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  1. One of my childhood heroes and at age 8 or so I got to meet him in the changing rooms at Villa Park (a mate of my dad’s was captain of Villa at the time). I was gutted when he wasn’t able to play at Wembley in 1966.
  2. There was a large group who loathed LJ as a player and he was never going to get any objective assessment from lots of those from day one. People may have forgotten how divisive his reputation was even in those days.
  3. A good article. And it’s intriguing that a club can slip so far and still move to a new ground. New owners, or did they hang on to the ground and sell it for development? Clearly the writer isn’t happy with the behaviour of past owners - but that’s as it ever was.
  4. Isn’t Semenyo the one who scores by charging the opposition keeper?
  5. I’m no expert but Opera is just another browser - I imagine using the VPN is an option, not automatic.
  6. Did you switch on the VPN as advised?
  7. I don’t really see why a loan player should upset the ethos or atmosphere at the club. OK they may only be at the club for a season - but frankly that’s equally true for talented permanent signings who are clearly likely to be traded on to a higher league - eg Andy Cole. I doubt players resent other players who are improving the team, unless their own pathway is being blocked, in which case it doesn’t matter whether they’re permanent or loan signings.
  8. Live coverage in UK was only exceptionally offered while the grounds were closed because of Covid. Though I believe away games have been allowed when the ticket allocation was sold out?
  9. Ooh interesting. It’s been grey for a few days but is now back to red on my phone!
  10. Yeah, really difficult to call. One has been breezing past really good players without losing a set. The other has been beating even higher ranked players but by scrapping and struggling through three sets. Emma seems to be very mature tactically, though, and if Leyla has a weakness (which I read that she has) then Emma could well fix on it and exploit it to the full.
  11. To mabbutt - to self publicise your own importance without actually achieving much (see also Kardashian).
  12. Well you’ve got the numbering all wrong!
  13. I believe the correct procedure is to offer a substantial reward to whoever nicked it. Unless they give it back.
  14. I’m sure a fair few delays are due to players taking a breather rather than tactical. But I guess if they still have the breaks they could manage the longer overall pitch time (as they do with extra time).
  15. I don’t rate him as a manager or as a writer(!) However, I have no problem with someone loyally supporting another club, whoever they may be. Better that than a flip-flopping glory hunter. I think he’s a man of limited intellect, but reasonably honourable and with a genuine desire to see Bristol/West Country football at a higher level across the board. As long as we’re the top club in the region, I’m generally happy to see the others doing relatively well too.
  16. If it’s ghost written it’s a poor job. I have some sympathy with his views on stability in general, but I really didn’t need to know about his personal struggles to build a garden shed! It’s the sort of rambling monologue you’d get from the pub bore.
  17. Haven’t they got rid of more than they’ve signed?
  18. I see from Twitter that Taunton are at home to Truro and are 1-0 up.
  19. So then that would be Carry On Nurse?
  20. “5th in line”? In what sense? They’re certainly a club with a great history, but don’t belong in the top half at the moment. As “big clubs” currently go, I’d say they’re behind the Manchester clubs, the Liverpool clubs, Chelsea, Tottenham and probably Leicester, with Villa coming up very close in the rear view mirror.
  21. I bet he couldn't head that chance into the ground and over the bar again if he tried for an hour! Good game though.
  22. I'm just happy to see us competing in games and deserving something out of them again. ut winning is a bonus!
  23. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more inappropriate comparison! How is TM like Tomlin? The latter is more like a poor man’s Gazza - innate talent but too thick to have any self control.
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