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  1. Our brand of football has been pretty dire the last 18 months - i would hope he can improve on that.
  2. The cynic in me wonders if the club leaked the Cook interview to gauge fan reaction, knowing that there will more than likely be a backlash when we fail to land Hughton.
  3. It did for him! I see he had his own piece on Football Focus a few weeks back as well.
  4. Stat pinched from the Totally Football podcast, but since they've changed shirt sponsors, they've either scored 3 or let in 3 per game
  5. You forgot 'box entries' - these are pivotal to LJ-ball
  6. Really good interview. Those 2 hours flew by. Well done all involved. Would love to see Wilbs down here in some sort of coaching capacity, but doesn't sound like he wants to go in that direction.
  7. Dingbat


    Thought Pato put a right shift in tonight. Certainly looked like he wanted to prove something to someone.
  8. Is it though? If we lose, he’ll dig some player or two out and come up with something about box entries or some other buzz word. I used to want LJ to do well, as he sounded like he genuinely loved the club. Everything I hear out of his mouth these days is designed to deflect blame and save his own skin.
  9. Didn’t Rovers put 4 past this lot not too long ago?!
  10. Not a lot right with it either (i know - i grew up there)
  11. We need to hang on to him until the new ones are bedded in, at least
  12. I would hope LJ/MA are expending all their energies on finding a new striker, and not on negotiating Pato's exit at the moment...
  13. I agree not all, but for some that have not been following us so closely, who suddenly get their agent saying that i've got club x, club y, and Bristol City interested, will remember the gubbing we got on TV only a few days ago.
  14. Sunday's performance will not have helped. It takes an age to build up a good reputation, but seemingly 90 mins to ruin it
  15. I can see why this could be a good fit for everyone involved, but that head tapping 5hit still rankles with me. He jumped ship far too quickly after one good season on top of God knows how many frustrating ones. Mind you, once he pulls on that red shirt, it'll probably all be forgotten. Football eh?!
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