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  1. Haven’t read all the pages to know if this was mentioned. Cardiff fans smashed the toilets to pieces in the away end today
  2. Bit of a long shot, but I signed up for the matchroom fight pass. Which gives early access for tickets, but after signing up noticed it has to be 7 days before they go on sale (I did it 6 days). Would anyone happen to have a pass which they have a early access code that they won't be using? Would be hugely appreciated
  3. Just posted himself cracking open a thatchers on his Instagram story
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery Cotts. Look forward to seeing you back in that dugout. Take Care, Stay Safe
  5. Not sure if he looks like the sort of bloke who will be bouncing around the ground mind
  6. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/21/nigel-pearson-bristol-city?__twitter_impression=true Short term deal with a view to a longer one
  7. Not a clue who the bloke reporting is but just seen this
  8. Youd be surprised the difference an inch can make!
  9. Asked him and he said he made a mistake and seen the fake post and thought it was real. Said he hopes hughton gets the job here.
  10. Cowley up to 2/1 and Lowe now come down to 2/1
  11. Cowley odds gone up to 2/1 and lowe has come down to 3/1 now
  12. If he wants gerrard he would be having to pay a serious compensation fee and he would demand a similar wage also I would imagine. If your not willing to meet that wage then surely would only be looking at the flynn, lowe and wellens area.
  13. Bowyer is the front runner for Birmingham job on the latest odds
  14. Ryan Lowe odds have come down a lot today! Hughtons have crept up a bit. Have a feeling we won't go for hughton and its a horrible feeling!
  15. Anyone know who 26 is in warm up? Cant see him in squad numbers and cant think who it is
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