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  1. Gloating, goading generally winding people up and looking for trouble. I assumed the Swansea stuff post game was related to the Swansea stuff pre game. It exists on both sides, I'm not one of the "it only happens between like minded people" people and it's definitely both sides and innocent people always get caught up in it. I have wondered if it due to almost 2 years of not issuing football banning orders.
  2. Yes I seemed to have had a autofill meltdown on that last sentence and realised a couple hours later when someone else replied but couldn't got back and edit it at that point.
  3. This did not age well.
  4. There were plenty of joyful forest fans taking the piss on Ashton road after the game one of them decided to front up and say "come on then" when he was told where to go (so was obviously like minded) and got chased around a bit. From what I've seen this season it's pretty normal now for away teams to take the piss on Ashton road. Bournemouth fans were doing it Saturday, Blackpool at the beginning of the season threw a few cans at themselves by accident while trying to target city fans, Preston were gobby apparently (didn't see that one), even Fulham gobbed off a bit but quickly walked away. I find it interesting because none of that wouldn't have happened pre COVID, not sure what's happened.
  5. If Pearson isn't the answer I'm not sure who is it's just going to take some time.
  6. I found myself trying to console myself on the way home, one way I did this was to think that at least the 2 (4 if you include Baker and Weiman) Pearson signings are good.
  7. It could be worse you could have come from Nottingham.
  8. Yeah, as I said - one of the best seasons in the last 30 years but some of those last 10 as we slipped away from the automatic positions were very quiet nervous atmospheres. Things like losing at home to Plymouth or the 0-0 with Wolves and Watford.
  9. Go on then, go there and educate them, I'm sure they will welcome you as they are a great group of lads.
  10. Almost like the survey was sceewed on purpose to give an answer they wanted to give .
  11. Didn't he answer that in his last interview to say he wouldn't be pitch side. He goes where he thinks it will have the best chance of us winning, with all his experience I'm going to trust him to be where he is needed. I also see his role as bit different to managers previously and other managers, he's certainly not a hands on coach, he seems more like a puppet master (rather than the blood and thunder type I expected of him - he seems rather zen), he seems to provide very clear guidance and requests to the players - they all seem to comment on this but he is already seemly a bit more removed and maybe a toe in that that DoF role we keep banging on about.
  12. Thinking it through Ashton gate must surely be in the top 50 stadiums in the country on any scale. I would be surprised if it's not in the top 30 but I guess it depends on what your looking for. It's arguably better than maybe half of the prem stadiums. Stadiums like West hams and Leicester's are just shit. Burnley, Palace and Watford have far worse facilities.
  13. Listened to nearly every episode and can say I've enjoyed most of them. Thanks @Shtanley for waisting your time on something that others enjoy so much. Have noticed there is currently no sponsor - what happened with mansion bet?
  14. All of this would be solved if the football was more enjoyable than a pint or god forbid we were allowed to drink in our seats.
  15. Maybe that was due to our recent record against Fulham. Maybe it's because we've become accustomed to losing and not enjoying it from that perspective. Maybe we're just getting back to normal and this fairly is normal after a few games. Whatever it is I'm fairly sure it's nothing to do with where people sit.
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