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  1. I hope Mings does well to be honest. Not many players from this neck of the woods get to play for England. That said, I can see other teams winding him up to get a reaction....and I don’t think they will be disappointed. I am not sure Mings was helped by Luke Shaw’s defending either....I don’t think he stopped a cross all game. Trippier, on the other hand, has looked decent in both games.
  2. Could be a blessing for him as I think he looked like he had the world on his shoulders. Trying too hard all game.
  3. To contextualise: Sacking the manager/Head Coach is the most common action to take when a team is performing badly. The commonly heard argument is that it is cheaper to replace 1 manager than the squad of players. It is rare for those group of players to show improved performance beyond the “dead cat bounce”. Often it takes a new manager with several signings to reverse the downward spiral and several transfer windows to replace the rest. The UK must be swimming with players who have been transferred out in this way. Reason for post: Has anyone (stattos in particular) seen an analysis of the career paths/destinations of the types of players that are bombed out? IE something that would help form a profile of the players a team should avoid or indeed put plans in place to manage better. My assumptions are that there are common traits. For example.... 1) Players that have been promoted with a team and are not technically good enough for the league above. 2) Players that were bought into a club for their potential but not realised. 3) Significant injury that has affected their game 4) Mental fatigue 5) Passing their peak physically 6) Lack of flexibility with regards to team dynamics. 7) Falling out of love with the game or the club If you are aware of any such analysis please could you point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. I’m not so sure the recruitment has been so bad. If fit (!) we would have had Bentley, Baker, Kalas and Mawson, Sess and Dasilva as a back 5. That would be the envy of most other teams. We bought one of the leagues top strikers in Wells. It’s the players who knit it all together that we haven’t managed to sign/attract. I can’t say I have been particularly impressed with any of the opposition players we have faced so I’m not sure there is that sort of quality about. It’s generally a game of attrition and won by a set piece or mistake. Most Championship games are pretty dull. With that in mind, I think Pearson will be effective in recruiting some bigger(physically), rapid and more athletic characters but I doubt it will be pretty. He will need a dead ball specialist and someone who can bully defenders. We do not have the luxury of parachute payments and that is a massive difference when you have had zero matchday income for a year. If I’m honest I just want to see us fighting for every ball and getting the rub of the green because of it. If we lose some, so be it. If we have aspirations of going up then we need to match the spending from the parachute mob. It’s not rocket science.
  5. I think you have to ask “who has the potential to develop into a premier league standard player?”. My feeling is that Palmer may be more effective with better and quicker (physically and mentally) players making more intelligent runs...so “might” make the jump. Nagy strikes me as someone who is close to their optimum and my fear is that he would get bullied by the premier league midfields. So a no from me. Massengo...potential to improve so keep him in. Williams...not seen enough of but I do worry whether he has enough attributes to complete at a higher level. The same goes for Walsh....does he have the speed to outwit physically bigger players. Vyner...I would love to coach him. I think he has a lot of room to grow and the fact that team mates refer to him as a Rolls Royce suggest that he has potential to develop the quicker feet required in the middle. Can certainly compete physically. My question marks for him are around his 360 vision....is he spotting the runners early enough? Bakinson....really intrigues me. He could develop into something special but needs a partner to provide the energy in my opinion. He could make it. Lansbury....proven to be not good enough in the premier league. Good game today mind. We need someone or a partnership to impose themselves on every game. I’m not sure we have those players yet but it is exciting to see who could come good.
  6. I think one of the issues we have with Palmer is that he needs someone with pace up top. It’s no good playing a defence splitting pass with Wells or Martin as neither has the pace to beat a half decent defence over a 30-40 yard sprint. Maybe Semenyo is the answer but he hasn’t found his shooting boots yet. Afobe had pace, strength and a quicker mind than the defenders he was playing against so he was able to see the picture earlier. Without his injury, I think we would be having very different conversations now.
  7. What struck me most today was the lack of options when we were on the ball. When players aren’t busting a gut to find space then it can often make the ball carrier look poor....Massengo was looking, as he is a decent heads-up player but the only option he had most of the time was to sweep it left or right to someone on the flank....so easy to defend against. The only players who put a shift in were Massengo and Deidhou in my opinion. Not one player looked as though they could compete for a place in a premier league team.....that is worrying for a team with ambitions.
  8. My lads have been bugging me all summer about doing a stadium tour at City......I would love them to see the changing rooms and walk down the tunnel....be an amazing experience! As city don’t offer it they are bugging me to take them on stadium tour of a premier team....they ask if we can go to Bournemouth, Southampton or even Villa....makes my blood boil. Given the tourists we have got coming to the region over the summer hols....surely demand could be generated.
  9. Josh Brownhill....potential to get 10-15 goals if some of those near misses actually hit the target. With that in his game he could easily play mid-lower premier league.
  10. When we used to sing a version of the Pompey chimes I could never understand the logic it. Binary times.
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