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  1. 9 minutes ago, Riaz said:

    What, because i haven’t been scared into having a vaccine i don’t need? And most of us don’t need. 

    I think for myself and don’t trust the government and elites. Why would i. Most the time they try and **** us over.

    Many parts of the world don’t have running water or other basic needs. I bet these people that care so much, make sure they have the vaccine tho!

    "I think for myself" and "sheep" just need "MSM" for the hat trick! 

    it's alarming that people like you will always found the 1 "virologist/pidemiologist" that has the alternative view and dismiss the other hundreds who don't share your view on a particular subject. 

    Then "we" get constantly told we are naive, gullible, sheeple etc etc because we follow the MSM and can't think for ourselves because you are one of the few people that knows "the truth".

    Unfortunately as seen on many other social media platforms most people are so far down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole they can't back down, and come across massively arrogant - see OpenEnd on the Covid thread for a classic example.

    Bottom line fuelling vaccine hesitancy by posting false narratives, wild conspiracy theories and out-of-context stats endangers our return to normality.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Harry said:

    Looking forward to seeing a whole half of Neco Williams. 
    From what I’ve seen of him to date, he’s bloody awful 🤣

    Ha ha. Right on cue 

    Yep shocking! Liverpool want £10 million for him 😂

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  3. 46 minutes ago, 2015 said:

    It's child abuse and totally disgusting. 

    Bit like Sweden forcing boys to play with Girls toys in Nursery and Girls to play with Boys toys. Pretty awful.

    Leave our kids alone, let them decide when they are adults and can make a rational decision. 

    Forcing?! 😂

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