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  1. Nope not saying that. Numerous photos of Dean Holden shaking hands with people who aren't in his bubble isn't in the guidelines - just checking at Phantom seems to think that's okay...
  2. From the person who said shaking hands within your group is acceptable in a pub I'd say you don't understand the guidelines Please enlighten the masses on these indoor guidelines that don't involve social distancing (2m or 1m + with mitigations)?!
  3. Social distancing has been in pubs since they reopened so no change there, I'm fairly sure physical contact isn't recommended and Dean Holden definitely isn't in that many support bubbles!
  4. The no social distancing is fairly obvious from the photos, the last set of photos is from a birthday party the previous week which looks even worse! I cant remember the last time i shook someones hand or had arms around peoples shoulders etc, seems every photo is doing that there...
  5. Yeah looks like it from his Facebook page. Baffling why they'd put them up.
  6. I mean I'm no killjoy but it isn't a great look having 120 photos on Facebook of the manager shaking hands with numerous people and hugging with arms around large groups...
  7. Who organised the official photographer to be there? The club or the pub?!
  8. !james


    I see Bath Half has been put back from March to Sept 2021... cant see any 'big' events going ahead next year. Relish Running are still doing small events at Bath two tunnels and at the Racecourse - staggered starts etc which is fine for small numbered events
  9. !james


    haha yes i still struggle with slower pace running!
  10. !james


    https://www.runderwear.co.uk/collections/anti-blister-socks try these! never had a blister with them and comfortable.
  11. Is there a reason why this is just on podbean and not other podcast sites like spotify etc?
  12. Good luck to him, clearly has talent and hopefully a nice sell on clause. Shows how far we've come over the past few years when we can sell players like this and not really have much effect.
  13. Pretty sure he has made comments against most of the recent signings on the stories on the official site... https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/mawson-boosts-city-defence/ https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/brunt-adds-to-robins-quality/ https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/city-secure-sessegnon-loan/
  14. Probably unrelated but I think I saw Stan drinking bottles of Cristal with Mark Ashton earlier, overheard something about him being a brilliant human before leaving in his Mansion sponsored limo...
  15. Anyway to get back onto topic, great debut from @Davefevsand a good solid Carabao cup return for Josh who must have put himself into contention for a first team call up soon.
  16. Maybe DM Pete or Stan then to discuss?
  17. Why does it matter to you so much? Genuinely interested why you are labouring the point after already stating on the first page you won't be listening again.
  18. Not really... It's a free podcast to discuss Bristol City. Fairly simple to simpletons like me. If they were asking you to sign up to Mansion Bet to create accounts to listen it might warrant further discussion. If they offer free bets and listeners create accounts then that is their choice. Fundamentally it's for the OSIB guys to weigh up how it will be done. I'm sure if they notice a significant drop in listener numbers if people take Prinnys views they might reconsider.
  19. No issues from me as a long time listener, well deserved. If people aren't comfortable with the sponsorship or who they are, don't listen. Fairly simple premise.
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