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  1. What a joke to let the game go ahead. Shambles, something you'd expect to see on the downs not a top professional league.
  2. Our lack of wing backs would stop up playing a 3-5-2. Only Pring would really suit this formation and as good as he looked he's only played 2 league games for us and no 90 mins. Dasilva is better as a left back in a 4 coming onto play, his delivery isn't good enough to play consistently at wing back. Right back / right wing back is a massive weak point in our squad. Simpson looked scared to pass the half way line at times last night, assuming he doesn't have the legs to get up amd down anymore and Vyner is also better suited to RCB. Really hope we bring someone in to give us more flexibility and opportunity to change formation. Someone similar to Swanseas right wing back would be great! Dasilva couldn't get near him tonight, I thought he was their best player.
  3. Enoch


    I find it strange how all fans and pundits are predicting Brentford to have a really strong season and dismissing Norwich. Which team won the championship last season with nearly 100 points?
  4. The draw has really opened up for England. Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal and Spain all on the other half of the draw.
  5. How good is it to see a full stadium?!
  6. Yeah £1.99, when it's that cheap there is no need to put yourself through the stress of a stream potentially not working. Some decent content on Dazn too, loads of classic fights from the last 20 years.
  7. Django unchained Lock stock and two smoking barrels Wolf of wall street Green book
  8. If that's the case then surely all great goals are lucky. This goal during the week was something special too, Nathan Ferguson for Southend.
  9. Keep up the podcasts guys, enjoy giving them a listen sometimes. One slight criticism would be the poor production, I think the podcast would be a much more enjoyable listen if there wasn't the constant talking over eachother.
  10. Strange that Smith vs Canelo isn't being shown on British TV, how are people watching? Hard to see a way past a Canelo win who seems to always find a way, I don't see Smith getting a marginal decision out there.
  11. Couldn't see a Chisora level fighter knocking him out, Joyce has shown he has a decent chin is and has a has a very good engine for a heavyweight. I know he's not the quickest but clearly has some power. I agree is isn't anywhere near the fury, AJ, Usyk and possibly Whyte level but surely he is in the bracket below and would have a chance against any other heavyweight.
  12. Very impressed by Joyce tonight, kept stepping away from Dubois big right, Dubois needed to throw the left hook more. That eye is completely shut, a punishing last shot.
  13. Sorry I was talking about the Joyce vs Dubois fight! Not really interested in the Tyson 'fight'. Should be a decent British heavyweight fight with the winner (and probably the loser) heading to the world title contender level next year. I'm backing Dubois to win by KO in the later rounds, Joyce lack of head movement weakness will surely be exploited.
  14. Nice to see it's not a PPV fight, does anyone know a good stream? Or whether you can buy a days BT sports pass?
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