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  1. They certainly are. We are a couple of injuries away from being in real trouble. We got away with it last season, might be even closer this time.
  2. Exactly. To show progress we've got to make games like this (and last week) tighter. We get stuffed up there as sure as night follows day. When are we going to become a good Championship side Steve? What's the target? When can we give West Brom a game and not be embarrassed?
  3. I was talking generally. Pearson is slowly making changes, but we have assembled some crap, as you've somewhat alluded to.
  4. If O'Dowda is the answer, what on earth is the question?!
  5. If this is the Yin, we're in for a bloody good Yang at some point!
  6. We've almost boringly bobbed between division 2 and 3 for nearly all of our history, yet we have such extremes within seasons. I think we used to jointly hold the record for most consecutive wins, fantastical. We're now nearing a season of home games without a win, diabolical.
  7. You're right. Unfortunately if you don't win home games, neither will happen. We allow duff managers to piss money up the wall, then finally appoint someone that can actually do it and he hasn't got a pot to piss in. Stupid, just stupid.
  8. Wouldn't have minded him on the pitch today, even at his current age. He knew it had to go under the horizontal bar and in between the 2 vertical ones.
  9. Precisely. My first game in 19 months and goodness me, that was pathetic. Only thing worth going for was to watch Bournemouth. So disheartening to see what was a tinpot outfit down the road play better than I've ever seen my team play in 39 years of watching.
  10. Could this mean we can all charge the Credit Reference Agencies a fee for holding our data? I'd quite enjoy sending them an email every 3 days informing them, that for just £14.95 a month, they can look after my data!
  11. Think you might be getting mixed up with the 2004 final when Danny Wilson managed to outfox himself.
  12. Reminds me of a Union conference from the 1980s
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