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  1. In the Net

    No knee

    There was an article on the Telegraph website last night https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/06/08/premier-league-players-unity-taking-knee-next-season-doubt-brentfords/
  2. In the Net

    No knee

    Brentford are active in the local community, so I'm sure they are being proactive in other ways. My concern is, that once fans are properly back in the stadiums, this will cause division amongst them, which will no doubt become heated for a few who are that way inclined.
  3. Great to hear positive news on the signing of the papers and an improvement in sleeping - onwards and upwards, even if it may be small steps at a time.
  4. Wycombe being trodden on because they're not one of the big boys. Standard EFL behaviour - disgraceful.
  5. @Batman - hopefully the sleeping tablets will gradually regulate your body into normal sleeping habits again. Don't add to your stress at the moment by worrying about how long you will need them for. It's amazing how a much loved spouse/partner can change in such a short space of time. I experienced the same with my ex, I've since found out that he lied on the financial declaration when we divorced, as he was actually buying the property he lived in, which he said was rented. We'd lost our marital home when his business failed - I was stupid enough to sign it over to guarantee a business loan. When he left we were living in a privately rented house, and I moved in with my parents, so that I could save a deposit to get back on the property ladder. I never wanted my son to be homeless again - the ex tried to have his child support payments reduced, as my outgoings were reduced due to living with parents! At the point of divorce, he'd built a considerable amount of equity in his new property, as he'd been in a position financially to buy when the property market bottomed out. I would never have believed it possible that he could behave like this after 18 happy years together. I try to get solace from the fact that everything I've achieved since has been done off my own back, and I have a fantastic relationship with my son, who appreciates the fact that I went without things in order to get us where we are today. I hope that your wife sticks to what she has said, and the divorce can come to an amiable conclusion. If she is using a solicitor, I fear that they may push her to get what she can - hope that I'm wrong on that one.
  6. The poster hates Chris Lines, and wanted a thread about a podcast featuring Lines removed from the Rovers section of the forum. Being childish, he created two posts stating that he was doing podcasts with Matty Taylor and Tyrone Mings. He doesn't do podcasts, and was just miffed and acting like an idiot because the Chris Lines thread wasn't removed. He's done disruptive stuff before when Chris Lines is mentioned - no idea why he's got such a downer on him.
  7. Sincere condolences on your loss. My late Father introduced me to football, and it creates a very special bond, sharing the excitement, disappointment, ups and downs. Glad that you have so many happy memories to look back on and treasure in the future. Holding positive thoughts for Mrs BT. x
  8. Both clubs would be good subject matter for an Amazon documentary next season. All or Nothing - A Tale of Two Bristols (aka A Tale of Two Titties)
  9. Thanks for the hospitality! At least we've finally been put out of our misery - this season seems to have gone on forever. I've suffered every game, and will watch the final 3 - it's what we do, isn't it?
  10. That's a horrible situation. Unfortunately, by the time someone decides to leave a relationship, they've already checked out emotionally - often because they've got somebody else lined up, but very rarely admit it. (I've got the t-shirt). Very tough for the one left behind, you've had all this come as a shock, plus the worry about your daughter. Do you think your wife would lie about how the bruise came about? I don't know your daughter's age, or if she could be coerced into covering up how it happened. It's early days, you must allow yourself to grieve for the relationship - you'll go through similar emotions as people do when adjusting to the passing of a loved one. I didn't really go through the "anger" phase, which made it hard to let go. Good advice from Nogbad re. talking to the mother-in-law, maybe sound out what she thinks. Please don't let you mental health deteriorate, contact your GP if necessary. You may well have already done talking therapies for the PTSD - it's something which I've found helpful in the past. Good luck - each day is a tiny step forward to a new beginning.
  11. George Best - in his twilight years at Fulham, but you could still see what he had in his locker. Sublime. Seve Ballesteros - PGA at Wentworth - feel very privileged to have seen him playing live. Tiger Woods - Matchplay at Wentworth and The Open at Turnberry Watched him warming up on the range as well, an absolute machine.
  12. Sorry to hear that, puts some things in perspective - hope you get sorted soon.
  13. I watched the Roman Kemp documentary, "Our Silent Emergency", on BBC One last night, focusing on the high number of young men who commit suicide. Heartbreaking to hear from those who had lost a dear friend or loved one. I thought that it was a brave choice of topic, as suicide is still very much a taboo subject in ordinary conversation. It's available on i-Player if anybody is interested.
  14. Somebody upstairs started to stick their nose in a bit too much (not Wael)
  15. The mighty Tisdale's mistake was not checking that he'd be allowed to pick the team without any interference. Barton has been more savvy.
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