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  1. Is there a loose itinerary? I think the pictures and pyro are usually done at 12 or 1 isn't it?
  2. What we really don't want to do is get the points deduction and then sell one of our prized assets because the offer was too good.
  3. I went to the club shop a couple weekends ago and gave them my season ticket - they said I couldn't use last year's balance (which I hadn't touched) but if they put it in it would be on record and then any benefit could be claimed post the announcement of the new loyalty scheme.
  4. Happy to help him out but Cheltenham can pay the going rate.
  5. The first paragraph I kind of see where you're going, it's an overstep but there is a grain of truth in it. The rest - you've completely lost me.
  6. For anyone listening I would recommend fast forwarding to 18 mins. Everything before that is buildup, filler or nothing to do with city.
  7. Not going to do a tough interview at this time of year and potentially upset the ST sales. As always with SL a positive outlook with an acceptance that we aren't where we want to be. At least this season he isn't talking about getting promoted other than in the context of aiming for it alongside 23 other teams that are also aiming for it and some having extremely better financial positions than us.
  8. I have fallen in love with that Robin logo with the wings spread. This kit - not so sure.
  9. Hell no! How do you figure out all the different perspectives people have and which ones you agree with if everyone just follows the prevailing perspective. Don't forget there are times in history where people were called fools for suggesting the world was round (no we're not opening up a debate on that). Throughout history time and time again most governments have proven that they will lie and cheat the public to do what they think is best, questioning it and civil disobedience if not given a suitable answer is a necessity - it's tests the systems we build to ensure they aren't fragile and built on lies and deceit. People that put there thoughts out in public to be shot down are very useful, they provide a mechanism to think about if we have got it wrong or not.
  10. Tiss has some interesting perspectives to say the least, I actually have some time for his perspectives - I don't agree with a lot of them but I can see where they are coming from and that is an important place e.g. freedom - what should be held IMHO as more important than life/death. JC should have been sacked for what he did and if he was 10 years older and less relevant then probably would have been.
  11. I've started refering to the England u19 as Alex Scott's England u19s.
  12. 3rd season running. I agree, Blackpool were up for it last season. Heads don't go down if they concede.
  13. Playing a promoted side first game at home for the 3rd season running. @PHILINFRANCE
  14. This is precisely the problem. He is player that has come into the game about 15 years too late for his ideal position.
  15. It's a undisclosed so they aren't going to do that but looking at everything else that's been part of our financial management of KP how much do you think we have paid them?
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