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  1. Good listen; it's at 42 minutes if you wish to miss a lot of good conversation. His response to who would you have liked to manage was: Portsmouth, Bristol City and Sheffield Wednesday "to an extent". I take that as he sees those three clubs as already having a lot going for them but which he feels he could take up to the next level; rather than a long arduous struggle to take a small skint club up through the divisions. I see it as a nod to our potential and that being an established Championship club with decent facilities and without crippling debt is the ideal springboard for an ambitious manager. It's incorrect to view it as a "sack Pearson" thread; for the financial restraints under which he's working I think Nige is doing a decent job and I would hope that his job isn't in question.
  2. That sounds like it; it adjoined a big area of parking for the estate rather than for the chippy. Shame that it's gone; and good that there is a replacement.
  3. Yep, and the best chippies are usually away from the sea front so competing for local trade based upon product rather than position. There is one in Hayle back on an estate but I forget the name, Francine's in Newquay and the aforementioned Morrishes in Redruth for three. Edit: and there's one up the hill in Bude that also offers deep fried Mars bars and spam fritters. I quite liked the deep fried Mars bar, it was similar to eating a caramelly Christmas pudding. Pasty shops are generally very good wherever they are as long as they're independent bakers. The best combination of quality and value IMHO is Gear Farm on the Lizard but it's a long drive unless you're already in the area which negates the value aspect.
  4. Nigel's only making plans for us
  5. Oi, stop carrying your feuds across forums please.
  6. Whilst I agree with the general criticism of Mark Ashton the one area in which he was absolutely superb was in obtaining top dollar on player sales; an area in which we have been historically awful. I would have him back tomorrow if this could be the entire extent of his role.
  7. I read an interview here they had been asked to appear on The Tube, live on Friday evenings 5 - 7, and they said they didn't want to do so because Tranmere was playing at home and they would miss the game. The Tube's producers offered to fly them up by helicopter after playing so that they could see the game but they refused because they didn't want to look like big time Charlies arriving at the game by helicopter and also because, this being mid 80s Merseyside, the association of helicopter flights with drug dealers who paid cash for flights. They stopped from 86 - 90 but are still going today. I don't know if this is their biggest hit but it's the one I remember. The recording is fairly loud so turn down your speakers.
  8. Ah yes, I said QPR above but you're correct that it was Fulham; I used to watch both QPR and Fulham when in London and had mixed the two. David Mellor switched allegiance from Fulham to support Chelsea https://talksport.com/football/252513/seven-reasons-why-chelsea-fc-are-so-hated-150312139477/ Clydebank was sponsored by Wet Wet Wet
  9. Michael Nyman has composed works about football and specifically QPR. Pete Doherty used to write a QPR fanzine.
  10. I have no idea if this is still the case @phantom but when I worked in London in the 90s a colleague was living in the YWCA Regents Park.* She wasn't in need or homeless, she had come to work in London from her home in the NE, and had a reasonable job. She also wasn't there for a few weeks it had been quite a few months last I spoke to her. They woudl have seen her going to work each day in an office suit so she wasn't pretending to be destitute or anything. Obviously for him this would be YMCA not YWCA! Maybe try calling and ask if he could have somewhere for a few weeks while he sorts himself out. The worst that could happen is that they say no. Obviously play up all the first time in the capital, doesn't know anybody, new job, skint etc. As I say my knowledge is over thirty years out of date. * She didn't used to volunteer this but when the discussion about accommodation came up, and it was tricky to find somehwere even then, people's jaws dropped when she said Regent's Park as that was, and is, one of the top addresses in London. So she had to explain why.
  11. I'm sure I've read that Mellor gave up on Chelsea and spent some time watching QPR before returning to Chelsea; even writing some programme notes. The "running in wearing a Chelsea shirt" story wasn't true (any more than was "Freddie Starr ate my Hamster") and was actually invented, or rather transferred, by Max Clifford; there was previously another woman for whom he was trying to sell the story of another well known person running into the room dressed only in an Everton shirt but he couldn't gain any press interest for that one. So when Antonia de Sancha came to him wanting to sell her Mellor story he saw a great chance to recycle that old story. Who was the Everton fan? Well it wasn't Robert Lindsay. Or Michael Palin for that matter.
  12. Meatloaf supported Hartlepool, carried a Hartlepool mascot with him, and at one point was trying to buy a £1m house on Teeside. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tees/2936262.stm And of course there is Derek Smalls and his Shrewsbury Town shirt:
  13. The Damned United is excellent as noted above. My Favourite Year is a decent read; it's a compilation of several fans relating their favourite seasons for their clubs (80s / 90s) and very well written inclduing by Nick Hornby and Roddy Doyle. One piece is on City and titled "Thighs of an Elephant" referring to super Bob. I no longer have the book or would credit the writer of that piece. It's not just big clubs, Cowdenbeath was in there. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4263.My_Favorite_Year# There's "Among the Thugs" by Bill Buford if you want something a bit different. A reporter dives into football hooliganism to try to understand it. Unlike the hooliganism books written by the participants there's no attempt to glorify any of it.
  14. I may have mentioned this before but an ex-colleague is a Plymouth season ticket holder and each season half a dozen of them go to an away game and make a weekend of it. I can't remember who was promoted or relegated but one season they were newly in the same league as Rovers so I asked if they were going to make that their away weekend, given how easy it is to drive to and that a night out in Bristol is usually decent. He said they had ruled that out straight off because they had been before and the conditions and facilities for away fans were absolutely terrible. I think they went to Charlton in the end. Having a good, or bad, ground really makes a difference to your attendance figures.
  15. I stayed at a B&B in Plymouth run by an ex-Plymouth player and his wife; they used to have youth players staying there. It seemed a good idea as they kept an eye upon them without have to effectively adopt them for a couple of years.
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