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  1. You forgot Kelly. Just checked, Eze definitely did have a trial with us under the LJ regime. Opportunities-missed, and duds signed, in my mind, our transfer dealing record ‘credit’ is around neutral for me. We a8nt going to get everyone right, but jesz, do we waste loads of ££££’s - which for a Club with a Strategy based on successful transfer dealings is worrying. Now, Brentford... why can they get it so right and us not?
  2. Eze, was the winger who - I think - had a trial with us relatively recently and went on to sign for QPR. Now being touted around for £18 million. Add him to Watkins in the £20-30 million bracket and maybe we aren’t as good as some make us out to be with signing talent...and these are the ones we’ve missed. Add those donkeys we’ve signed, then - even worse - the likes of CoD who we had 2 years to gauge whether or not he was any good and then gifted him a contract extension for 3-4 years. Lummydaze, we’re actually a bit carp in Mr Ashton’s specialist area tbh. Watkins apparently was m
  3. Well maybe if our world-class CEO and his analyst team had signed up Ollie Watkins and that QPR winger when they were there on a plate for us then FFP wouldn’t come in to play. As it is, even if FFP is acting as a check on our selection of manager, then Lowe would be a better bet than Holden. The last thing is a ‘rinse and repeat’ of the last 2 years of development that has left us with a bloated, uninterested squad of mediocre players who have little chemistry and not a clue of how they are supposed to be playing as a team on the pitch.
  4. ... unfortunately for us, they seemed to be making the correct call then. If someone had listened it might have been us last night winning the play off final with Joe and Bobby. I’ve no doubt they’re making the correct call again.
  5. Nice picture ... but can’t help thinking they should be wearing red shirts with our badge and Cotts in the middle. If only we had followed his strategy of a small, tight, unified squad with a few quality additions eh. The income from transfers that MA has generated is peanuts against the riches that winning that final generates. Hey ho. Meanwhile another season beckons for us of watching a fat squad with loads of half-arsed wasters, never-will-be’s looking like they’ve just met each other.
  6. Nah. While both vulnerable to balls played behind them in defence, Jay maybe just shades it as a defender. Joe though is country miles ahead as an attacking wing -back. Shot, cross, pass, heading all far superior. Joe all day long for me.
  7. More than posting on a football forum I suspect.
  8. Well. Whichever bright spark decided to float the Holden story to the press in order to suppress wage demands of the favoured candidate is probably regretting that move now. If I was lined up for the job, seeing the reaction of the fans tonight to the press ‘leak’, I might demand a doubling of the salary now!
  9. We won’t appoint him. While MA has form, like giving CoD a four year deal (FFS), even he would realise it was a false saving. What agent in his right mind would want to bring his player to a Club where he knows his asset (the player) will be devalued and would stand little/no chance of improvement? Even if MA tried to force it through in order to protect his own lofty position in the Cosy Club then Steve, as a money man, would see that his existing assets (the squad) would diminish in value and the cost of bringing in players with an unproven, inexperienced manager would
  10. Nah. There doing a Nketiah. It’ll be Hughton or Cook tomorrow. Relax.
  11. Bounce. It’s so depressing I can’t even bare having a Holden thread at the top of the page. He was part of the problem that dished up some of the worst football I’ve witnessed at The Gate. He ain’t the solution. So Hughton, here’s a push to get you back up the top to give me some positivity.
  12. Absolutely convinced now that we’re waiting on the outcome of Fulham’s play-off Challenge. The around 7 days reference relates to whether they went out against Cardiff. The 10 days relates to tonight. If they lose Hughton goes to them as their manager replacement. If Fulham win, he’s ours. Not quite sure how I feel about being Hughton’s second choice mind. If we don’t get Hughton due to Fulham’s failure to win promotion, it’ll be Cook. The only possible scenario for Holden is that Eddie is being lined-up but wants a month off to recover. Holden will continue the c
  13. What about the kit? The way it’s going with everyone else having announced their flashy new Hummel kits, we’ll be cobbling together a shirt using their off-cuts. Thought we were about ‘continuous improvement’. Our centenary shirt comprised a load of off-cuts sown together, surely we’re going to improve on that.
  14. The very last thing we want is continuity. It was a very comfortable ‘club’ that was created with half-arsed performances, lack of leadership, mental strength et al. That all contributed to the rollover coaster performances that LJ and his merry men had ownership off. Goalkeepers, defence, midfield, forwards looked and played like a bunch of strangers thrown together. Rip it up and start afresh. The delays in appointing a manager are typical City of recent times. We look like we’re making it up as we go along. I’ve gone through the hope of having someone dece
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