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  1. I did indeed listen to the whole presser and indeed he did say that “talent id” is down I him. The difference you need to discern is between “talent id” and “targets”. There are many people responsible for talent id, LJ being one. Trying to break this down as simply as possible, as it’s a regular query, this is the basic outline of how it works : All names feed into a system, or for want of a better description, a database. Names that go into the database could come from any sources, LJ, Macca, Holden, Ashton, Lansdown, Agents, players etc. That’s the ID part done. The recruitment team and analysts, headed up by Ashton, then produce data on these players. That leads to a series of likely targets. Whereupon the analysts produce more detailed data. That target list is presented to LJ. LJ will have a look at this list and do some of his own ‘homework’ on them (as in @BobBobSuperBob’s Eliasson example). If time allows, he may even scout them personally - although in many cases this is not done, or if it is, not to the 15-20 game level you’d want to be able to ‘thoroughly’ assess a player. LJ and MA will put together their top targets. Plans A through to K as it were. MA attempts to acquire the targets, in order of plan a to k. So in summary, Talent ID is from anyone. Most research and scouting is by MA and his team. LJ expresses his priorities and MA attempts to secure them. The fact we may sometimes end up with Option K as opposed to option A is down to MA (and SL). There may also have been an Option P which we hadn’t fed into the system, or an Option R which was ID’d but didn’t reach the shortlist stage. There are of course many other complications in this process, some of which LJ will be involved in, others not, but the above is a very simplistic outline, the straw man. We have no head scout. We are relying more and more on the database and from names presented by specific agents (this is VERY prevalent). Does anyone really think LJ had a big say in Pereira, Nagy, HNM, Duric, Hegeler, Diony etc etc. These won’t be from the database either. They’d be from specific agents. They’d be the types who are presented to LJ as options. LJ won’t have watched Nagy 15 times to assess whether he’s got all the attributes he wants as a Pack replacement. He’d have had to go on the information presented by Ashton and his team. The fact we now know that Nagy doesn’t have the attributes to directly replace Pack is a fault of the process, not of LJ. And that failing means that the playing style has to adapt, ie no continuity. To all the doubters out there - look, I’m not excusing LJ. He does some weird things and he has to address certain aspects of his role. He plays a part in the recruitment process, of course he does. But it’s a much smaller part than the ‘traditional’ set up we’ve had in the past and which most clubs in England run. We have a different set up. A different process. That’s why only certain managers are compliant enough to work within the structure. That’s why I keep reiterating the part that Ashton has in player recruitment, and that a lot of the responsibilities fall on him. We do not operate a simple system such as many other teams (including us in the past) have always operated. Traditional systems would be “manager likes player, manager and chief scout watch player many times, we contact players club and agent and begin talks”. People need to understand that we don’t do this. And by that rationale the responsibility for incoming players is NOT wholly at the managers door. It’s the whole process/system and the person who’s in charge of that system is MA. That’s where the buck stops. When I’ve presented this on here before people have said “well why doesn’t LJ grow a pair and say something”. Well, I think we’re just recently witnessing his growth of a pair. He’s called Ashton out twice in a week - subtly, but it’s there. Now that he’s done that, the same people are now saying “he’s looking to blame anyone but himself”. Can’t have it both ways guys. LJ is not the sole bearer of responsibility in failing to recruit players to fit his team. And now he’s beginning to show signs of struggle against this system he’s not now passing the blame, he’s calling out the truth. For 4 years he’s been happy to stay relatively quiet. Aside from a couple of summers ago when he expressed that the “foreign experiments” need to stop, he’s been very compliant and protected Ashton. He’s now called him out. Yesterdays interview, for me, was very much one of “we’ve drawn up our list, if MA does his bit we’ll ideally have Option A or B. If we end up with Option K again from Slovakia I’d rather stick with what we’ve already got”. Back to @BobBobSuperBob and your points re Eliasson. I remember it well. LJ saying they were looking at the database, matching up stats for someone like Knockaert and Eliasson came up. LJ wouldn’t have been involved in the process of identifying him. He’d have said, I want someone with the production of Knockaert. The analysts would’ve presented him with Eliasson and LJ would’ve taken a look at his stats and footage on wyscout. He definitely would not have been someone that LJ himself had fed into the system. Absolutely no chance. He would’ve been fed into the database by an analyst who’d searched an assist stat on wyscout. We have to accept that this is the way we are doing things and that some will come good and others will fail. But we must please please get away from this “LJ’s signed 50 players and doesn’t know his best team” nonsense. Our model is different to all others in this league. People need to become more aware of that and not just throw their angst at the manager - whomever that may be. LJ needs to do better with what he’s got. Absolutely. I won’t argue with that. But what he’s got is not always what he necessarily wanted, or even what he thought he was getting.
  2. Given its Sunday lunch, and I’m not sure what Southvillekiddy is cooking up, but surely that ought to be Ham Allardyce? Perhaps we could lure Alex Burgerson out of retirement Maybe we ought to sign Frank Ribeye-ry? Or even Franck Lebeouf. That Jack Wiltshire Ham has always looked a good player. What’s Aspara-Gus Hiddink doing these days?
  3. For option b), recognised internationally, managed international teams, AND has experience in England, let’s maybe have a word with, ooohhh, I dunno, Sven Goran Eriksen? Loving this thread by the way Southvillekiddy.
  4. And winner of the most ridiculous thread of 2020 goes to...... Ha ha. What a shout this is mind. I’m sure Bielsa was sat there, having recently managed Argentina, Marseille & Lazio, thinking “why hasn’t that Lansdown chap from Bristol City asked me if I want to take Bristol City to glory”. Until Bielsa arrived at Leeds, he probably had very little knowledge of the English 2nd division, let alone a club that hasn’t seen top flight football since he was a 25 year old youth coach in a northwest province of Argentina. “Hi Marcelo. It’s Steve. I’ve got a lot of money and want to make Bristol City the best club in the world. How do fancy having a crack at getting us out of the bottom half of the championship”. “The what? What is this championship of which you speak?, Bristol who? Steve? Have we met before?”
  5. Interesting that LJ has spoken out 3 times in the last couple of weeks, clearly saying that the recruitment is all down to Ashton. I’ve made the point on here many times but people seem keen to not want to believe it. It’s all too easy to berate the manager for all of the signings. Most people’s argument against me was that LJ never says anything about the transfer policy, never speaks out about his frustration. Well, he’s very subtly hinted about it 3 times this last week or so and putting the pressure onto Ashton to deliver. Perhaps people will start to realise now that it’s Ashton’s responsibility and LJ only plays a small role in the identification, recruitment and ratification of incomings.
  6. Harry

    Willem II

    I assume a few Willem were over here today. Heard a few Dutch accents walking back toward the lions today
  7. Yep. That definitely gets a like from me. Been saying all season that none of our midfield are comfortable taking the ball off the back four. None have the composure to play from deep. They all panic. About 15-20 times this season one of JB, AN or HNM have lost possession easily on the edge of their own box when trying to ‘play’ out. Pack tended to make this error about 3 times a season and get absolutely blasted for it. This season it’s happened 15-20 times! Bob is right. We miss Pack if we wanna play a measured build up. Perhaps LJ has realised he doesn’t have the tools for this and correctly started to play more ‘direct’. It was clear that the midfield were bypassed today in our build up. Fam won his fair share of knock downs and we had runners off him. If that’s to be our identity for the rest of the season then so be it. It’s a case of realising we don’t have the players to be able to play a measured build up, so play to our strengths. Big man up top, runners off him, full backs pushing on for overloads.
  8. D’ya think they might want to carry on with that ‘ring-fencing’ idea now? No promotion, no relegation. Saracens out of the Prem forever? You’d love to see it.
  9. Thing is though, it’s not even the Barnsley fans moaning - it’s one of our own fans in post #21 above.
  10. 100% with you on this Geoff. Thoroughly entertaining game today. We won, and the game was value for money. Is that not what people want?
  11. 3 league wins in the last 4. With 3 clean sheets.
  12. Could even call it 3 wins in 4 and 3 clean sheets.
  13. But Dave. That’s not the question. The opinion you hold is absolutely fine. And you have plenty of opportunity to express it in many other threads. This one is purely about the players abilities. Come on now Dave, be a good boy and stick to the opening poster’s request.
  14. Macca was indeed a team mate but they are not ‘mate’ mates. They don’t socialise together. Their relationship is purely a footballing one. I wouldn’t say they are here as yes men. They’re not mates who’ll do anything to cover for their buddy.
  15. Twice in 2 posts. Come on Dave. Plenty of room elsewhere for that. Respect the thread. Indeed
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