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  1. If Ashton was still here he would be creaming his pants thinking how much he could sell Kalas for now...
  2. Calamity Kalas strikes again
  3. Yep shocking! Liverpool want £10 million for him
  4. so ******* tinpot https://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/news/2021/june/gilmartin-im-absolutely-buzzing/
  5. Let me be really clear, Adam has fantastic DNA and is a great human being.
  6. I'll take £2.5 million thanks.
  7. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/watch-richard-goulds-first-interview/
  8. Blimey, Denmark should go 3 up, Belgium score which would put them 2nd in group then it's disallowed and they concede a penalty which Russia score. Mad.
  9. Russia an absolute shambles, reminds me of us
  10. Only if I could travel straight back but easyJet might make me wait for 40 minutes check in time!!
  11. I'm just hoping a lower end Serie A team is scouting the Euros and gives us a few million for him.
  12. Yeah red for me, reckless and no need. Embarrassing listening to Hartson trying to justify it
  13. Isak is a player mind, expect to see him play in England soon
  14. Kalas continuing his club form there....
  15. Need them to release it as a podcast so I can put it on x2 speed hurry up Nige!
  16. !james

    No knee

    Crikey imagine thinking that Spudski post was 'moderate' and 'trying to find middle ground'
  17. Lineker has started a gammon pile on
  18. Definitely not a put down?! Strange take! Any woman on sky sports gets creepy comments on every post they make, proper weirdos
  19. Works for me now on mobile! Cheers
  20. Nige getting the band back together... Steve Walsh next please
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