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  1. Just proves the point to me. You’re Headlining at Glasto on a Saturday night, top spot of the entire festival, should be the crescendo. We want sing-along festival anthems, how many of those songs had full-on audience participation that brought the house down? Possibly 15-20% or so. Should be more like 40-60% for me in that spot. Maybe I’m getting old and want to release energy and have a good time when listening to the top slot at a festival. Maybe the era of festival anthem bands have past - certainly seems so from the headliners this year - more’s the pity in my view.
  2. I only lasted one song with Billie, she then went on some audience engagement ‘trip’ rambling away about nothing in particular. So moved on quick. I think I’m getting old and need some traditional festival anthem specialists to take the stage. It’s been a bit like the feeling I got of the City vs Cardiff 0-0 match of the Pulis era. Great expectation, f-all delivery.
  3. Well Macca surprised me. Had big reservations about him headlining. Far better voice and energy than anticipated, then delivered an absolutely shite set. Headlining is about entertaining people, not trying to promote your new music or unheard of back catalogue. Would have thought by now he would have grasped that - it’s not if he needs the money! When Lennon graphics came up, was sure ‘Give Peace a Chance’ was coming on…nope. Even the Glasto audience missed a ‘there’s only one Taylor Hawkins’ moment when Big Dave came on. Not a Glasto festival to remember for me. 3/10 at best.
  4. Another decent game for our Alex. Pity that off-side assist. Great tackle and pass. If he’s still with us, will be interesting to see where Nige plays him.
  5. Doing multi-tasking, took about 10 minutes to cheer for the right side. Thought it odd listening to the crowd that the Dutch had appeared to have travelled in numbers for a friendly match! Some of our play, particularly ball control and movement has been excellent in the second half. The fourth goal was something special; some anticipation, power, balance and precision from that player. Entertainment far exceeds that of the men’s national side. Bravo.
  6. Think the problem with Lee was he focused too much on the marginal gains and overlooked the fundamentals unfortunately!
  7. Going to sound a bit like Lee ‘Mr 1%’ Johnson here, but I do hope we undertake some scientific research into kit colours and ability of players to pick out colleagues on the pitch. Micro-seconds count at Championship level. I get it works both ways and our players maybe harder to pick out by opponents, plus we’ve a splash of orange, but wouldn’t want to sacrifice points for ‘fashion’. Maybe it’s just memories of Fergie and that Man U kit change at half-time away at Soton!
  8. Well played Scott. Not far off Man of the Match. Aside from a couple of sloppy moments really impressive, can’t provide a higher accolade than Gerry Gow’ish type of performance,
  9. I think this will be it. I don’t think they look a particular worry at the moment. Think the teams this coming season are pretty closely matched. More so than in previous seasons. No outstanding Clubs, no relegation certs. Very much a lottery. Strong start to the Season with that momentum and the auto places could be anyones imo.
  10. Somewhat bewildered that we signed him, but there was a player in there. A player that probably needed stability, a clearly defined role with games to develop some playing partnerships and understandings with colleagues. That hasn’t been us for the last 5 years. Just couldn’t perform and realise his potential in our dysfunctional team. Arguably, someone on his wages (and talent) should be capable of imposing their own game on even a rudderless team and provide some leadership. Wasn’t to be. Massive waste of £££. Another one of Ashton’s ‘good humans’ moves on. We will soon have a complete team of bastards. Bring on the Millwall, Blackburn and the rest.
  11. People like him divide an organisation to the core. Ruthless dictatorship, except to the investor(s) who they’re right up the arse too. Yes, to be successful, a team needs to pull in the same direction. That direction is for the organisation’s, not for one individual’s, best interests though. I don’t see benefits out of the Ipswich situation for anyone but MA and his supporting cast. If my pension fund was being entrusted in such an extraordinary high risk venture I’d be going apeshit. In fact, I can’t quite believe a pension fund would take such a high risk. Unless, of course, there were tangible assets that underpin the investment. I assume they own the ground/training ground? Poor olde Ipswich fans if MA fails to deliver - they can’t say we didn’t warn them though.
  12. I think every thread should have one of these.
  13. Actually, I think ‘running towards adversity’ is a very good slogan for ‘investment’ in a third tier football club.
  14. Cracking ball as well. He played very well.
  15. Appalling. Every issue we had at City was reflected in that performance. Complete absence of leaders on and off the pitch, no partnerships, no cohesion, no plan, no fight, negative and absolutely dire football. Let’s hope they don’t come calling for Pearson to fix it.
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