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  1. Just wondered if there was a back road/path. I’ve been parking in the Luckwell area for decades but it’s getting harder all the time.
  2. So. Next silly question. Walk back, you say. Where exactly? Trying to track it on a map/satellite. Feeder Road? is that usable by pedestrians? And where does the bus drop off after two stops?
  3. Not quite the same, but I once accidentally ended up in the Croatian end at a Hungary v Croatia match in Budapest. It was a qualifier, but a dead rubber - Croatia already qualified, Hungary already out. Consequently the Croatians were more interested in Split v Zagreb rivalry (not friendly) and it started turning ugly while they were theoretically all supporting the national team. I wouldn't care to attend one of their derbies!
  4. And Szmodics played 79 minutes for Posh in their 3-2 win, despite allegedly lining up a move.
  5. No commitment! What’s half time for??
  6. For that, I would have to refer you to Ulrika!
  7. Ah but … that wasn’t “sideways” because it was a Willoughby Transverse Diagonal.
  8. The only players I can remember being impressed by when we beat them 5-0 were Honeyman and KLP. And they’ve left.
  9. I’m happy to pay for unique merchandise, but I won’t pay stupid prices for food that is cheaper outside. Sausage and chips from the Willow Garden (?) if I’m really hungry.
  10. Bielik is apparently looking to move and in advanced talks with someone - Brum? Seems to fit what we need, but has been injured a lot. Any good for us? I genuinely don’t know.
  11. I suspect a lot of people - like me - have never heard of this and don’t know what is involved. It hasn’t really been explained yet.
  12. There are bewilderingly few pundits thinking Sunderland will even be in the bottom third. Not sure what this is all based on, unless they think Neil improved them a lot when he arrived.
  13. Interesting that this is now exactly what Cotterill says he bought him for - ie CDM in front of the defence.
  14. Royal Wootton Bassett Town v Windsor Clash of loyalties for Her Maj there.
  15. Anita Asante - City’s new coach- on BBC2.
  16. But at the same time she’s on the BBC2 panel now for the Sweden v Belgium game.
  17. And appears on Question of Sport on BBC1 tonight at 8.00.
  18. Presumably he thinks the blond one looks like TC?
  19. Other “top people’s” teams Pope Benedict - Bayern Munich Harold Wilson - Huddersfield Town Mahatma Gandhi - West Ham (honest) Jerrmy Corbyn - Arsenal
  20. Another Wolves fan was the composer Sir Edward Elgar!
  21. Robbie Williams - Port Vale. He’s recently played a concert there and hinted at some unspecified further involvement soon.
  22. To be fair, the humans on OTIB do just the same, and we often take them seriously too.
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