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  1. "See that Tannoy post from Redpool on OTIB, well watch this..." ...
  2. I'm not even getting my hopes up. I got in easily for the Eng v Den tickets, but the system was smashed by reseller bots, so I couldn't checkout. Each time I selected tickets and added to basket it errored and told me they were no longer available, which I suspect will happen again this time if I do manage to get in.
  3. Ditto. Got into the waiting room (via recaptcha) at 12.35, got booted out (and asked to reenter the waiting room with another recaptcha) a few mins to 1pm. So I'm sat back in the waiting room and assumably in a new queue to get into the system with a time progress bar.
  4. Got into the portal at 3pm after an hour wait in the lobby. They were clearly adding tickets in sequenced batches over a specified 10 minute interval. Within those 10mins it would go Cat 1... then a few mins later cat 2 were added.... then cat 3. Each time I tried to add cat 2 or cat 3, it would take me through to a reCAptcha, then fail and take me back to the ticket selection screen, each time I re-added it would fail. After 10 mins it would say the tickets were now all sold. At first I was then going back to the games listing page and refreshing for the ENG v DEN button to re-appear, but I soon realised that you don't need to do that, simply stay in the actual game ticket screen and continue to press refresh until the next batch were added. All that being said, I came away with nothing, after 30mins of failed attempts I ran out of my allotted time (30 mins cap) and was sent back to the lobby. Anybody else here who tries to buy limited edition sneakers will know the websites on release day/time are always smashed by BOT resellers snaffling for teh resell market. This felt like exactly the same frustrating experience where no matter how quick you were through the checkout process, the bots had already checked out in a matter of milliseconds. I fully expect all these tickets to be in the hands of the touts I'm currently sat in the waiting room again, but judging by whats's been said, by the time I get back in the game and tickets will have gone.
  5. (G) Curbishley (D) Curbishley (D) Curbishley (D) Curbishley (D) Curbishley (M) Curbishley (M) Curbishley (M) Curbishley (M) Curbishley (F) Curbishley (F) Curbishley
  6. Another year where our kids replica shirts have to look like training tops rather than the actual shirt.
  7. Part of me would like that... not because I like the idea, but because I remember the meltdown had on here by some when the Adidas 13/14 kit was released. Comical overreaction to something that apparently looked like Arsenal, but in reality didn't. So us going the whole hog and having arsenal white sleeves would have hilarious overreaction consequences...!
  8. Love it. An Adidas Tango being used on the artificial surface at Kenilworth Road. I'd guess circa 1988. Jan Molby in the background looking like the menacing lump he was!
  9. Great shirt. As per my avatar, it's one of my favourites in my collection...
  10. Goalkeeper, at quite a high standard (even if I do say so myself), up until the age of 15/16 (in 1993). I was coached at the England Goalkeeping school 'Bristol campus' (at St Brendans College) by our very own Keith Welch and Andy Leaning. Then in a school match a boy wearing metal studs went in 'studs up' as I was sliding out to get a ball he was also chasing. His studs connected with my knee and ripped up into the patella muscles. My knee never really recovered and it stopped me playing properly. So I take the crown of 'retiring' at a very early age!
  11. IMO even better than the Hartlepool game. What a night, the buzz and atmosphere was electric for the entire game. I still get goosebumps now when watching back Magic Daps' goal...
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