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  1. Ah sorry James. Just seen your post (I was posting simultaneously it would seem). Thanks for clarifying. Still incredibly sad news and condolences to the family.
  2. Very sad news. Condolences to the Gould family x
  3. Did you go on Talkradio Ian Collins’ show earlier? Someone just had literally the same story as you’ve written.
  4. Exactly. Because he’s not a dynamic winger. When Rice decided to dribble forward, even though he had options once he got there, he’s not a good enough player to find that pass on the run. That’s why he’s a pretty static DM - that’s his skill. By dribbling forward he was always putting himself in an unfamiliar position. It was quite rash to be fair. It meant we continually lost possession too easily - but people will remember him for having a good game because he dribbled forward and beat a man a few times - even though absolutely nothing came of those actions. For me, Rice was one of those who got ‘caught up’ in the game. If he wasn’t dribbling unnecessarily he was hoofing it away. His job in possession is to pass pass pass, 5 yards here, 10 years there. He didn’t successfully do that all night. He failed in his role in this strategy.
  5. I’m glad you pointed that out Dave. I was of exactly that opinion. Lots of people saying what a great game Rice had, even the commentators were lauding him for his forward runs with the ball. But every single time he ran forward he ended up losing it. It looked like a good dribble, but what it did was basically concede possession. Especially in moments of the game where he just needed to put his foot on it, pass it to a teammate and keep the ball for a period. Rice dribbling forward about 8 times with the ball just played into the Italians hands and gave them the ball back every time.
  6. For those slagging off my man Jack. He put himself forward. For whatever reason, Southgate once again chose not to trust him.
  7. **** ‘em. If my kids were there and had been hurt by these idiots, I’d have kicked them in the swede too. Play with matches you get burned.
  8. That’s exactly what happened here. I have a friend who was with his little boy who was caught up in the crush caused by these numpties. His boy was hurt and in tears and had to be attended by the medical staff. So, for every single punch and kick to these ticketless ********, I cheer.
  9. But it would’ve been an easier decision to justify and certainly more in line with Southgate’s pragmatic approach. Given Southgate’s tendency for caution, I’d have thought Henderson would’ve been nailed on ahead of the youngest player in the squad!
  10. That’s what I mean mate. I know he was subbed. I’m saying he shouldn’t have been. He should’ve been one the names, given his experience, captaincy and the fact he stole a penalty 3 weeks ago - he stepped up then, he should’ve been a taker.
  11. Fair point. But he’s a set piece taker and has bigger game experience than saka.
  12. That’s exactly what I mean mate. Why take him off. He volunteered for a penalty 3 weeks ago when he wasn’t the designated taker. Surely he should’ve been one of the takers.
  13. Lots of people saying Grealish should be taking one. Well, it looked to me when they were in the huddle that he wanted one. Perhaps as usual, Southgate didn’t trust him. Shaw is a set piece specialist. Perhaps he should’ve stepped up as well. How about the most senior player and ex captain, Henderson. He was quick enough to grab the ball for a penalty in the recent friendly, where was he tonight!! Looking at the huddle, I’d guess Southgate had Grealish & Shaw down as sudden death takers. Big mistake.
  14. Ah. I kept clicking ‘see tickets’ but it wouldn’t move on so figured I needed an access code to move it through. Didn’t have one so logged out again. Ah well.
  15. How did you get an access code though? I had nothing of the sort when I registered?
  16. I got in at about 1:15 but didn’t have an access code, so couldn’t get any further ??
  17. That’s why I caveated it with “if he can stay fit”. His appearance record is due to his injuries. If fit, he is a premier league quality midfielder. I’ve studied a few of his games recently - his touch is excellent, his awareness is superb, his positioning is intelligent and his anticipation is on a level I’ve not seen from a City player ever. If he stays fit, I’m confident he’ll be the best player we’ve seen at City for many a year.
  18. Matty James, if he stays fit, could possibly be one of the best players to ever wear a City shirt.
  19. Harry

    Le Tour 2021

    Mark Cavendish - History Maker
  20. Exactly. It’s almost as if no other country have ever booed a national anthem before. Happens everywhere. I’m 100% certain that if the game was in Rome that the Italians would roundly boo our anthem. I don’t know why people get so wound up about it. GNev is right……
  21. It’s almost as if no footballer for any team/country has EVER taken a dive to win a penalty. For decades England were seen as amateurs at the ‘dark arts’ of the game, whilst pretty much every other country dived, cheated and conned their way to results. All of a sudden; England get a pretty soft penalty (that wasn’t actually a dive, just soft) and we’re the worlds biggest cheats. It’s so pleasing seeing the amount of vitriol directed at us. I love it. No one likes us, we don’t care. That’s what should be belted out at Wembley on Sunday.
  22. Rather than some weird dog theme. How about City gave something back to their loyal fan base and invited 5 season card renewing children to do the photo shoot. Could have been an amazing experience and wonderful memory for 5 wide-eyed kids to model with their heroes. Nah - let’s get a couple of poochies, the fans will love it! Weirdo’s.
  23. Hiring Dog Models. 4 dogs at £500 per day = £2k How much would a dog owner pay for a dog shirt? A quick search tells me the average price would be about £15. So probably need to sell about 133 doggy shirts to turn a profit. Highly unlikely.
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