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  1. They read it wrong mind!
  2. 15-16 secs and 1:10-1:11. Absolutely nothing in it. Just journo nonsense. Shows Pearson watching the game in the first clip and Ashton talking to him, and them both talking in the second clip.
  3. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/bristol-city-mob-abused-me-says-simon-jordan-6636686.html Yeah its in his book
  4. He only brought in Craig Shakespeare as his assistant when he took on the short term role at Watford. He kept on Hayden Mullins/Graham Stack who were the temporary managers/coaches at the time
  5. "Rumours are that he fell out with the owner and chief exec who like to micromanage everything and I think NP had had enough" "He got the squad morale improved. Put an arm around the players shoulders. Then tried to knock sense into some and there was a fracas behind the scenes. Spoke his mind and was removed."
  6. Yep - https://www.watfordfc.com/news/club/official-pearson-appointed-new-head-coach
  7. I'm not travelling to Bermuda in protest at the chairman
  8. To be fair he started by saying the first priority is staying in the league...
  9. Who was that mentalist on here who wanted Tisdale to come to us?!
  10. The official podcast is the Robins Nest hosted by 'Downsy'. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/listen-to-the-new-robins-nest-podcast/ that might be more to your taste. OSIB was to my knowledge the first fan run City podcast and is a great listen, Stan and the team have done an amazing job since the beginning and certainly don't begrudge them having a gambling sponsor which helps the podcast and allows giveaways etc. Try a few others and see what you think, I much prefer this style of Podcast and the types of discussion than other more dry and serious ones but each to their own. A few years ago there were no podcasts about the club now there is: Forever Bristol City Podcast as seen on these forums BS3 Talk podcast robinsatthegate Podcast with Michelle Owen and Gregor McGregor (although they are also sponsored by MansionBet!) 3 Peaps In A PodCast Not bad for free and considering the amount of work that goes into each episode most people are very grateful to have the choice. Its great to have constructive feedback as Stan always asks for on various social media channels but to come on and call it garbage isn't very helpful.
  11. Nice balanced post from OTIBs very own Katie Hopkins.
  12. It's like when people rate managers like Di Canio because they jump up and down and shout a lot on the touchline, that's 'passion'. Embarrassing.
  13. Yep on Geoff's show! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dean-holden-bbc-radio-bristol-4495087.amp Dean Holden on the club offering Liam Walsh a new contract... That's going to happen. It's happening. That will happen in the next day or two. Walshy had a great season on loan last year at Coventry - I went to watch them in the cup against Birmingham and he was fantastic on the day.
  14. Yes it's Sessegnon. Some people have far too much time on their hands!
  15. Yep remember the game and being sat in the Atyeo, could tell it was a bad one. Poor kid!
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