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  1. When I first saw the damage I thought that must have been a massive poo someone was wrestling with.
  2. It was no worse than the trouble in the park with Swansea a few years ago as far as I can tell, that hasn't gone back to a bubble so I see no reason why this would.
  3. That would make sense because the copper was walking past the Clarks pie van.
  4. TBH I couldn't believe it when I heard it!
  5. There must have been some trouble before the game, I was walking beside a copper who was telling his colleagues how much he "loved it" and boasting that he had blood on his truncheon but he wasn't going to clean it.
  6. Why wouldn't they, no ******** boss and can make a lot of money if they get a lot of views.
  7. Yeah for what isn't supposed to be a safety job not a security job I wouldn't say it was on them. The problem is people that think this is fun or a laugh.
  8. Probably renting there drive to football fans.
  9. I suppose you wouldn't mind spending £20 on a decent meal or £5 on something just edible and just go along for the talk. Unfortunately finding a nice meal for £20 these days is pretty difficult, I would normally expect to pay £30/£35 for something decent. Anyway you don't have to go, you don't have to eat it, your more than welcome to moan - just not here apparently .
  10. He can have 2 but 2 to the same tune is probably a little too difficult.
  11. 19 goals in 3 games now! Barnsley have only scored 16 all season!
  12. Make that 3 on 38! They're the best team at this level I think I've ever seen, if they can't stay up then there's no hope for anyone else.
  13. The problem we need to solve is clubs going out of business is it not? No debt above 10% of earnings, let the free market rip. If an owner wants to go for it they can but with there own money - not at the expense of the future of the club.
  14. Was it a trick question you asked? You asked what the link was, I gave a reason. FWIW I wouldn't blame WR for his brothers behaviour and funding him is a positive for WR IMHO but it does still reflect on him. If your company send you away and you act like a dick then that does reflect on the company you work for - it's not there fault but does reflect on them. It's nice if his brother was unable to work and/or his brother was doing something nice for the world, infact it is just nice of him. The fact that his bother uses it to swan around the world being a scumbag is on his brother.
  15. By definition it's association. There's very little point in going over the well publicised issues about WR but I though it was interesting to see he funded his brother being a **** as well as himself.
  16. That would be sensible but we don't do simple because that creates a problem for the prem, players won't accept those terms, that was the reason PP were put in place. Clubs also won't accept release clauses like that because they want to use those players to get promoted back to the land of milk and honey.
  17. If COD is considered to be part of a "golden generation" then no wonder we never made the playoffs, can we even call it a "golden generation" without some kind of success or even being good enough to challenge for success?
  18. I could have and could still have it wrong, there is some ambiguity in there. If his head has been turned then he still has a contract that he need to fulfill, like when Flints head was turned by Middlesbrough. The attitude of some of these players is incredible, if he got what he wanted then I would ask myself what's the point in a contract. Can you imagine if we said to Williams after his first day - yeah we know you've just signed this contract but we don't think you're going to play for the next year so we wan to pay you 1/4 of what you're currently on.
  19. I don't think there is 2 ways to look at it. If he saw it as a foot in the door then he should have signed a 1/2 year contract but he wanted the security of a year with the possibility of a 2nd year if he did ok. What's happened is he has done well and now seems to think of his extension as a renewal so wants to renegotiate in what is bad faith. His issue with others earning more is one of the challenges of the current economic situation, he has unfortunately finished one contact and started another contract at the wrong time, those players earning more will have reduced terms as there current contracts expire rather than all those on existing contracts that have done well for a few months get more money. Sorry, but I have zero sympathy for someone who wants to break contact but especially for those who by this time in his career must be a multimillionaire asking for more money.
  20. So basically what he is saying is that he signed a contract in good faith 4 months ago when he didn't have a club and now doesn't want to fulfill its obligations because he thinks his negotiating position has changed.
  21. I don't really follow the leaving of players once the decision has been made so excuse the ignorance. Did he only get a 1/2 season contract at Swansea or something?
  22. If he was a backup to a championship quality player then that would be fine for me but he's earning first team player wages and regularly starts - he has had his opportunity and I think the best thing for both is we go our separate ways.
  23. The only thing I would point out is that (as quite a fierce critic of COD) COD was a complete waste of a shirt yesterday, recently though he has been playing quite well though. Yesterday felt like what Walsall must have felt like when we we beat them 8-2. Just a better side man for man and in some areas considerably better, they are also playing with a lot of confidence.
  24. Ok, that seems counter intuitive to me, I thought it was about shifting wages and Kalas and Wells are going to be on higher wages than Pring and Semenyo? Also if we sell the likes of Pring and Semenyo we would have to go replace them at an additional cost in terms of fee and wage.
  25. We get rid of Kalas and we will ship 6 goals every week. And this is the problem, who's going to buy him? Who are we going to sign to replace him? We need a stronger defence with Kalas - without him we don't have a defence.
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