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  1. Steve will have paid more tax into our system and created more wealth, more jobs (and thus even more tax) than you or I could do in 100 lifetimes.
  2. Nice dig. I assume you are suggesting that I have no ethics because I work in the private medical industry. Get a bloody grip of yourself man. You sound like a bitter & twisted curmudgeon who feels like the world owes him something. You are highly active on so many disagreements on this forum because you come across as thinking you are an expert in everything - perhaps you need to looks a little closer to home as to your own ethics. Be a better guy and quit the fake crusade against everything. You ain’t gonna change the world, luv.
  3. I’m not against it. But it’s their own personal choice, not one that ought to be forced upon them by the virtue-signalling halo’s. What I am totally against is furloughing the players, as some have suggested. My stance on that is why should the government pay Bristol City’s footballers £2.5k per month when they are not in any situation of destitution or genuine hardship. Same as any business. If they can afford to keep operating and to pay their staff, they should. If Bristol City FC feel they are in a position to be able to continue to pay their staff full pay, then why shouldn’t they? As far as I’m aware, no non-playing employees of Bristol City FC have had any wage cuts. If the club feel they can continue as normal then why should they change? Of course, there will be some clubs out there who can’t afford to continue to pay their employees and they need to make their own necessary financial arrangements. But why should ANY company who can afford to continue to pay their staff start claiming from the government. I just don’t understand the desire by many people to pigeon-hole footballers just because they earn good money. I don’t see a single footballer in the top 2,000 people in the U.K. Why are footballers an exception? For what it’s worth, and you’ll note I have previous in posting this, I hope that football has a wake up call re it’s finances after this is all over. I’d like to see clubs return to paying wages akin to their turnover. But right now, that’s not the situation, and I see no reason why a company which can afford to pay its employees shouldn’t continue to do so. Footballers aren’t the enemy of the people. They are people who earn good money, as do lots of other people in this country. Unless you want to go the route of full communism then there will always be those who have more and those who have less. Just because someone has more, it doesn’t mean they are an enemy to society - it perhaps means that they live in a meritocracy where those who have a given talent which brings joy to millions are rewarded with higher earnings than those who don’t. I’ve got no problem with people earning more than me if they deserve it - whether through talent, ability, skill, perseverance, hard work, sacrifice or intelligence.
  4. I see our resident ‘expert in nothing, fool in all things’ is on his one man moral crusade again. I’ve given you some pretty good advice a week or so ago - to lay back and take it easy for a while. You’re getting your knickers in a twist over quite literally EVERYTHING at the moment. Chill Winston.
  5. Oh boo hoo. Footballers earn too much money.
  6. And yet you still find a snide, critical remark. “they put it in in the first place”. The initial agreement had a “contribution” to fixed costs. They’ve now removed all costs. An analogy might be that you rent a house. You pay the landlord £1,000 per month. You are then responsible for the gas, electric, water, Sky tv, council tax etc. They were giving it rent free but were asking for some of the running costs to be covered. Just like you’d be expected to pay the running costs of a house you rented. Stop being so critical. This is a positive thing. Why try to poke around at it and find something sinister.
  7. Well, no. There’s no debate at all. There was initially some fixed costs put into the agreement, and now they’ve removed those. Maybe you’d like to take back the comment of them being *********?
  8. What, you mean like right now, where things are as Pete Tong as they’re gonna be, and the private sector is helping the nhs, at great cost to itself. They go hand in hand, they’re both as relevant as each other and they both do great things. I don’t understand why so many have a bee in their bonnet about private healthcare.
  9. Your impression of the private medical industry is very negative and very false one. In taxes, the private medical industry pulls in nearly £2 billion per annum for the treasury. The annual NHS budget is roughly £135 billion. The private sector treats around 10% of population. Yet they do this on a cost of less than 4% of the equivalent NHS budget. It's hugely efficient and it shields the NHS from another 10% of cases, many of which are very expensive cases to treat. Private healthcare helps many people to live longer. Take cancer for example. Many of the drugs and therapies which the private industry fund are way too expensive for the NHS. If you have cancer, and are privately treated, you'll be entitled to things such as proton beam therapy, very rarely available on the NHS. Some cancer drugs cost £100,000 per year per patient - the NHS simply couldn't afford that, even if we threw all the money we possibly could at it. The private sector does a good job of keeping people alive and shielding the NHS from a huge number of treatments. If the private industry was closed tomorrow, the NHS would lose around £2 billion funding, and yet would need to increase it's budget exponentially to cover the extra treatment it would need to provide - it would not be affordable - unless you wanted everyone to pay another 40% on their tax rate. Quite simply, more people would die, because of lack of funding. Anyway, back to your initial argument - you want football clubs to give free tickets to thousands of people. I still don't get that. It's not just the NHS staff who are keeping this country going at the moment. Hats off to them, for sure, they deserve respect, but so does every other worker in this country who is keeping things moving. My Asda delivery driver deserves a ticket too. As does the person who packed the shopping in the supermarket, as does my postie, as do the binmen, the list can (and does) go on. I don't know why you want to single out NHS staff (only a proportion of which will be actually dealing with covid patients). To your final line. Yes, the NHS is a wonderful thing. But I needs the private medical industry too. Don't be so dismissive and one-eyed.
  10. Pops - why have you quoted me into a conversation of which I have no previous? You are a strange chap. Why do you have a bee in your bonnet about me working in private healthcare? It’s my job, it pays me handsomely, but it doesn’t rule my politics or my morals. Since you’ve brought me into your conversation, I actually agree with Bristol Rob on his points toward you. If football clubs want to offer free tickets to NHS staff then great, that’s their lookout. But you seem to be on a mission to ‘expect’ all clubs to do this. Why? Why is it footballs responsibility to do something? I admire the NHS folks who are currently ploughing through a tonne of shit. I’d also point out that private healthcare is also putting everything to this cause too. Non urgent appointments have all been cancelled, no new appointments are to be booked, client premiums are going to be refunded for the fact that no claims can be made whilst this is ongoing and those refunds of premiums actively impact on my commission earned, thus my own take home pay. But I’m not bothered about that, as I know my industry is doing the right thing for the greater good. Rob’s point about profits in football is a valid one. Most clubs don’t make money. Most actually lose a lot of money. There are multiple reasons for that, mainly player wages. Football might have a kick up it’s backside after this to sort itself out. But right now, most clubs make a loss - why are you expecting loss making businesses to offer up free stuff. Many retail outlets have been feeling the pinch lately, making losses - maybe River Island should start making face masks instead of menswear and give 10 million of them away to every nhs worker, every delivery driver, every shop assistant, etc. Why is it footballs job?
  11. One thing not to be overlooked here. Does anyone actually think this guy is any good at football? He’s somehow found a career at championship level, yet I don’t rate him as much better than lower L1. Highly overrated player, in my opinion.
  12. I never suggested there weren’t. Just that he’s happy to revel in one side of it and I highly doubt his ‘history’ lesson would’ve included these innocent deaths as well as the ones on ‘his’ side. I’m not sure what’s become of you lately Mr Pops, you used to be a decent enough poster but you seem very argumentative and agitated of late.
  13. I wonder if his history lesson also included the reasons why this 3 year old boy and 12 year old lad were callously bombed to death. I wonder...... No, I doubt it. He probably doesn’t care about these - likely views them as collateral damage The bloke is a dick.
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