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  1. !james

    Euro 2021/21

    Isak is a player mind, expect to see him play in England soon
  2. !james

    Euro 2021/21

    Kalas continuing his club form there....
  3. Need them to release it as a podcast so I can put it on x2 speed hurry up Nige!
  4. !james

    No knee

    Crikey imagine thinking that Spudski post was 'moderate' and 'trying to find middle ground'
  5. Lineker has started a gammon pile on
  6. Definitely not a put down?! Strange take! Any woman on sky sports gets creepy comments on every post they make, proper weirdos
  7. Works for me now on mobile! Cheers
  8. Nige getting the band back together... Steve Walsh next please
  9. I only trust @Kid in the Riotnow...
  10. It's intermittent! Got on previously now it's back to how it was...
  11. Just takes me to the forum homepage... Tried on laptop and phone.
  12. Settings link just takes you to the main forum page? Its gone back not going to the first unread post when you click on a topic name...
  13. Not like you to believe forum gossip...
  14. What did he do in that role that didn't impress you?
  15. https://www.espn.in/cricket/story/_/id/31442936/richard-gould-surrey-ceo-take-post-bristol-city announced early here
  16. https://www.espn.in/cricket/story/_/id/31442936/richard-gould-surrey-ceo-take-post-bristol-city
  17. Its not dismissive its just a realisation that if he was ever interested in staying the deal would have been agreed a while ago, was never going to sign post Christmas. I am sure he will be a success at another club but not much we can do about it...
  18. Good clear out that! All the social media blaming the club for releasing Walsh but not much you can do if a player doesn't want to sign!
  19. https://onestreaminbristol.libsyn.com Try using a podcast app for iPhone or Android etc such as iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Acast etc. You can subscribe to podcasts and can set it to automatically download when a new episode is available.
  20. to sum up Ipswich fans (to be fair we did the same when Watford fans warned us about Ashton...):
  21. !james

    Viewpoint ITV

    Just checked and it's on there for me...
  22. !james

    Viewpoint ITV

    I see he has changed his story and apologised now... https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-56948644.amp I see according to social media the "MSM", "Cancel culture" and the "Woke brigade" are to blame for this...
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