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  1. Best wishes for the new relationship - hopefully this is just the beginning of an upturn for you.
  2. These days some people have no filter, and appear to think that anything goes.
  3. Actually, it is, we're usually awful against 10 men, very rarely take advantage of having an extra man.
  4. Maybe the Safety Advisory Group have been in action? No idea why, in a new build stadium, but they seem to work in mysterious ways.
  5. The first team coach expressing a different opinion hardly counts as a bust-up.
  6. That's a great post, and would be enjoyed by football fans of any persuasion - you described your memories so vividly, took me right back to those days in the 1970's. Condolences on the passing of your Dad, you obviously had a great relationship and those precious memories will live with you forever. x
  7. Clarke's contract was a decent bit of business, he'll be challenging for that position I'm sure, he had a couple of injuries last season, so didn't really get the chance to build up momentum. Difficult to legislate for illness and player's picking up a knock this early in the season, no point jumping into transfer deals just to get the numbers up by first day kick-off.
  8. Clark would normally have been on the bench, as Nick Anderton was abovie him in the pecking order. As for Westbrook, he's never really clicked during his time at Rovers, for whatever reason. Barton has given him quite a few chances, made him Captain for the Pizza Trophy games, it's just not happening for him. If other players had been fit, nobody would have expected him to be in the starting 11, including himself, I'm sure. Barton's choice of words was probably not the best way of getting his point across about the squad being down to the bare bones at the moment.
  9. Just after 2.30 p,m,? There were already 3,000 locked out by that time!
  10. Also Roni Size Vernon Kay - Bolton Wanderers
  11. Ken Loach - Bath City, stands on the terraces Have to say actor Joe Sims, although he's one of yours, I've chatted to him and he's a proper football fan, really knows his stuff.
  12. Think I spotted Camilla on the Thatcher's terrace, when they pan away to the crowd.
  13. That's great news - good for you. I had counselling for almost 3 years, and it made a huge difference to me, and also gave me tools which I could use to help me cope in the future. I know it's not for everybody, but worth a try - as you say, it's great when you realise that the "good" days are increasing. Keep going - onward and upwards. Take care.
  14. Steaming In - Colin Ward - one of the early books about following football in the 1970's and 1980's. It isn't one of those typical hooligan type books - "we ran everybody off our manor", blah, blah, blah. An authentic account from somebody who was there at the time, not a main protaganist. It's been years since I read it, but I felt that it painted a true picture of what it was like to be on the terraces.
  15. Harry Dolman's Biography The Working Man's Ballet - Alan Hudson (probably more interesting if you can remember that era of football) Charity shops are a great place to pick up football books. One of the very few books that I never finished was an early Gary Linekar autobiography, the most boring book ever.
  16. Homage to Joe Royal's time at Ashton Gate
  17. To be fair, any honest person would be pushed to find fault - I visited for a concert a couple of years ago, and the only bugbear was the parking, which is pretty much the same at any sports stadium these days.
  18. I don't think that Old Frank actually supports Rovers - he's just click bait.
  19. Has heatstroke got to him already?
  20. Is he Eco friendly, and washing everything at 30 degrees? Ooops - already covered by @And Its Smith
  21. From the other side, however, I remember him well. RIP Clive, a proper football man.
  22. Thank you. I've suffered badly with mental health for over 10 years, sometimes unable to go out of the house for long periods of time. For me, the good natured exhanges on here replaced the Monday morning banter which I used to have with City supporters at work. All part of the enjoyment of being a football fan for me.
  23. Very true - proper football fans.
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