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  1. Us recalling him must mean he’s developed greater power and physicality, with consistency in his play. What a successful loan! Well done to those responsible. I hear the Club have also announced a squadron of flying pigs will accompany him on his return to the pitch.
  2. RedRock


    The Class of 92 didn’t do that badly for starters. Virtually any decent attack we’ve ever had has been based on a pairing. Lummydaze, even the Gas had Bannister and Warboys. If we aren’t going to buy the best in like most teams do - and we did under Cotts - we’ve got to find new and innovative ways to deliver success ‘on the cheap’. We look like a team of individuals who’ve never played with each other at the moment. We need to find away of delivering a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Semenyo looks totally lost on the field at the moment, we needed to have matched him up with I/2/3 players who will understand his play, equally he having an intuitive knowledge of how his partners play. Instead of sending individual squad players (whether Academy or fringe first team squad) to all points of the compass we need a strategy where we send 2 or 3 to one Club. If we can’t do that I prefer them to work with us and have the occasional friendlies against ‘men’s adult sides’ to give the Academy products that experience.
  3. RedRock


    Partnerships, Partnerships, Partnerships. None up front, midfield or defence. Don’t think our Club understand the concept or importance of forging partnerships. Should start at Academy level. Working in groups of 2-3-4 players. It’s what LJ would call the ‘fine margins’, if intuitively you know what your partner is going to do, where he’ll be, which run he’s making you can make the pass a second or so quicker. At the moment, we have Academy products of similar ages playing in Oldham and Torquay. They’ll be on about the same wavelength with each other as Fammy and Weimann are.
  4. If we’re stuck with LJ - and we are - a Director of Football is now an absolute must.
  5. Run out of ‘likes’ but the above two post are 100% correct. Wilder is of the ‘old school’ variety. Compare and contrast the two Clubs fortunes over the last few years, us with probably more riches, an established Academy, stability, a better squad of players on entry to the Championship and with what should have been a massive bonus ... the new stadium bounce... all advantages frittered away. Disappointing to say the very least. I hope come May I’ll be eating my words... that LJ will be secured on a new 10 year contract as we head into the Premiership. I doubt it very much. .. but we will see.
  6. Afobe seemed a bit of a last minute gamble after we put all our eggs in one basket. We needed two strikers in the Summer. We got one..and I’m not sure whether he was a known injury risk. So for Afobe, I'll match you our most recent signing, CoD. Explain that one please. I also struggle with ‘give me a pre-season with’ Palmer. Fans and managers warned us - as they did about Watkins - but wonder-coach thought he could train the weaknesses out of them and mould them into a successful team. I’m not so sure he is such a wonder-coach given all the ‘nearly’ players acquired who have subsequently fallen into oblivion. I massively struggle with a midfield unit packed full of lightweights that he’s acquired. He now recognises, belated, he needs physicality and power. That for me, after 4 years, and lord knows how many midfield acquisitions is the most damming reflection on his tenure. I’ll suspect you'll raise me Joe and Bobby. But they were here before he arrived and I suspect their improvement had more to do with their own Summer of independent training than LJ - no doubt their autobiography’s will eventually shed light on that. Anyhow, LJ is not going anywhere soon, so it’s a case of getting behind the Club and hoping for the best. Forgive me for being a more passive supporter though, as I was in the dying days of the soul destroying Pulis and SoD regimes.
  7. Absolutely. Critically though, welded a team with power, pace and passion. No rugby fan, but having watched Exeter, the first time Bristol got promoted you could see the team were going to be out muscled/fought in the Premiership. The new Coach recognised our weakness and sorted it. Why the hell doesn’t SL compare and contrast the football team with the rugby team and learn lessons. Surely part of the Bristol Sport ‘project’ is applying learning across the sports.
  8. Agree. Except the bit about LJ. He created the problems, is slow in recognising the problems he’s created and even slower fixing them. Most of them are recognised by people who have no FA coaching badges, do not spend their time at NHS Hospital A&Es learning about crisis management, have no drones or grass measuring devices and don’t get paid ££££’s per week. Leadership, quality not quantity, physicality..... blindingly obviously attributes of a Championship squad... yet it’s taken him 4 years to realise that!!!! Truly alarming.
  9. I’m going radical. Bents Hunt. Kalas Williams Dasilva Nagy Moore Brownhill Eliasson Hano Wiemann When we go 10-0 down, sub Fammy for Wiemann, Palmer for Hano, Rowe for Nagy and put Kalas and Williams up front. Sorted. Oh, and Brownhill and Eliasson need to constantly interchange wide midfield positions. There we go 11-10 No problem.
  10. The pattern is as ever. The strikers don’t score/look a threat. Confidence drains from the midfield, then spreads to the defence, then the keeper. Happened since the dawn of time. Bloody obvious what’s going on, but not to our management team. Fed up with the excuses now. Get someone in who has some experience and doesn’t need to refer to textbooks. A manager that uses ‘gut instinct’, not ‘The Theory of Football’ manuals.
  11. A bit of both, but predominantly I meant physically. Both Nagy and Hano are what I would describe as ‘lightweights’. You look across our midfield player options and they could all be moonlighting at Newmarket if there were a shortage of jockeys! All far too easy to overpower/out muscle by more physical teams - particularly in wet, windy and cold conditions which aren’t perfect for our ‘lightweights’ (did I see someone refer to LJ on Radio Bristol mentioning the cold - kind of proves the point if so) . Comes back to my view that if we want to play tippy tappy, fast, fluent football in this division we need to have the very best practitioners of that style, everyone needs to be on the same hymn sheet and on top form. As much as I would like to see this style of football, it’s a big ask...and one of that little olde Bristol City can’t deliver I fear. The difference between me and LJ is that he thinks he can coach/drill that level of performance and consistency into players. I don’t and my evidence is the our regular collapses in form and the results against more physical ‘power-play’ teams. All our worries will be laid to rest soon mind.... Pato’s likely to return from (the) Derby!
  12. Odd isn't it? His father had similar issues managing above average/maverick players. Do think though his addiction to signing mini-mes in midfield is going to be his downfall.
  13. I blame the retail manager. The lack of beanies and gloves in the Club Shop is clearly having a wider impact than many of us thought.
  14. No. You were correct in your first assumption. I did mean the players. ‘Kick them out’ I agree could well be difficult for some (we did manage to persuade Cardiff to take Tomlin though). But you can freeze them out, to avoid the bad apples infecting the whole squad.
  15. This is why I strongly suspect we will be with LJ until the end of the season, unless the slide continues until March and relegation threatens. Would've expected our CEO to include a break-clause in the contract relating to performance. If he doesn’t meet the target of top 6 he will be out at the end of season without us having to pay-up his full contract.
  16. Equally, you don’t claim the praise when you win. Maybe wrong, but didn’t LJ say in his post match Fulham interview something to the effect the players followed the plan and systems..... I assume that was your plan and systems Lee? Well done Lee, but I assume also that the players were trying to follow your plans and systems that have failed abysmally in the last four matches? Can’t quite decide whether this self praise/deflected criticism is arrogance in his own ability or lack of confidence. Whichever it is, not good for team morale methinks.
  17. The reason why the West teams are ‘soft’ is that we haven’t got a ruthless streak. We’re happy to be also-rans. Worked in various places in the UK. Spent most of my time in the South West telling people that ‘it’s ok’ simply isn’t good enough. We need a ‘ruthless’ manager. Someone who’ll sort out the huge number of softies in our squad from Day 1. Needs to be clever as ‘old school’ managers don’t seem to be acceptable to the snowflakes nowadays... but he needs to get performances out of our literally dozens of ‘also rans’ that we’ve imported or developed. If they don’t respond and perform just kick them out the Club. They’re like a cancer that spreads and affect others. Cotts nearly sorted it, but for whatever reason lost the support of SL - which effectively cut him off at the knees. Interesting isn’t it, 4 years on and who’d bet against the Cotts tightly knit TEAM of winners beating any of about 10 teams LJ could put out from his squad.
  18. SL undoubtedly will stick. However, when he does finally appoint a new manager can he be proven, successful and recognises from Day 1 that you need leaders in a team, emphasis on quality not quantity, create a team not a collection of individuals and give them credit when they win with the manager taking responsibility for defeat, a strong motivator, someone who lets the players express themselves rather than straight jacketing them with plans, systems and tactics. Fundamentally, someone who appreciates that you need power, pace and passion to get a Club like ours into the Premiership. Leave the tippy-tippy stuff to the Barcelona’s of this world who can afford the best. We can’t, hence why Charlton Reserves can beat us. Frankly, I’d be worried if we drew The Slags in the next round of the Cup. I doubt, however, we are going to get past Shrewsbury.
  19. My worry is that in 50 plus years of supporting City there has always been a core of 4-5 players I’d have been gutted to lose in any sell-off/culling exercise. Presently, only Bentley and, possibly, Taylor Moore would fall into a ‘must keep’ category. For the time that LJ has spent with us that is truly appalling.
  20. Did I type £5 million? Sorry, I meant £5. That’ll mean we’re just £14,999,995 short of the price Brentford want for Ollie Watkins. The player we could of got from Exeter for about £500,000 more than we paid Oxford for CoD around the same time we signed him. Classic piece of BCFC transfer business. Then just to make Oxford feel better about things we loan them MattyTaylor while the strikers we keep can’t create a chance or hit a barn door. Clearly our Club have a soft spot for Oxford.
  21. He’s got a very good agent who, no doubt, is already touting his talents around to bigger Clubs than us. Hoping Leeds and Forest have a bidding war come 1 January. Would be massively disappointed if our CEO in granting that contract extension hasn’t already got Clubs lined up for bids starting at £5 million.
  22. As I said after CoD had re-signed to the question what does he bring? He’ll bring LJ his P45. Sums LJs reign up to me. CoD may well run around a lot and be the fastest player in training, with very pleasing mobility stats. No doubt that qualifies him for Chief Busy Bee status in LJs mind. However, he brings F-all to the table in a real match. Edging now towards having had enough. We’re stale. As everything in Bristol Sport is measured in a consumer-type way, time to adopt the ‘product evloution’ analogy, we’re in the mature phase now with LJ on a downward spiral. Disappointing end to the project, but continual buying of lightweight mini-mes in midfield and ignoring the age old City problem of lacking a decent pool of strikers have finally caught up with us.
  23. Love the thread on ‘What Improvement Next’ - the OP listing the improvements to The Swamp under Wally. Bewildered how they’ve overlooked Santa’s Grotto, the (assumed) part-finished pergola structure for their disabled supporters and the porch canopy over the stand entrance door, hailed as ‘Ground Improvement of the Year 2017’.
  24. Bloody Cornish always lose to the bloody The Sags. Useless.
  25. Y Trago Mills far too classy for The Slags.
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