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  1. Pring has impressed at his loan clubs and was brought back to start but got injured. If he isn't in the squad then sell, he has had enough loans and I know at least 1 club wanted to buy him.
  2. Didn't Kevin Mabbutt have a flashy sports car with "Kevin Mabbutt Super Star" written on it or have I just made that bit up.
  3. I would actually like to see him stay at Villa. If the big 6 clubs just hoover up all the talent then we might as well have a European Super League. The more clubs who are up the top challenging the better the league is for the fans.
  4. I read a similar story but no facts and from "sources". I would imagine Sterling himself is not happy he has dropped down the pecking order at City. It looks like Pep would be happy to off load him and I bet the "source" is actually Man City paving the way to oust him but making it look like its Sterling pushing to leave.
  5. Bit like Sir Alex at Man Utd. Won the FA cup saved his job and went on to become the best manager in English history.
  6. Probably because we dont know if they'll start the season on -12 or -6 or 0 They won't be in league 1 though.
  7. I was 12 and my dad did the same. This was my first proper away game, did Rovers but as that was close to where i lived it wasn't like an away game. I have the same memory of stopping at the services on the way home and it being a sea of red & white.
  8. I think a centre forward should be high on the list. Our top scorer has gone and i haven't seen much which suggests the others will score enough between them to move us in the right direction.
  9. Lining the pitch waiting for the final whistle. 11 years old - what a night. Bristol City Division one Here we come The flag my dad bought me outside the ground.
  10. Bournemouth , Sunderland, Forrest Green
  11. I'm not sure but i seem to remember the reason they gave for sacking Keogh and not the others was that Keogh was club captain, had organised the bonding session and failed in his duty as senior player to the then youngsters. I'm not in anyway suggesting this is correct and on the face of it they sacked him cause he had no real worth but kept the younger players because they did.
  12. I must admit from memory there seemed to be more than 1000. Great day though.
  13. I like most people thought our form would improve and we would move up the table. We were 12 points off the play offs and with a good run (which a new manager usually brings) we could have come close not necessarily into but close to the play offs. I don't think there are many fans who thought we would drop from 13 to 19 and from 12 to 26 points off the play offs. I just don't see us spending much in the close season. We haven't got a big name to sell so funds will have to come from revenue or our owner. Yes I'm sure a few new names will be added but I'm not expecting a huge influx of quality players.
  14. I am genuinely worried. I thought Nigel Pearson was a good appointment - even thought the positive effect of a new manager might push us close to the play offs. But the way we have performed since his appointment has been very disappointing to say the least. Like most clubs, I don't see us doing much in the transfer market in the summer so going into next season I think the squad will be much the same as it is now. Hopefully our injured p[layers will be back but Nigel will have to get them performing way better than he has so far. In reality, and I hate to say it, Dean Holden kept us up because since he was sacked we have been in relegation form. I really hope Nigel gets the squad playing to their potential but a good start is essential. My one comfort is how ever bad this season has been for us just imagine being a Rovers fan.
  15. The Gloucester Cup Final like the boat race City v Rovers every year. 1 year at Eastville next at Ashton Gate. Usually pre-season I loved it as a kid. I wish we could play rovers every year and often say to some gashead mates I wish we were both in the same league that's when you get real rivalry. I work with some Man Utd fans and I can't understand why they don't see Man City as there biggest rivals.
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