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  1. All this and no news yet. Wait for news then throw toys out of pram
  2. Oh no has someone had a sheet there as well
  3. Just doing what the majority of us think
  4. Is The Ref getting a winners medal
  5. I found a cassette of Jonathan Pearce GWR broadcast at a car boot sale bought back a few memories
  6. Will We even finish in the top half next season
  7. I've followed City 53 years since i was aged 10 few ups a lot of downs. If another club Bristol Rovers while my Dad was alive.
  8. If there is can me and my family come and stay for 2 weeks in August
  9. I would think wake up with little stiffi
  10. Southampton Away Good Friday ground packed 1-0 to City great day out
  11. Said on radio game was postponed so wife went shopping left me with kids got phone call game was on so chucked kids up me Mums. Horrible cold but memorable day. Got a right earful when i got back
  12. Fell sorry for Sunderland and Peterborough. Sunderland had a bad spell and it has cost them dear. Bet they loved Coventry going up.
  13. Asian girls from Totterdown who went to Merrywood girls school would change into western clothes on the bus and this is very early 70s
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