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  1. OK then, I’ll ask. How does someone without any form if computer get access to an Internet forum?
  2. My dad was Ted Morgan. Desmond Foster was actually a lovely bloke with a very dry sense of humour and they were good friends. I’d forgotten DF was City too.
  3. Good. Fair enough. A relegation was sufficient punishment.
  4. Apparently it does! I’d like to see the logic behind the club exaggerating the attendances. I know in days gone by we used to be sure they were understated, presumably for the taxman’s benefit.
  5. Wonder if Wigan….. will be erecting a statue in honour of George Orwell? Im enjoying these new all purpose thread titles.
  6. Will Hull ….…. be arranging an independence referendum next October?
  7. I’m shocked HMG didn’t get Birmingham City to give you a loan too. Terrible.
  8. Leveller


    Terrific effort by Jubb against Kyrgios.
  9. Surprised to see that my house - on the edge of West Sedgemoor - looks set to avoid flooding. Only by about fifty yards though. If I make it to 95 I may buy a canoe.
  10. Interesting. My Dad was actually deputy head there in that era, and a City season ticket holder.
  11. Ipswich manager has apparently said they haven’t ruled out signing Bakinson. The deadline in their option hasn’t been reached.
  12. But you haven’t shared anything specific. I think that’s the point being made.
  13. What baffles me is how some people criticise the same bloke for a) wasting millions of pounds on players’ wages and transfer fees, resulting in huge losses and b) having a devilish master plan to buy a football club to further enrich himself. I mean, it would have been a lot easier to get into property development somewhere without a loss making football team snd stadium!
  14. With his contract costing them £4-5m pa in League One? Guaranteed future loss surely?
  15. My feelings exactly - but then we’re old! Well, I am.
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