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  1. I voted play offs but I would also be happy with top 10 I am not inspired by the new appointment but will get behind the team including the new manager. What I can't understand is the 1 person who voted relegated
  2. I think we have numbers but not sure we have a tough ball winning box to box midfielder.
  3. I think a defensive or box to box mid fielder is what we need. We should keep Fam but other than that stick with what we got.
  4. I think the longer the restrictions go on the more fans will stay away. All of a sudden you find something else to do on a Saturday. People will also realise how much it costs to go to football and what they could do with that time & money. Die hard fans will always go and the gate will be packed for the "BIG" games but the casual fans wont turn up on a wet/cold Tuesday to watch Stoke for example.
  5. and at Liverpool he will be sat along side the best CB in the business.
  6. Agree with the numbers bit and I've stated elsewhere that Cook is a totally under whelming choice. But I think we ought to forget about CH, he's either been offered the job and has turned it down, been offered the job but is waiting for a better offer elsewhere or we haven't made an offer in which case he knows he is at least 2nd choice so unlikely to come. Maybe wrong and would be delighted if he is appointed but don't think it will happen.
  7. Lowere league promotions. We are surely looking for someone to take us to the top table, if we want a lower league success we might as well kept LJ or even Steve Cotterill - he didn't do a bad job in league 1. I for one would be totally under whelmed by this appointment if it happens given some of the names linked with the job.
  8. Those were the days. Could hardly see past the half way line even with the orange ball. Good old hoof up the pitch bounced over the other keepers head from memory.
  9. Club in a no win situation. However they decide to allocate the limited capacity there will be plenty who moan as it does suit them. Its a crap situation so just accept you're probably not going to get exactly what you want.
  10. The line is Hughton is said to be excited. Not Hughton said he is excited which is quite different the first is from a "source" usually quoted as being close to Hughton, the second is an actual quote of something Hughton is on record as actually saying. I doubt very much if Hughton has gone on record as stating he wants to join us - not saying he doesn't but I'd be surprised if he said something like that before being offered the job.
  11. Exactly, if you believe the papers managers are falling over themselves to join us. I bet the reality is quite different.
  12. I'm not trying to question what you say but when and how did Chris Hughton actually indicate that he wanted to manage Bristol City?
  13. In the past the club have been very good at keeping this sort of thing under wraps until the deal is done. I don't expect any news from the club until the new manager is announced. If its Stevie G or Houghton I don't expect their team to leak either.
  14. Yes just like shops but I can't see a 14k crowd with those restrictions. Look how empty supermarkets are due to the restrictions on social distancing. If you assume no away supporters, and thats a big assumption, you'd be looking at 4k in Lansdown, South and Dolman stands with 2k in the Atyeo, still think thats too crowded especially at the final whistle. I guess the government will decide if crowds and council H&S the size. Personally I find the matches on TV with no crowd are crap worse than pre season friendlies so the sooner the better but it needs to be safe.
  15. Fair point but how would the club ever police that? The logistics would be an absolute nightmare and the turnstiles, entrances, exits, concourses would also have to allow social distancing
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