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  1. I didn't know you had a penchant for men with beards. Did you get along better with GJ when he was carrying a bit of growth?..
  2. I think he tore his hamstring and was never to be seen again!?.. I seem to remember some drunken rant on a Pearson thread. Maybe he is he forum jail!?.
  3. Couldn't Jon write a thank you but no thanks note. He must know joined up writing by now?!
  4. The Secretary has probably gone to Ipswich.
  5. Indeed Noggers. Little by little we are becoming a more solid unit. In fact, we looked fairly comfortable last night for large periods against a side fighting for their lifes. A couple of individual errors and we lose. All hell has broken loose. But i can see the gradual and subtle improvement in performances. Stage one - prevent relegation complete.. Stage two - Clear the decks upcoming. Stage three - Adopt a playing style (high press, etc etc) throughout the club and stick with it regardless It is going to be an interesting summer. NP is the right man for the task ahead in my opinion.
  6. I thought Joey preferred Cigars.. Joey Barton forced to pay £65,000 for cigar assault THE former Manchester City trainee who had a cigar stubbed out in his face by bad-boy Joey Barton has been awarded £65,000 in an out-of-court compensation deal. Blues rookie Jamie Tandy made a civil claim for damages against Barton, who assaulted the youngster at City's Christmas party in 2004.
  7. Behave yourself mate.. This is a thread for mocking the Gas. There are numerous other threads to discuss our assets.
  8. Very sorry for your loss mate. Always remember the good times. We are all part of one big family here. Best wishes to you..
  9. That should be their club motto, written in Latin under the badge or something..
  10. Brilliant!. Reminds me of the chaotic council meeting on zoom. " You have no authority here".
  11. Why inappropriate?.. It seems very appropriate. Just needs an update to this season.. P. S How did you put the video in your post?. I tried that but it keeps putting just the video link. I dunno..
  12. https://captiongenerator.com/338652/Laughing-at-Matt-Taylor-transfer I think something could be done with this video also.. Always made me chuckle. I'm sure some techi could update this ready for relegation.
  13. Dolly Partons Bob Bob Bobbin Robins.
  14. Only, if the top 14 get promoted.
  15. How could it be called an Elite league with Spurs and Arsenal in it? They will need to call it the 'Mid table Mediocrity League'.. Might as well give the Gas an invite
  16. Garbles is my personal favourite. He sowed the seed of shiteness. Stuff of legends.
  17. Probably end up here as head coach. After a vigorous process
  18. To be fair mate. I think the netting is holding up the circus tent.
  19. To be honest Crook Town are making a better fist of it, than the fewers
  20. They wouldn't give anything. Just the usual pitching uo with caravans and circus tents. Then steal it!.. Same as always..
  21. Just to confirm.. Do you think he hates them?!..
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