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  1. Lewisdabaron


    Do you feel the same about people who have been sent racist tweets?
  2. How original. Get back to your flat earth group & going into the florist for a snack. Try any protest in Bristol in the next few months
  3. The lentil munching bridge on here arguing & preaching is as predictable as us conceding last minute goals.
  4. You would say the same about many companies named after a name- John Lewis, Marks & Spencers. It’s the done thing.
  5. Ideas like this sum up the tools that are “unionists”
  6. Not a great analogy at all. You know there are plenty of “no go areas” in the world. These places you cannot go just because the colour of your skin or your religion, or will suffer serious physical consequenses.
  7. Exactly. It’s as simple as that
  8. Its words on a screen. If i dont like what i see i just turn it off.
  9. Imagine my shock at the club being unable to supply demand- seems to happen every year! Loads of unofficial merchandise available anyway. Check Ebay etc & Otib facebooks page got a smart polos, face masks & caps. or even use those websites where you can design/print your own stuff using whichever badge you prefer.
  10. I would advise you never to go into a public house. You would have kittens at the prices of babysham
  11. Nice try but the drinks were bottled, not draft
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