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  1. Under current rules and regs, there is no difference structurally. The difference is in the legality. At present, even though standing is tolerated in the SE corner of the ground, it is still technically a breach of the ground regulations and the club's licence from the Sports Ground Safety Authority. Clubs approved for participation in the trials from 1 January 2022 will have their licences amended, so that allowing fans to stand in the designated area, which must comply with strict criteria that will be assessed during the application process, will no longer be a breach of the club's licence. The fans too will thus no longer be in breach of the ground regulations. If Ashton Gate gets approved, I would not expect any structural changes in the home standing area. A standing area for away fans in the Atyeo will, however, have to be added, as this is a requirement of the rules for the trials.
  2. The new guidelines do not specify the size of the safe standing area required for away fans. If clubs just wanted to pay lip service to the requirement, they could provide a very small area. It's hard to know how many away fans stand because they want to and how many do so because they have no choice if they want to see the game. For us, this may actually be an opportunity to diminish the ability of away fans to get the whole Atyeo singing in unison. Perhaps there should be two or three pockets of safe standing provided for them, with sitting enforced in the areas in between. With luck that might result in a disorganised cacophony!
  3. If we apply to be part of the pilot scheme, the club will need to provide some safe standing for away fans too, as that is a requirement of participating in the pilot. The safe standing areas would then also be marketed as standing areas and it must say this on the ticket. So, fans standing in those areas would no longer be in breach of ground regulations, as they are now - even though standing is currently tolerated in such areas. New rules will also come into force to ensure that standing fans have plenty of room and don't spill out into the aisles. In grounds where the space along the rows is insufficient, standing may still be allowed, but capacity will be cut to avoid encroachment into the gangways. The guidance gives an example of "at least 5 seats" per row being taken off sale. I imagine that in due course there will also be a general clamp down on standing in any area other than the safe standing areas, so that fans who prefer to sit aren't inconvenienced. The logic will be, I presume that clubs will by then have had the opportunity to provide standing areas and if they choose not to, then they must keep all fans sat down. That clearly won't work, so it makes sense for all clubs to provide a mix of standing and seated accommodation to match the demand in their individual case.
  4. That wasn't down to the sound system, but rather a failure of our PA man to introduce the minute's silence... just moments after he had incorrectly introduced highlights of the Cardiff game as a match played at AG. How could anyone with any interest in Bristol City make such a mistake?
  5. Most game between now and Christmas are now booked ... but there are two still free, including this Wednesday. So, if you know of any group of up to 6 kids that would like to go to the match as our guests (along with up to two adults), please just let us know via the e-mail address given on this page: https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/kids-be-our-guest-take-3/
  6. I think that once grounds have official standing areas, standing elsewhere will be very much clamped down on. To avoid 'customer care' issues going forward, however, it will be imperative that clubs provide a sufficient amount of safe standing capacity to satisfy demand. Otherwise there will still be fans who want to stand ending up, through no fault of their own, in areas intended to be operated as seating.
  7. Yes, there is going to be a requirement for away fans to have a safe standing option, so City will need to do something in the Atyeo as soon as the rules change and the Section 82 corner starts to be operated as an official standing area. There is indeed also a risk for City and several other clubs of having their capacity cut, as new rules for safe standing are going to have very strict requirements on space, failure to provide which will result in capacity being cut. It's all to do with making sure that fans don't spill out into aisles, which is considered an absolute safety no-no. All the details are here (see in particular sections 2.3e and f of the document called 'Supplementary Guidance 01'.
  8. Due to one of the parents of the group that were due to use the Fans for the Future tickets tomorrow having to self-isolate, the tickets have become free. If you, or anyone you know, would like to bring a bunch of kids to their first (or nearly first) game at the Gate as guests of the Supporters Club & Trust, all the details of what you need to do are here: https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/kids-be-our-guest-take-3/ First come, first served!
  9. The SC&T is again running the 'Fans of the Future' scheme providing the opportunities for small groups of youngsters to get their first taste of watching City at Ashton Gate. Full details, including on how to book use of the tickets, here: https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/kids-be-our-guest-take-3/
  10. The 'Twenty's Plenty' campaign is one run by the Football Supporters' Association (formerly Federation). It in turn was inspired by a campaign in Germany called 'Kein Zwanni fuer 'n Steher', which can be loosely translated as 'No to twenty for standing'. While the FSA has not yet been able to assert itself in respect of a £20 cap on away tickets, the Premier League has for several seasons now capped away prices at £30. Evidently BCFC think the football at AG is worth more to visiting fans than a game in the PL.
  11. No, I don't. Largely for the reasons that I posted about on here in February 2020:
  12. As @TomFsays, it's the existing seats. As we know, they don't have any locks.
  13. Have to say that I'm disappointed too. May well give it a miss, just to be on the safe side. It's not a game that I feel I need to be at.
  14. Ongoing, I believe. These things take time.
  15. That is correct. They both worked together previously in that sector and have overseen - and continue to oversee - the redevelopment projects. It is very much their area of expertise and it shows that when senior people with the right skills and background are employed the outcomes will more than likely be success.
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