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  1. The words “No pyro no party” are on the tshirts being sold at the 3 lions on flag day. Using them is ok as long as theyre not in a football ground?
  2. Keep up the good work lads. Not sure why people think the ones who arrange flags / banners etc are the ones who throw stuff on the pitch, talk about tarring everyone with the same brush! Sing loud & proud for 90 mins. coyr
  3. Hopefully this is exactly why this rule has come into place.
  4. Gutted to hear this. I remember voting for him to be mayor. One of the funniest blokes to ever grace AG & the surrounding pubs. RIP Stoney
  5. What happened in Portugal that was so bad?
  6. Because Scousers are always the victims & nothing is ever their fault. We all know this by now
  7. Im sure he will be welcomed there with open arms.
  8. His naivety about running a football club has got the club into debt we’re in. Any other club could have spent the same as he has done & i bet they would been in the prem for at least 1 season… & had parachute payments. He only has himself to blame for his debts.
  9. Apparantly you cant chose your sexuality, right?
  10. Im not comparing them. For who? The MAP? Probably they do, yes.
  11. Strange no one has replied with a genuine answer to a geniune question. Only berated me. That’s OTIB for you though. I wont lose any sleep.
  12. Educate yourself on these subject please. You may be suprised as to what you will learn.
  13. So if i started a new thread would i get a sensible reply from you? I doubt it, looking at the way every day you post endless tripe on here constantly.
  14. Seems its acceptable to judge some people & call them names, but not others… theres a word for that too…
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