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  1. I will be very suprised if a championship team doesn't offer him a contract, in the current climate many clubs will be looking to free agent players. Korey is an experienced championship midfielder, and would be a great signing for one of the promoted teams.
  2. Hoping it's 442, don't want to see Afobe back on the left wing.
  3. against Leeds he created more chances in 20 minutes than the rest of team managed in 70. Elliason consistently puts great crosses into to the back post which is crying out for a striker to finish them off. He also is by far the best corner taker in the team.
  4. The problem LJ has is trying to get Elliason in to team while still playing with two upfront.
  5. Very short on numbers especially if we carry on playing with 3 CBs. Unlike last season we haven't got the full backs to slot in as a 3.
  6. A very poor PPV event. Although has not been helped by Brook and his replacement Eggington both pulling out of fights. Parker to win by UD, I think he will be too slick for Whyte who may start well but will most likely fade as the fight goes into later rounds.
  7. I thought Taylor played well today, Baldock looks alot more dangerous beside him.
  8. ******* joke! The board are liars and clueless, our clubs a laughing stock. So annoyed right now
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