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  1. Does anyone know if its U23s at Weston today or some of the first team
  2. Or to Rendevous chippy for chips n curry Source next to Harvey's at back of hippodrome
  3. Guess I'm bored so Random post..I know with picking this thread back up, typical Fri and Sat night College Tavern run by Martin early 90s ...last orders then "get out of my pub you horrible lot" Then on to Corkers Then over to Boulevard, Then on to Pappillons/Odysseys if get passed Patrick. If not back to Micky Finns for a burger or in to the Bombay and see Massam and Anjid Dk St for a curry.
  4. Is it only me or does any one else think this name is embarrassing/cringeworthy
  5. too slow to react often and was at fault for the 2nd.
  6. Weston in FA Cup 3rd qual on Tuesday - anyone going to that,?
  7. MattWSM

    5 In A Row!

    which site is best for looking at streaks..
  8. is this the same arrangement as last season where its free for season ticket holders
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