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  1. RedRock


    OK. Johnson, Holden didn’t prove me wrong. Certainly, ‘Mr Football’, Mark Ashton, didn’t. I wonder if Nige will persist? I like Nige. I really hope he does prove me wrong, I really do, both for his and CODs sake. Ireland, on a tailspin of a downward spiral, I’ve no idea who their manager is/was…. is he in their current squad of third rate players? Possibly, but no great shakes if he is quite frankly.
  2. RedRock


    I think you’ve missed a key word out there…. picked by every failed manager…oh, and don’t forget our failure of a CEO, who bizarrely awarded him a lucrative, extended contract…. even when those with the most basic of football knowledge knew it was rank stupidity. This era of building a team of ‘good humans’ at City must be ending soon, and it can’t come fast enough.
  3. Amazing how that central midfield has gone from a major weakness to strength in a matter of a couple of months. Keeper sound, defence promising, centre midfield excellent - just the wings and forwards to sort and we could be a really decent side.
  4. Nice feeling isn’t it, when you can say ‘ I was there’ for quite a few of these matches. Really do regret missing that Liverpool one (College assignment deadline the next day), Bradford (nearly went, but not quite from South Devon) and Mansfield (didn’t even get on the radar!).
  5. We are soooo painfully slow in attacking mode. STOP ******* knocking around the back. Every time. Simply allows the opposition to set up their rigid defensive formation. Vary it. Just on occasions, attack with pace in a fast, direct forward movement. Sako what is the point if all you are going to do is receive, pass backwards 10 yards. No wonder Kane doesn’t get a sniff. He’s constantly surrounded by 3 defenders because they’re giving time to group up around him. Grealish was the only one who showed any spark and Southgate bewilderingly takes him off.
  6. Brighton in the Cardiff Play Off final. They we’re more interested in their ground issues than the play-off final…and we still managed to **** it up. Shocking.
  7. Wouldn’t it be great if, with the introduction of women officiating, football decide to extend their ‘respect’ campaign to the referee? Absolute pleasure watching rugby and the control and respect officials demand from the players and the understanding that both official and players have a responsibility for providing a good, fair and entertaining spectacle for the fans. Thought the women did ok tonight meself.
  8. Did. I just hear a rendition of Hano Massengo on the TV?
  9. RedRock


    Back in the day if your Club were known as a soft touch then every man and his dog would turn up to take the wotsits out of the place. Second or third rate FV mobs would see it as an opportunity to create mayhem and enhance their reputation among the like-minded. Never forget Ipswich in one of our first home matches in Division 1 - who no doubt though we were going to be a load of country bumpkins - brought loads down, arrived early, decorated The Centre with spray paint (including the statues oddly) and made a bit of nuisance of themselves around the ground …and then got absolutely battered. The following season a few Ipswich OAP’s in bubblehats turned up and we never subsequently had any issues with them at The Gate. Indeed, having now taken Mark Ashton from us I suspect we will be buying them pints at their next visit. At least in my view, particularly given at the time the Police were often worse than useless in controlling the mobs, the CSF and others saved the normal supporter and the local areas around AG a lot of hassle. They were a pretty decent deterrent from us having issues away from home as well. Different times.
  10. Christ sakes! Stupid push…and now the floodgates open.
  11. Smash’em Bris. Away support disappointingly quiet though. Get behind the lads.
  12. RedRock


    The slogan may not be offensive, but has it achieved the assumed objective of changing hearts and minds? The massive positive its opened up debate. However, if I were an advertising executive in today’s dumbed down world of trying to deal with complex subjects in no more than four words, I would have gone with something like ‘judge actions, not colour’. Flags up the issue, informs people what behaviour they need to modify, and inclusive - likely something that can be embraced by all and is relevant, in terms of the responsibilities of living in a complex society, to all ‘sides’ of the debate.
  13. RedRock


    Well, credit to those who opened the ‘Lives Matter’ debate. The next logical step in the process is to move from ‘All’ to ‘Some’. Then we get to the interesting bit. Drilling down to ‘which’ lives matter. For me, It’s got to be those who conduct their lives for the betterment of the planet. Safeguarding the planet’s life support systems for the benefit of all species and future generations. Simply, those who ask themselves ‘have I made the planet a better place by my being’ and can answer in the affirmative. The Chinese Communists may be showing the way by developing a culture and societal system based on the collective good. The only problem is that their belief system appears to be based primarily on the progression of the Chinese Economy (which they’ve been stunningly successful at), rather than safeguarding the planet. … but the hope is they may be changing now they’ve seen the consequences of their actions on the environment. Only on OTIB could we move from The CSF to the future of humanity in two pages.
  14. I’ll bow to QC’s Red-Robbo’s superior knowledge on this matter your honour. A different type of legal specialism than I’ve experienced… and as the say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Would admit, I wouldn’t have made the post on Slagchat given the high risk of at least a legal threat. My specialism was more akin to legal street fighting with no holds barred!
  15. Ummm… don’t think he has. He merely states what I assume are facts. Then asks non-leading questions. He’s been very careful not to accuse anyone of doing anything. Very wise, as any accusation would be straight in a lawyer’s hands and highly likely end up being very expensive indeedy. Quite clever for a Sag.
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