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  1. 100,000 done in well inside a day.
  2. Doesn't matter. It will hit the 100k mark within a couple of hours. Has to be one of the fastest petitions on the govt website ever.
  3. More on this from Henry Winter here: Well worth signing in my humble opinion. I've signed it.
  4. To use that horrible phrase, we will "reach out" to him to get that reconnection started. As a fellow old boy from BGS, I'm sure he'll be very approachable and keen to get fans onside from the outset.
  5. FYI, from the training ground and AG last week: https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/end-of-season-awards/
  6. It was the announcement of Ashton's departure.
  7. Full details with photos will appear on our website when the club send over the photos taken at the hand-over of the players' awards in mid-week. However, they were: Men's POY: Dan Bentley Men's YPOY: Antoine Semenyo Women's POY: Ebony Salmon Women's YPOY: Ebony Salmon Champagne Moment: Announcement of Mark Ashton's departure Supporter of the Year: Not awarded. Re the SoY: we had said at the time of voting that this would not be awarded if there was no particularly strong candidate put forward, and that turned out to be the case. Nobody got more than 15 nominations. In all, 2,818 fans voted.
  8. Quite. It sounds to me as though there was a steward or two sympathetic to the cause inside the ground that must have opened a gate. I can't believe that a group of fans can simply force their way into Old Trafford when it's all secured from the inside for a behind-closed-doors game. IF the reports of isolated acts of violence are true, that is, of course, disappointing and cannot be condoned, but non-violent protest outside and (if they were freely admitted, as I suspect) inside the stadium is not something I can criticise. Too often fans fail to stand up for what they believe in. So, it's good to see United fans taking action.
  9. 4 days in and of itself will clearly not resolve the problem. But surely it is intended to serve as a warning to the likes of Twitter, i.e. to show them how much traffic they would lose if they don't get their house in order and football consequently walked away for longer / forever. The idea, I'm sure, is to make them realise that their business model relies on people with lots of followers, like clubs and players, to provide content and if they don't work with the authorities to sort out racism on their platform, that free content may desert them permanently.
  10. Mercedes Benz Arena, yeah? By the Eastside Gallery. I've seen an ice hockey game there too. Quite impressive. Have to admit I've also been to a game of the football club whose name must not be spoken by FCU fans, i.e. the club from Hohenschoenhausen.
  11. We'll have to disagree on that. But I'm sure we can agree on "Scheiss Dynamo!!"
  12. Berlin is indeed an amazing city. But there are better ways to enjoy football than in a half-empty bowl of an Olympic stadium, miles from the pitch. UNVEU
  13. Over 2,700 fans have so far cast their votes. In some categories there are clear leaders, while others are still quite close. All winners will be announced in due course.
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