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  1. Always Eurosport for me. Has anyone got the GCN app?
  2. Going by this poll the majority of City follow Somerset, i take it this poll would have the opposite result on the gas forum?
  3. We could ask them about the Premier league aswell.
  4. bartolona


    Manchester marathon latest to be cancelled, after Bournemouth last week. Still nothing about London.
  5. bartolona


    I deferred London after the first postponement as i have Bournemouth booked for October, waiting for that to go the same way. Hard to keep motivated with no events to train for.
  6. bartolona


    Cardiff half in October has now been postponed until March next year. Can't see any of the bigger races happening this year.
  7. bartolona


    Running belts are good over the shorter distances, anything over a half a camelbak.
  8. bartolona


    Has everyone else seen a big increase in runners? Seeing more and more every run now. Lets hope they keep it up once this is all over.
  9. bartolona


    Just started running outside again having suffered with plantar fasciitis. So mixing dreadmill, outside running, cycling and turbo training. Hoping to get back into races later in the year.
  10. Had Leo by 2 rounds, bring on the trilogy.
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