pop down to take a look. Hoping they have stock in store
  13. Does anyone know of the superstore down the gate is open? Wanting to buy the new shorts and socks ahead of my football tonight so didn’t want to mess around with online ordering. If so, would they have this is stock? Assume the vaccination centre would mean they wouldn’t want everyone just heading down to buy new kit at once so feel it’s a long shot. Cheers
  14. For anyone interested there is the first part of a three part interview with Cotts on the Shrewsbury website about what he had been through. Unbelievable what this done to him and you can’t help but feel that if he wasn’t as tough as he is he probably wouldn’t have made it through. You can see and hear the emotion from him… https://www.shrewsburytown.com/news/2021/july/steve-cotterill--my-covid-19-battle#
  15. This is the problem, we’ve been on the receiving end too way times in the past. I’m glad we have some more streetwise players nowadays. And for what it’s worth, with VAR nowadays, you can’t say it was a dive as it would have been overruled. I didn’t think it was a penalty but the experts making the decisions did and that was good enough for me and the whole country!
  16. The lad only went and scored the winner for Chile tonight, well done to him
  17. Silva is older and he was instrumental in Chelsea’s champions league success last season. There might be a longer term impact as they will get one, if not two decent seasons from him which will potentially hold up the progress of younger players. It’s all about the here and now in terms of success though. Edit - Also if it means someone like Man City selling Laporte for £60m+ and having Ramos come in on a free transfer then it would also make financial sense as well.
  18. Fair enough, I probably could have found that out with a bit of research. Just looked very strange
  19. Not linked with him sorry! One of the more peculiar international debuts I think.... born in Stoke, came through the Forest academy and now playing for Blackburn, made his debut tonight for Chile. Qualifies through his Chilean mother. Also now goes by the name of Brereton Diaz! Came off the bench tonight vs Argentina in a 1-1 draw.
  20. Going to be played at a very strange tempo I would assume
  21. Nothing short of a miracle as he looked to be all but gone at one stage. Great work by the players, officials and medical team involved in giving him the best chance possible. I have more tears in my eyes at what is hopefully the best possible news then when you he incident happened. Stay strong Christian.
  22. No doubt about that but why do it. Lose that and that’s your career going before it’s started, unless the money really does mean more?
  23. But apparently money is more important than his career! Why call out a you tuber for a bumper payday rather than build your reputation and career?
  24. £86m release clause... why is this needed in a 32 year old’s contract
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