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  1. Pretty pointless, as it’s only really a few football fans who have adopted this use of the word, while the rest of the population carry on with the original/proper meaning.
  2. That’s the very last sentence of a lengthy Wikipedia article, the rest of which wholly supports the original meaning of the word. Reading the whole article explains the origin nicely. “Journey” is not related to travel but is from journee (meaning day) because these workers were paid daily. They hadn’t progressed to master craftsman level, so were considered of average ability. In time this football related malapropism will probably be accepted as a new meaning, but for the moment most people still consider journeyman as a mild insult meaning bang average.
  3. I’m sorry, but you’re completely wrong. Just because you’ve found other examples of football fans misusing the word doesn’t make you or them right.
  4. That’s not what journeyman means. Though a lot on OTIB think it does.
  5. Leveller


    He needs to learn composure from the finishing of Martin and Weimann. He doesn’t need to try and break the net.
  6. I did spend the first half wishing Pack still played for us.
  7. Quite surprised that Semenyo is getting raves. How he failed to score in that match I’ll never know. Did pose a constant threat though.
  8. Just looked at the form table for the last six games, where they are about sixth, with Taunton top. Obviously it depends how many games you look at!
  9. Why do they look on course to go up by being on the fringes of the playoffs?
  10. Perhaps. Except it would probably upset fans if refs proved their heroes were worse wa••••• than the refs themselves.
  11. But really, supporting his brother when he doesn’t have to is just another positive.
  12. It’s understandable that posters agree with NPs comments on the ref and feel managers should be allowed to criticise refs. But I wonder how they’d feel if, in return, the refs were allowed to publish their comments and feelings about the idiot players, managers and club officials they have to deal with? Its probably safer if both sides are gagged - and only fair tbh.
  13. Why is it clearly a set up? Just sounds like a lack of communication between poorly trained stewards?
  14. It’s illegal to park at junctions anyway, isn’t it? This just clarified it for the idiots who do it.
  15. That’s probs why the stripes are red.
  16. I’m always slightly dubious about sports memorabilia and autographs as there is so much fraud. I notice it says he signed it, but doesn’t claim he ever wore it. It also says it’s Puma, while it appears to be Adidas design?
  17. Hoofball is generally a disaster because you lose the ball so often and it doesn’t take long for it to come back at you. Long balls are only good if you’ve got a brilliant quarterback passer, or the opposition are playing a high line and you want to counter attack behind them. Hoofing it to a big target man to try and get second balls rarely works. And we haven’t got one anyway!
  18. OK . Assuming the Fruit Market site provides them with a new ground (of course it will ) can we have some suggested names? The Raspberry Tart Stadium, for example?
  19. Yep. The musical that the Liza Minnelli film was based on. Revived currently in the West End with Eddie Redmayne as one of the leads. Great reviews.
  20. Quite right too! And you should have had afternoon tea at Betty’s and visited the Railway Museum.
  21. I love the reply that accused her of wanting it to keep the rain off her caravan.
  22. Cape Verde also has a population under half a million. They beat Ethiopia, population over a hundred million, so I thought that was an upset. Turns out Cape Verde are the higher ranking team.
  23. Thank you. I can see that now that you’ve explained it. If only he had! Personally, I had tickets for Cabaret on Friday night (like hens teeth) but am now stuck at home with Covid …
  24. Is this a puzzle? I do like a puzzle. The question must be, what has the thread title got to do with the link, or football, or Bristol City? Absolutely nothing as far as I can see. The link is to a gallery selling black and white photos of the Beatles in the 1960s, some of them featuring Marylebone Station. Well done John. You have surpassed yourself. Do we get more clues as time goes on?
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