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  1. Didn't Aidan McCaffery play for us?
  2. Tisdale did a reasonable job over there.
  3. Six stands! Maybe they could do a deal with Northampton.
  4. The charts just as I finished my A Levels. A couple of dark years for chart music was to come (Mr Blobby/Barbie Girl absolute Kak), until it all came alive again around 95/96.
  5. He definitely needs to learn lessons from last night and I think he will. I'd like him to stay on as he seems to be able to get a good thing going with the players. Young players that will be around for a while yet. Keeping the familiarity of the England set up will hopefully mean we get really good at what we're good at.
  6. Post mortems are usually unpleasant! If we want to win something we have to honest about what happened. It was a fabulous tournament for England for sure and Southgate did a lot of good things. The hardest defeats are the ones where we really could have won. Man for man we had the talent to match Italy and in some areas we were stronger, younger and fitter. The very best managers can change games with a switch, but can also react to a switch. Unfortunately the bench wasn't just slow to react, they didn't react at all. We could still have lost, but the poor reaction to Mancini cost us our chance to win. I thought at halftime, get a second and this ours. Still, it was a pleasure to see a group of talented English players actually playing as a team, not just the usual dis-jointed mess and there should be a lot more to come from them.
  7. Almost missed out on getting them on as well. I wouldn't fancy taking a penalty, I'd fancy it even less if it was my first kick of the game. It's really frustrating as we had the ability to win, but just didn't help ourselves ultimately.
  8. Our time may come again. As great as the manager has been, unfortunately some big mistakes when it mattered most.
  9. My dad for me. He passed away in 2014 aged 67. Always went to games together and we would both be on the edge of our seats watching the final together for sure.
  10. This could be the biggest star we ever played against!
  11. Always preferred Cracklin Rosie, but if it helps the England team win, stick with it. Not for Ashton Gate though.
  12. Good luck finding someone that gives a shit about any of that.
  13. It seems clear that too many things weren't happening that should be a given, for a team aiming for the premier league. No room for sentiment or emotion, just expecting "professional drive". The sort of drive that the Leicesters, Watfords, Fulhams, Norwichs show when they've routinely come down and played us off the park. Let's hope that familiar matchday feeling of "christ, we're miles off them" starts to disappear next season !
  14. In the states a Tina Maria Busch married a Kevin Edward Graber. A bit of a mess however you put it together.
  15. What a game to watch. Well done Switzerland, they were excellent. Just shows what a group of players all on the same wavelength can achieve.
  16. Can we get a discount if we buy a yellow brick for his little road that he's building? £162! Someone is making some serious money or they're spending too much on pyrotechnics.
  17. Is that a beard on Vieras face or has he just missed a bit?
  18. A few names there bringing back some Ceefax memories, good and bad!
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