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  1. How many points have individual mistakes cost us this season ??
  2. My lads got one of those bluetooth dongle thingys plugs it into the lap top( only cost a couple of quid), then he bluetooths direct to the phone.
  3. 2010/11 went to TURKEY Hotel RIXOS nr BODRUM top hotel all inclusive 5 ala carte resturants very clean food excellant. Couldn't recomend it enough! Year before went to JAMAICA RIU NEGRIL paradise!!!! Need any more info on the above let me know.
  4. God appears to a man and says he'll have to give up fags, booze and sex if he wants to go to heaven. A week later god re-appears and asks him "How's it going?" The man replies "The fags and booze were easy to give up but when my wife bent over to get the sausages out the freezer I couldn't resist!" God replies "They don't like that sort of thing in heaven" Man replies "They don't like it at Tescos either"!!!
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