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  1. I think the sensible answer to this is that he is on the radar of all prem clubs and has been for some time.
  2. I thought he was pretty bad but consistently bad for both teams so I guess that turns out to be a fair ref!
  3. If he doesn't then to me that indicates we aren't quiet as far along as I and maybe others had hoped. I think bottom 6 at Christmas would be a high likelyhood of a management change.
  4. They completely dominated us for a good 20 mins where we just kept giving the ball away. You can't do that against any side in this league and expect any points.
  5. He has addressed the question of loans and said he has used them at every other club he has been at so it's not that he doesn't like them. What he also said was bringing a loan player into the mentality that existed would not have helped and may have made things worse, that's why he hasn't used them much so far.
  6. It wasn't designed with segregation in mind because the thought process would be why would you put away fans in the newest nicest area of the ground. Do you know it hasn't been explored as an option? It's fairly simple as a thought exercise to say how do you get 5k away fans (think about worse case scenario and were playing Cardiff or Rovers) up there and how do you get them back out again without getting in the way of home fans e.g. if they are coming out of the Atyeo end of the Lansdown you would have to make all the home fans walk towards KFC at the end of the game and creating barriers like that attracts ideots that want to shout abuse at the away fans and it causes confusion for non regular home fans who came in one way but now need to find a different way home.
  7. All of you that are saying we should move away fans do realise that it's not a problem where you put them the problem is getting them in and out right? If someone can show me how you move a large number of people in and out of either the Dolman or the Lansdown with segregation then I will be very surprised.
  8. Sitting is for the side stands IMHO.
  9. Interesting that they say discriminatory behaviour, I think we know what they mean but if they are going to create rules that needs to be better defined. I absolutely show a preference for Bristol City at Ashton gate and it's certainly not based on competence so by definition I discriminate against the opposition, I do not provide equality of support. Does that make me liable to a ban?
  10. Seems a bit harsh on beggars.
  11. Yep fair enough, like I said I've never used one at football and don't intend on it but I do like them.
  12. It's just a different way to add something I think, I'm sure there are people out there that think the same about flags and banners getting in the way of there view and not adding to the atmosphere. I've never used one at a football game, I do like them though - I really like that acrid smell.
  13. The linesman can only tell you it's in or out of play by waving the flag, anything else would be considered aiding and as such providing an unfair advantage.
  14. How does that work? Does it work on a firestick? Any recommendations?
  15. Glad you took time to recover - think you all needed it. Good episode as well!
  16. And collecting players but not knowing how they fit into a system.
  17. Repeating what everyone else has written - a true legendary supporter who was instantly recognisable, always wanting to make people laugh and smile. Rest easy. One Stoney Garnett, there's only one Stoney Garnett!
  18. It's a wallet on your phone - so you can put your bank cards on your phone and not need a physical wallet.
  19. I can't believe we haven't moved to digital season tickets on the app or digital wallet that you can just get on your phone and do away with anything physical that needs to be sent. Ok I get not everyone has a smartphone but at least make it an option and maybe knock a tenner off to incentives its use.
  20. I do find it funny what people care about on this forum, offend someone or hurt someone's feelings and the prevailing wisdom is you scum, were getting deep into a climate crisis and someone brings up the waste caused by packaging the club has produced and they are a killjoy and people dispair at the sentiment.
  21. I like it much more than the home shirt. The home shirt is the worst one IMHO .
  22. Not sure who the people in the video are either.
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