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  1. Martin is one of a kind and I feel privileged to have known him. His knowledge and passion for our club is beyond anything I have experienced. Legends are frequently spoken about on the pitch. Today we respect and honour the memory of a true legend off the pitch and a friend to so many of us.
  2. Quite right it makes no sense as otib wasn’t in existence 30 years ago! I love it just as much as we all do!
  3. I’ve had a problem cos I came here looking for some positivity and 30 years later we’re still shit.
  4. Don’t think he’s ever let us down when called upon. Safe handling today, great distribution and one world class save. I think the reason NP has played him is to properly assess him if bids come in for Bentley. I think DB is a great keeper but would have no problem putting Max in goal if we got a few quid by selling Bentley.
  5. Kelly not in the squad today for their game at QPR. Speculation on Bournemouth Twitter that he could be off. Would be very timely if we could get a few quid!
  6. It’s a simple answer for me. Football is important and supporting BCFC through all the ups and what seems like many inevitable downs is a choice I make. But what is so much more important for me are the friendships made and the experiences shared both good and bad. Football may be the reason for getting together on Saturdays/Tuesdays/and the occasional stupid sky fixture days, but there are plenty more times in the week that those friendships mean so much. Football is quite often the topic of conversation but equally it might be music, politics, family, work etc. How often have the match days been a highlight of the week but the 90mins of football almost being an afterthought. So a massive shout out to the incredible mates I have been lucky enough to meet through having the (mis)fortune to follow city home and away for so many years. COYR.
  7. It was shocking pass by Rowe especially as we appeared to have a potential way back into the game we scarcely deserved. Pretty sure NP said in a recent interview he really liked working with TR so will be interesting to see what happens. Always seems to be an honest hardworking squad member who is probably a good influence on the many youngsters we have. I wouldn’t throw him under the proverbial bus on the basis of that shocking pass today.
  8. It’s a depressing read in many ways. Credit to PS for trying to be open and professional in response to the questions and he is accurately summing up where we are as a club. The problem with being so honest is managers like Warnock will get hold of what he’s said and use it as best he can to exploit every weakness he can.
  9. Anyone that saw Max at Villa in 2019 knows that he’s got it. Of course he needs to prove that week in week out but I see no reason why he can’t do that given a run of games. Having DB and MO on board is a fantastic position to be in.
  10. Not sure how. Only shot on target came rom a wicked deflection. If you don't hit the target you will not pick up points.
  11. Remember our own Louis Carey had the same injury after a clash with Joe Garner? Always felt there was a nasty side to Garner after that and never liked him since. Certainly looked accidental yesterday. Hopefully, like Carey, Jiminez makes a full recovery.
  12. You couldn’t make it up could you. This government is full of mixed messages. An open air 27,000 capacity stadium is not safe with say a 20% crowd but a pub after being open for 10hrs with no obvious ventilation is?? I get the travel thing and crowd control before and after but there are ways of managing that in a controlled way to minimise transmission.
  13. Fair enough. Disguised his London accent well then!
  14. I like the way he also mentions “those of you travelling with us on the away days”. He’s said previously that he spent all the money he had and some that he didn’t have following Man City as a teenager. Does feel like he gets what it’s like to be a fan which I’m not sure you can say about all managers.
  15. Anyone at Birmingham away last season could tell he’s got something pretty special. Unfortunately he hasn't shown it consistently but tonight his performance reminded me of what he can do. So much energy, made himself available all over the pitch and played with an intelligence that gave confidence. Let’s hope that’s the bar set, if so he could be a key player this season.
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