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  1. They didn't sell out for their most important game of the season (and for many years) Att. 9,790 with 279 away fans.
  2. Pretty sad state of affairs if they charge him £5 for losing a season ticket, especially as it’s the last game of 23 he’s paid for.
  3. Losing to Mansfield in the Play Off Final would be just the perfect end to their season.
  4. Scunthorpe might be tough……being it’s their final game in the football league.
  5. Just watched a FGR fan’s video on YouTube and nearly collapsed with laughter at his comments… ”I’ve only just realised, we’re in a bloody tent !!!”
  6. The videos posted on YouTube didn’t help matters. Many had a photo of our Nige.
  7. Such a NOBLE thing to say
  8. I can remember him collecting lottery money around Whitchurch and Hengrove many years ago.
  9. Cheers mate. I know it’s 9 monthly payments next season, just had to double check this season’s. Off to the shops I go
  10. I’m guessing current season ticket Direct Debits have ended. Only 9 payments taken before April 1st and I can’t remember if the DD was over 10 months or 9 months. Anyone know……..before I pocket the £62
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