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  1. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/19102937.nigel-pearson-reflects-incredible-jimmy-glass-miracle-carlisle-united/
  2. Need another centre circle celebration for these city monarchs
  3. With Jubilee in mind, how many years service for Citys longest serving fans Taking it from the first time you attended a City game at AG or away, how many years are you at now. My first game was v Liverpool at AG in Dec 78, so Im at 43 years
  4. oooooooooohhhhlaziooooooo
  5. I cannot recall Ryan Taylor playing for Grimsby today. Can somebody remind me how/what we should remember him for pls
  6. How annoying is that Leeds chant. Are they saying All love Leeds
  7. Does anyone know what the record is for season ticket sales,?
  8. definitely, if we win we will leave this season full of optimistim for next season but also concern the team will be dismantled by the Premier vultures
  9. and glamorous Blackpool
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