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    Zach Clough?

    https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/zach-clough-forest-bristol-city-1958089.amp Wouldn't say anyone was infuriated, just a bit of fun due to how it came out in the media and his subsequent career path
  2. !james

    Tier 3

    Are shops open in Tier 3? All non-essential shops are allowed reopen from 2 December in all tiers.
  3. Imagine being that triggered by the Johnsons.
  4. Let's hope the under 18s are ready for the Derby game...
  5. !james

    David Cotterill

  6. So call him up now just in case Germany call him up in 5 years?
  7. Yes he is in all the videos on social media post game
  8. Me if I had a pound every time Johnson talks about the NHS, SAS, drones or big TVs...
  9. I don't think Palmer has been anything but inconsistent. An off form Paterson still offers much more than Palmer
  10. Three seasons ago he struggled to get into the Margate and Sutton Utd teams, and two seasons ago he was pretty much forced to Cheltenham by LJ after failed trials at Tampa Bay and Fleetwood. He had a good season at Cheltenham and built on it at Lincoln but let's not pretend he should have been a first team player here for years...
  11. I hope you are not forgetting the 35 minute sub appearance against Ipswich in the league... How could you forget the post games classic LJ quotes: "You could put him in the World Cup final and he'd still play the same way." "He's got lovely hips"
  12. A lot of overreaction to this on social media. Good player, international but ever played consistently above League One. Unfortunately for him we have other options in front of him so his game time will be limited. A decent fee and a sell on clause will be good.
  13. Yeah I can't see why the other teams would vote for something which effectively deprives them of any future say.
  14. Some good, some bad. Big power grab for the 'top 6'... It's a good start to the debate.
  15. !james


  16. I wouldn't bother. Seems there's a fair few of those types on here which isn't surprising. Not following guidelines doesn't make you some independent free thinker, anti government protest etc etc it just means you genuinely don’t care about anyone other than yourself
  17. Knew it! Lose the arguement so have a tantrum. No one has proved anything.
  18. Is that the government advice? Ah just seen your posts on the other thread about this, you're 'one of those' types... Also any update on the indoor guidance that we don't understand @phantomand @Alan Dicks' Barmy Army?
  19. If you can't see why people have issues with it then you're just as bad. Jesus wept, get a grip, OTT etc etc
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