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  1. I've missed all these parking stories/frustrations/recommendations. Really feels like we're heading back to some normality when there are posts about parking!
  2. They all seem to be enjoying football again which is nice to see.
  3. I think there could be mitigating circumstances - it sounds like this time last year they were only allowed to train for 30 mins a day!
  4. It's easy for Ipswich fans to love him, they haven't played a game yet! Wait until half of there squad is crooked and he is refusing interviews until there is another winning run when all of a sudden you can't shut him up.
  5. I just think he really doesn't like the press and the press for him is Gregor.
  6. Pezo

    Derby again!

    If you were a Derby fan surely you would be wondering why he is partying all night and not focusing on pre season.
  7. Seems obvious that that is around where we are to me. We were lucky not to get relegated last season - we have reduced the size of the squad but added some quality but aging quality. This season is all about those senior players teaching the younger player what it takes to win at this level and embedding the method.
  8. The jab isn't really for immunity though is it, it's really to stop people being hospitalised. People have to take individual responsibility especially the most vulnerable, if you're vulnerable and you don't get a booster why would that be anyone else's problem?
  9. If that was 1970 then you were earning the equivalent of £79 on your paperound, 70p works out as £11.07 today. You can see where inflation is and isn't in those numbers. Obviously football is a far nicer experience these days but is it nearly 3x as nice?
  10. Similarly I have some back problems from sitting down too much and I "should" stand so this is a great move for me.
  11. I just wonder if the lack of previous fitness has meant he hasn't been able to do the defensive side so he may now lack the experience a player of his age should have at doing those things - he was doing a lot of chasing but it always seemed to be shadows. I hope I'm wrong but it seems to fit IMO.
  12. I used to think Palmer was going to be quality but the more I have seen of him the more he reminds me of Carl Hutchings, I get fed up with saying this is a big season for him but it really is.
  13. I want to look at the VAR decision before I judge .
  14. It's a little unfair to make it sound like Holden and LJ didn't do this, Holden didn't do any last summer because of COVID so we don't if he would have or not. LJ used to try and blind us with science a couple times each pre season - so he did do some.
  15. He wears a red and white hat He's a very nice chap. But if he sees a gas head he'll kick him in the head.
  16. That's at least 60% effective at preventing it in people over 70. It still has a 92% chance of keeping you out of hospital even if you do get it, that's on top of the 99% chance you already had of not being hospitalised by it if you have no underlying health conditions.
  17. Well no one really knows but they must have some kind of expectation based on data models they have but there will be a large margin of error so they will continue collecting the data and likely changing there mind, it's basically test, learn adapt. What the government really want is cases to lower before winter and then the HNS can deal with the flu but they have no idea how long this will go on for.
  18. Hospitalisation is the only number that matters - the HNS can just about deal with 30k to 35k people at any one time normally and has some burst capacity with nightingale hospitals The government won't ever let there be a scenario where people are dying on trolleys waiting to be seen because that's political suicide but the goal from day 1 was herd immunity with as few deaths as possible. Its a shame that it's a political decision and not a save as many lives as possible decision but there are other considerations that need to be weighed up and the advantage of a democracy is a government doesn't have to be the benevolent gift giver when it's not in the whole countries best interests.
  19. Well it's certainly better than last season. The bit that surprised me was the comment that due to COVID last season it was basically 30 to 40 mins a day - that explains a lot, you clearly couldn't show a video based on 30 to 40 mins but no way can you condition your body for 90 minutes (let alone a full season) of championship football for a season by doing 30 to 40 mins training for a few weeks.
  20. Pezo

    Joe Low

    I was scared to ask incase this was another Stacey Penton thing.
  21. Well not quite what they called it before but all the fans wanted the Emirates to be called Ashburton Grove but I've never heard anyone actually call it that. Let's face it this is the MO for most owners - over extend the finances, sell out while maintaining control. Same as the MO for most supporters is I want the club to play champagne football but I also complain about paying Fanta prices when water is free .
  22. Yes my comment was made a little tongue in cheek.
  23. Interesting, so we've just had a year and a half of virtually no rail service and as soon as they start it back up again they close Temple meads.
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