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  1. If he is the answer we are well and truly ******
  2. !james


    Definitely got the bug this year! Hoping for marathon distance next year.
  3. Morton has hardly played in most of his recent loan spells. Hopefully he is just putting the cones out at training!
  4. Thank god we have Steve Lansdown. Chansiri sounds like an absolute lunatic.
  5. Oh it was a tongue in cheek response as that's what the king of the trolls thread starter usually replies on every thread discussing ex players
  6. Yes seems fair to me. Seems the social media brigade are up in arms about the cost of tickets but it's hardly a surprise. Just a had look a few other clubs who seem to be doing similar price wise.
  7. Have you got a large amount of money on him?!
  8. Mods can we merge this into that mental conspiracy theory topic?
  9. Not quite right in the article - they paid 750k up front for Pack, with the installments and add ons it comes to £4m. You only have to search his name on twitter to see how he splits opinion with the Cardiff fans!
  10. !james


    Don't enjoy the cold, the tights and woolly hat are back this week! All the usual off road routes are mud pits now so sticking to the roads as don't fancy trail running... think I have done every possible route in the town now... I managed 225k in Nov and hoping to finish on 2000k for the year which is mental!
  11. Blimey thats a big word for you! Have you considered changing your username to 1915 to reflect your views?
  12. "In Human Rights law intentionality is irrelevant. It is the effect of the action on the target person/group that is to be considered and takes precedence"
  13. Its nothing to do with whether you have an issue with it! Can't understand why people can't grasp this simple concept. Its the effect it has on the person it was aimed at. Demba Ba and numerous other players have previously been subjected to racist abuse from fans whilst as their place of work. Incidents like last night will have a huge effect on them. Misinterpretation or ignorance does not excuse it.
  14. Yes I disagree. Intentionality is irrelevant. Racism is not about intent, it's the effect of that action on the person or group. Ignorance does not justify racism or mitigate the effects of their actions.
  15. The guy with the hat, the guy with PW initials on his tracksuit, the guy stood there and can point to him etc etc. When was the last time you heard someone refer to a coaching staff member as "the white guy"?
  16. I personally believe you shouldn’t be referring to people by their race no matter what. The 4th official could’ve easily described ANY other characteristic about the player, but he decides to choose his skin colour? Cue "the snowflakes will rename the black ball in snooker next"!
  17. Even so, still unacceptable and can understand why players have come off
  18. It was made by the 4th official to identify the assistant manager Pierre Webo who called him 'this black guy' to the ref. Demba Ba is a sub and heard the comment hence the videos above.
  19. The usual social media brigade are defending it already by stating that he is using the Romanian word "Negru" which means black, so therefore he isn't racist. But obviously he wouldn't say the white player to identify someone on the pitch.
  20. https://rokerreport.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2020/12/4/22152224/is-lee-johnson-any-good-bristol-city-fan-gives-honest-views-on-sunderland-managerial-candidate Q: What was his record of developing youngsters like at Bristol? The One Robin: One word, fantastic
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