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  1. Harry

    RIP Tinners

    RIP Tinners. Such sad news. Was a lovely bloke and City through and through. ️
  2. Then you have a much much narrower problem. Instead of half the world doing drugs on a weekend, you’ll only have to handle the desperately addicted. A much smaller problem to handle. I’m sure most people who seem to be addicted to coke would soon quit when they realised their livelihood was being taken away from them. Sometimes folk just need that jolt to wake them up and sort themselves out. Do drugs - no earnings this week. Come back clean next week and you can earn.
  3. LJ’s CV. 1) Oldham. First season. In relegation zone when he took charge. 10 games, 15 points. Survival. Points per game ratio would have seen them 8th in the league across the season. 2) Oldham. First full season. Took them to their best league finish in years. 3) Oldham. 3rd season. Had them into the top 10 before being hunted by Barnsley. Oldham would win only 3 of their remaining 15 without him. During that 2 years he also took a previously struggling Oldham to a semi and a quarter in the JPT. 4) Barnsley. Took them on at 16th and again managed a 1.5 ppg ratio to guide them to 11th. Then guided them to the final of the JPT before being hunted by City. 5) Bristol City. Took over a relegation threatened team which had won 3 games in 17, and guided them to 8 wins in 17 to safety. Proceeded to present 3 playoff challenging seasons for a club that had challenged the 2nd level playoffs only once in the previous 40+ years. Add in a quite remarkable league cup run. 6) Sunderland. Took an underperforming team to the playoffs and to a JPT victory. Season 2, had the team in the playoffs and when dismissed had produced the highest win percentage of any Sunderland manger in nearly 100 years. So, with 2 unfashionable clubs (for their level) he achieved a quarter, a semi, a final in the JPT, then with another unfashionable club (for the level) managed a league cup semi and 3 seasons of playoff contention, then led a sleeping giant to a JPT win, the playoffs and a best win percentage in 100 years. Ok, no promotions to his name. But it’s stretching it to say he has nothing on his CV. Success is all relative to the club. I’d say he’s improved every club he’s been at so far.
  4. Easiest way to solve the drug problem. Everyone gets tested on a Monday morning. If you’re positive, you’re suspended without pay from your job, or if you don’t work, you don’t receive your benefits. If you can come back the following Monday clean then you’re back in. Will soon sort the problem. Do drugs, Don’t earn. We somehow managed to spend billions on useless covid tests over the past 2 years. I’m sure we could afford a drugs testing program of similar scale
  5. If I remember correctly, Bobby Gould used to be one of the guests on the HTV sports round up. He commented that Bob Taylor was surely worth a million pounds. Gould then managed to get the West Brom job the next week and signed Taylor for £250k!!! “But you said he was worth a million last week!!” I’ve never forgiven him!
  6. That makes 2 Father Ted references on one page! Given that the programme is about Catholic Priests and this is a Rangers match, it’s quite the dichotomy!
  7. I know. It’s a bit picky, but it’s too far away. Players on the far side look tiny.
  8. Yep, you were right. Our conversation was after that. LJ was talking to a few clubs, my understanding of his situation last week was that FGR and Hibs were unlikely and something like Charlton was more likely. Must admit, I’m quite surprised he’s chosen Hibs. I’d guess that the Charlton offer wasn’t something he wanted (maybe there was interference and/or restrictions from their owner?) Now he’s there, I’ll certainly be expecting him to have a good look at some of the better youngsters in leagues 1 & 2. I’m sure he’ll also use the prem loan market given his contacts there (particularly with Man C).
  9. This confuses me. Why are some of these Sold Out but the sold out figure differs? I thought we just gave every team the top tier and it was 2,400. How come some teams Sold Out but the figure is less than 2,400, and how come Cov got more?
  10. Don’t ever forget, that a certain Mark Ashton was working with the club as a Recruitment Consultant during McInnes’ time here. No wonder Derek is critical of the recruitment structure.
  11. Anyway. For me, Forest deserve promotion. Since Cooper took charge they’ve been brilliant, and had automatic promotion form.
  12. If City had won the European Cup during our period in the top flight in the 70’s, I have absolutely no doubt that we’d still talk about, sing songs about it, have pictures in the concourse about it, etc. Nothing wrong with Forest fans continuing to seize that glory.
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