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  1. Just under 800 sold out of 1700 I think? Hopefully we sell a few more and get to 1500? Maybe when we beat Barnsley sells will pick up
  2. Was this confirmed? It's still saying 480 which I dont think includes the extra 500
  3. Tickets are moving very slowly only 700+ sold so far. Is there a pub we usually aim for with this game?
  4. ee ei ee ei o, up the football league we go and when we get promotion anyone else?
  5. Looking at the stats since joining he has a ratio of scoring 1 goal in every 4/5 games. About 10 per season
  6. I'm booking my train, does any one know what the walk is like from Coventry to the the arena? Appreciate its about 4 miles, just don't to wait 45 mins in Coventry Station,
  7. Yes that was a good following and the 4k to Reading a few years prior
  8. Don't seem to get more than 2000 any where now. We probably would sell 3k 3 weeks to go
  9. Seems to be a few matches missing, full list on here https://www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/fixtures
  10. That is what I am meaning. Not last season version. Not even as main striker but an impact substitute 1819 version. All hypothetical I know.
  11. We are missing him or someone like Fam who can put defences under pressure with strength/ physicality
  12. Where can you look to see away attendances? I would like to know how many City had there this evening.
  13. re-create this on Wednesday at Millwall
  14. I am going alone, is there a pub which everyone is heading for
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