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  1. Sack the useless incompetent. He's never succeeded anywhere and simply lucked into that job.
  2. Dwane Developments is Wael, used to be also Hani, though the last set of accounts showed nothing much happening and little in the way if assets. The (my) expectation is that the Colony is currently owned by Dwane Sports and will be transferred into Dwane Developments. It isn't showing as an asset in the UK accounts of DD or 1883 (unless it's now gone into it in the latest as yet unavailable set of accounts). Dwane Sports' ownership is thought to have been under family ownership similar to the Lansdowns for City but following the death of Al Qadi senior it looks to have been bought out entirely by Wael as the loan to 1883 was then allowed to exceed by some way the security in the stadium. Initially it was set up capped at the stadium value of £20m. Then this (last) year the £15m interco balance between the football club and 1883 was converted into shares. As you can see there is a lot of speculation there but it is based upon the financial changes that have occurred and the ownership change to Dwane Developments. Nobody, for instance, has seen a copy of Dwane Sports' accounts though if they did I suspect the ownership might be through at least one other company so they might not tell us anything.
  3. Are you edging towards revealing that it was, in fact, you then John by dropping such hints?
  4. I didn't think that was any longer the case Bert. Hence Hani coming off Dwane Developments' board. Edit: 1883 accounts filed but not yet available.
  5. A big football match always brings the country together for a big fight. I don't think the byline to that unedifying bit of footage particularly helpful; there were several blokes who were simply taking a swing at anyone within range. There was nothing targeted about it; simply some individuals pissed up and wanting a fight with anyone they could find.
  6. I don't see that having the "guts to have a go" has any value. Southgate given his history should have been drilling them mercilessly in penalty taking and had the full listing in order ready for a shoot out in order to take as much emotion out of it as possible. If Sako was that nervous he should not have been taking it and that is entirely down to Southgate to recognise that and replace him. I am not having a go at Sako or the other two that missed. The blame lies squarely with Southgate.
  7. Bottlers. Which was always the likeliest outcome.
  8. Laugh at them when they're laughable. They do that enough that there is no reason to make things up.
  9. I don't think they're going to contain any surprises; the result is basically as it stands. That £15m debt was owed to 1883 and therefore hence on to Dwane Sports but has been cancelled and now 1883 owns more shares in the football club which it did anyway. I'd suggest that it doesn't matter much whether the reamining debt sits in 1883 - owed to DS - or in DS because if there ever is a sale then it could be either DS or 1883 that is sold. It will be interesting to see what is the position betweeen 1883 and DS but an owner with the intention of flogging off the club or asset stripping it is not going to convert debt to equity if only because of the tax advanatages of having it as debt - tax free repayment unlike dividends or sale proceeds / gains. I flagged it up when it looked like Rovers were heading into losing their stadium under the charge set upon it but I am happy to now flag up that the club looks financially solid. Or as financially solid as any non-premier league club does!
  10. The accounts have been filed for the football club; though are still outstanding and overdue for the Memorial Stadium and BRFC 1883 which is the holding company of both. This is to June 2020 so the year before last missing most of Covid's financial effects. The loss is down year on year from £3.3m to £2.4m. More importantly WAQ has followed the Lansdowns in capitalising debt to the order of about £15m in teh football club meaning that the net liabilities have massively fallen from £15.9m to £1.8m which looks a lot healthier. I have no idea what his personal wealth is but Rovers no longer look the time-limited financial basket case they did when they were being funded by a rapidly exhausing credit facility secured by a charge on the ground. This last season - the season of the three managers and no spectators through Covid - will be much worse as it will be for all football clubs. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/00051828/filing-history
  11. Funny that it mentions Bury because I was going to suggest emulating their fans. Set up a fans' consortium owned Swindon Town 2021 in non-league and work your way back up; rent the ground off the council as did the previous company. The current legal entity doesn't even own the ground so if the fans depart to another club then it may as well be wound up at nil value.
  12. David Moyes for his subsequent managerial career would be probably the biggest football star to have played for us.
  13. Absolutely. I remember one season where I had to stop going to AG because it was defeat after defeat and it was ruining my weekend each time we lost. I was that emotionally invested in the club. Now the long years of disappointment, the brief starburst of Cott's season excepted, has my expectations and engagement on the floor. There wasn't just a temporary financial cost in first appointing and then persisting with LJ long after he should have been given the push; those years and the owners' attitude to the fanbase through those years will cast a very long shadow.
  14. I suppose I'm not bothered if they win or not. I think it's the combination of my getting older (early fifties) or it's watching some games without crowds over lockdown which now make the games look like a bunch of schoolboys running around a park. When you're at school and the players are much older than you and you're still dreaming that you might one day play for England then yes it's all about dreams of cup glory and hero-worshipping the players. I don't think that the money swirling around and the number of foreign players in the big teams helps either because these days the big stars of the English top league are mostly representing foreign countries. Back in the day the team would be the best players of the six or so best teams in the league; now I genuinely haven't heard of most of them because they're languishing in the U23s with only League Cup games seeing them getting a first team run out. The only game I've seen was England Germany and the only players I immediately recognised were Kane, Sterling and Grealish. For most of them it was "Who?". My interest in football is seriously on the wane.
  15. It is fortunate that no clubs in Bristol might find themselves in such an invidious position.
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