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  1. Over thirty years ago I didn't achieve a first for my degree. I have accepted that and moved on. The world is as it is; not as we would have it.
  2. A very good point; who would want to expose their child to a potential lifetime of being called a moron? Though people supporting it would be more likely to use the name so it's as broad as it's long. I can't actually think of any Nigels or Gordons who would have been born since 1980 after the two songs came out in the 70s. The main change I've noticed for younger blokes at work, say under 35, is that they tend to have one syllable Christian names. I don't have a theory as to why though.
  3. I think Making Plans for Nigel had a big negative effect upon the name; the Nigel in the song was useless and directionless and people who knew the song would instantly dismiss the name as a possible for their child. I have since heard nerdy people described as "a bit of a Nigel" and I'm guessing that that has the same source; and that's another reason for not picking it.
  4. It's terrible when you do that; I always make sure that I use dye catchers on every washing machine load after once making that mistake.
  5. You should see Bournemouth's fourth kit. It's specifically designed to confuse commentators and fans alike.
  6. Good point. Not that I was ever in for it as my post count is so low but I do miss the poster awards on this forum. Some posters do make a large positive contribution to the forum.
  7. Media types have always run these award shows: best regional journalist, best columnist on a national. It's good PR and that's what they do. Most jobs don't bother with such events though maybe they should set one up as it's a night on the piss with some decent scoff and the company pays: actuary / bin man / social worker of the year.
  8. Interestingly, or not, the original was "Brand New Key" by Melanie Safka and was a hit in 1971. The lyrics were changed by Brendan O'Shaughnessy and it was a number one in Ireland in 1975 for this Father Ted priest, Brendan Grace: And that same song was covered by our Wurzels in 1976 and was at number one for two weeks. Not 'arf pop pickers!
  9. Eddie Hitler


    Cheers and yes, fair point. As you say it has acquired its own momentum beyond local rivalries; I saw one northern, Sheffield IIRC, ex-hooligan saying that "firms" used to look at the number of arrests / banning orders as a marker of relative status as there was effectively a parallel league as to who was the top firm. Though as an example of local rivalries expressing themselves in violence Cornwall up to recently had a long tradition, back to the 18th century, of teatreats organised by the local Methodist churches. From the 1950s and into the 1960s these became associated with brawls on the side so that you would have Camborne take on Redruth with the winners fighting Hayle. If such can go on under the auspices of church festivals then football, a game with working class roots and codified from a far more violent street version of the game, was always likely to be adopted as the preferred medium given that regular inter-town meets were part and parcel of the game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cornwall/content/articles/2009/05/04/teatreat_history_feature.shtml Add in drink and even the most placid people start to become aggressive. Exhibit A
  10. Eddie Hitler


    That's not it though is it; it's a perpetuation of inter-town rivalries that have existed ever since there have been settlements and are frequently expressed physically between two groups of men who are up for a fight. It became particularly associated with football because games often have a charged atmosphere and integral to the game is the traveling support. Whilst they will be mostly there for the game there will usually be a small element up for a fight who will find an equivalent group awaiting them. It's not as though someone will see a bloke wearing a different club's football shirt on holiday and walk up and punch him simply for that. The major basis of the West Ham / Millwall rivalry was that when London was a major import port the docks north and south of the river were competing for jobs and money by having the ships land their side and underhanded and violent methods would be used to achieve this; that all overlapped with the football rivalry.
  11. The process of compulsory strike-off of the Memorial Stadium Company has been suspended. It looks like administrative incompetence rather than design again; maybe they've had the work experience kid doing the filings. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/03536554/filing-history
  12. I really like the idea of the days when working people would buy two season tickets so they could see a game each Saturday because it was a cheap afternoon out. There must be someone who still does it in Bristol; I used to know someone who simply liked football but didn't support any particular side. He lived in London and used to go to the two games that looked most interesting each month.
  13. I wandered lonely as a number nine in a 5-3-1-1 formation With balls all high o'er head and straight to the keeper
  14. It's an official role for the City of Bristol that has existed since 2016; a local poet laureate. https://www.bristolideas.co.uk/projects/bristol-city-poet/
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