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  1. Ciderhead433


    That was meant to be our song at Wembley in 2000. Never cringed so much
  2. What a miserable F(*&er
  3. They played in Black and White then
  4. Dec 30th 1967 Beat Birmingham City 3-1 Galley(2) and Crowe. So well into 55th year
  5. I didn't need it in this case I already know the answer Doh!
  6. I think the confused emoji? means we don't know WTF you are talking about Doh?
  7. I would say the only country where the workers will fight for their rights
  8. A team plays in 3 finals without scoring luck ran out tonight
  9. 80s were much more simple
  10. I'm surprised last time Liverpool played Paris at the Paris at the Parc de Prince. We couldn't get anywhere near the ground without a ticket police had it well worked out
  11. That goes without saying Hit a nerve have i
  12. Its not Liverpool i hate its the local plastic fans that gets me. Same with the other big Prem. teams. I hope Liverpool stuff Real Madrid I support any English team in Europe
  13. At one time the Real. got the player they wanted.
  14. I'm sorry if we are upsetting the plastic fans
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