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  1. @Bedred31 I was oblivious to the lateral flow at home I misunderstood the information given to me about testing - thanks for correcting ... and sorry @Fordy62, good point well made
  2. My understanding was the lateral flow tests are the ones carried out at pharmacies (& other testing centres), they take up to a couple of hours to process and notify you of the outcome by text and email if you want. You have to have taken it within 48 hours of the game (therefore if you have 3 x tickets, the liklihood is, you'll have to book 3 x tests) and take trust out of the equation. I don't think it's unreasonable, I was also lucky enough to get to the cup final - these tests were specified and as @MarcusX said, you couldn't even get up to the turnstiles unless you had a negative test.
  3. Good luck to him. Having had the success he did at Lincoln, it wouldn't surprise me to see him go back there, and I think he was suggesting that's where his next move will be (league one, not necessarily Lincoln) - look what a season at L1 level did for Walsh, I think he knows a step down wouldn't necessarily be bad for his development and with that attitude should have a fairly stable career ahead of him. He is a capable player for the wales squad(which admittedly ranges in ability from Champions League to Johnstone's Paint at times), I don't think anyone's suggested having him back here but I think it's out of the question for both parties (It wouldn't do him any good because the only experienced players we have, that could guide him, are Bentley, Kalas, Nagy & WIlliams). I hope to read of his miraculous rise in years to come but don't think the timings were right for him at City. I remember seeing him play against Wycombe in the JPT and we were abject, I felt almost guilty that an academy player had to be a part of that side. He did come back to play a couple of times but his loan spell proved he was further into his development than a spot on the bench at the end of the season. Was he not pretty good against Ipswich away a few years back when he came on for an injured Walsh? or was that the other way round...
  4. Some have touched on this but it won't just be about the contract - he came to us because Johnson promised him a role as a striker and said as much in his first interviews. If Pearson doesn't see him as a striker, he's unlikely to be comfortable with a 2 year deal or more. When he came in, I was under the impression he was going to take on Bobby Reid's role in pressing and getting more goals from playing higher up the pitch. I don't think there was any expectation he would score as many goals as Reid did in that one season. There seemed to be method in the madness of using his strengths to play him in a position he wasn't being played in at Derby though. (This is the kind of transfer I expect Pearson is talking about when he says he wants to be clever in the transfer market, I also fully expect at least one senior player to come in with a view to taking a coaching role, just so there can be an injection of leadership in the dressing room.) As for Weimann, there will be different things motivating him such as the style of play the manager wants, his role in that, the players he would be playing with, what's expected of him off the pitch - if he can find the right balance here or elsewhere, money doesn't have to be the be all and end all.
  5. At risk of a whoosh - I don't remember anything more than the mundane "Soren, Soren Anderson" to the tune of Go West However, I was 8/9 at the time and my innocent ears may well have not understood enough to remember (around this time I thought I heard Cardiff singing "4-1 to the cheese sellers" on the TV ironically when they were beating that lot from up the road. Parents found this hilarious.)
  6. Does @Banned User mean clauses to deal to agree what would happen if gambling Sponsorship or advertising was made illegal? Mansion Bet must have known they weren't going to be on the shirts forever and will likely have been forewarned about how the council feel about public advertising, if they hadn't they'll be unhappy about being taken away & it wouldn't be the end of the world if both club and sponsor just cut ties. It wouldn't suprise me if the contract was higher value but with more withdrawal clauses - I assumed it was a calculated gamble when they swapped Dunder for Mansion Bet. On the plus side, if the MB deal has to get torn up midseason, Hargreaves Lansdown isn't a sustainable solution but SLs link does mean we will probably never be without a shirt sponsor while he is the owner.
  7. Bryan Swanson does say that IFAB will implement it in July but it's up to the competitions to decide if they bring it in before. Either way the constant changing of rules is confusing to say the least, especially when we went through 2 seasons and a world cup of testing VAR. Could put the Premier LEague in an awkward position where they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  8. People look at strikers in the championship who occassionally miss chances and say "if they scored them, they wouldn't be playing in the championship". I think the same could be said of Bentley as a goalkeeper. I think if he was any better, he would not be at Bristol City. I think there are worse goalkeepers at 'bigger' clubs and if we needed to replace Bentley, they would be considered out of our reach.
  9. Interesting read - thanks for posting The point about 8 managers in 10 years, while slightly inaccurate does make a reasonable point - if you stretch it out to 2010 it's another 2 managers because we saw the back of Gary Johnson & the appointment/subsequent departure of Coppell. Growing up I have noticed this about City, Rovers too to an extent, will go through periods where thy might have one of the longest serving managers in the division and at other times will average at least 1 a season. Ultimately it shows that when the right decision is made, both clubs commit to it (and give it time to bear fruit). I'm looking forward to seeing how NP works with the club to "define our identity" - possibly the most thought provoking comment from his early interviews.
  10. Not sure he'll even be suspended, based on this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56000437 Happy to be corrected but my interpretation is that Mawson is now suspended for the next FA Cup game that he is eligible for. Edit: Ah - just re-read the yellow card reference - interesting that it doesn't work like that for red cards particularly as this was not one for violent conduct.
  11. Starting with some that has always iirked me about Southampton, they get refered to as a club with a small scouting network due to their location (or at least they used to) and successfully picked up Bale and Walcott from South Wales & Hertfordshire - fair play to them for being able to consistently produce good, young talent though - I can't help but think City of the early 2000's would have made sure both did not have a succesful footballing career. Something that has really worked for them was their ownership model, Markus Leibherr and his daughter both had great influence over the stability as they came back from league one. Nicola Coretese was also an astute aquisition by all accounts & worked closely with then. They made foreign ownership work, & business wise, not much has gone wrong, it's easy to ignore that success because it wasn't always on the pitch (comparing their ambition to Rupert Lowe of the late 90's/early 2000's). Their blip (appointing Hughes) which wasn't a massive mistake but it is an outlier in the context of the other managers, came as new ownership came in. It's possible that they didn't keep things in the same way that Leibherr did & I distinctly remember the dissatisfaction of fans under Puel. This time around, I think they're made a really good managerial appointment but it has highlighted that a good academy, off the pitch model and manager/coaching team are required to make it work. I have a feeling Swansea also had either a change of ownrship or strategy that the fans have been very quick to criticise since their demise - linking it back to just after the League Cup win. I'm not sure whether that is a case of "We peaked when we won the cup and it went downhill from there" or "The club stopped doing x and started doing y". Another very well run club who built on a good model by bringing through players and making the right managerial decisions at the right time.
  12. Excellent point, and probably contributes as much to 'being in a false position or not' as dominating games/stats generally. I don't think worse performances on paper actually mean much anymore. In years gone by Brentford would be further down the table but smashing the xG stats, any data point that teams focus on becomes less important for looking forward because there won't be a natural correlation between high stats and good performances - xG for example is probably as useful as shots on target now, having been countered by teams looking to be more efficient in front of goal (not saying it wasn't the case before but managers are less likely to point to the 15 shots they had if they had employed a shoot on sight approach). Also, who you play seems to be a lot more important, given Readings poor run after a great start against some weaker/out of form opposition. Lots of people saw that coming and expected the same of us. You can only beat what's infront of you and to be honest, if 24 wins is enough to get us play-offs, I'd take them being against the bottom 12 with a smattering of draws against the top half. The play-offs are a lottery anyway, expectations are always low and if we're ever going up through the play-offs, the Bristol City way would be to completely sh*thouse them. FWIW I think we are in a false position. 1) the teams we've played hven't been in good form, 2) The performances in some games have relied on a good defence, there will be some games where we don't snatch the winner in fashion we did, 3) in years gone by 85/86 points has been a sure fire play-off place but I don't think it's good enough for 3rd
  13. The bloke is literally our joint top scorer in the league - after 10 games (half of which he's either been out on the wing ['wide forward'] or not on the pitch), I don't think there's anything to worry about. The change of shape has meant he's slightly out of position but it has definitely brought out the best in Semenyo, and also making really effective use of Martin & Diedhiou. As a fan I'm quite certain we will change shape again at some point. NW's determination, skill & experience will give the coaching staff confidence that they have nothing to worry about up front, provided the defence and midfield can adjust, for the time being we're thin on the ground - if it takes playing Wells out of position for us to win games, I'm sure he is all for it!
  14. As ever, a good listen - always a strong line up on OSIB. Credit where it's due, limiting the episodes to an hour was a good move and needed to be done (even though you're producing 2 in a week, which is more content) it's a lot easier to dip in and out of. Pulis sold him from Gillingham too, there was something about legal action between GIlls owner and Pulis which didn't look pretty - not sure of the context. The writing was on the wall for Akinbiyi when we got relegated, as a 9 year old I was resigned to him leaving. We swapped Brennan in part for John Burns - who later went on to play in a band I nearly saw by chance in Stratford once. I've never felt like the outgoing players were particularly Pulis' fault but the players that came in were either not good enough or just didn't work - Lavin getting sent off on his debut, for dissent, in the first game of the season really set the tone.
  15. Fair play to Southgate for bringing him into the first team squad - I don't think he expects too much of him but it will be great for his development even if he doesn't get any minutes. I'm sure Lloyd Kelly and Jay Dasilva have been called up to more senior age groups while at City more for the experience than anything. While I appreciate that wasn't the first team, I don't see a problem with doing the same at the top level.
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