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  1. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    Absolutely mate. He was fighting back the tears but still thinking of everyone else. Proper hero.
  2. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    What a magnificent stand taken by the Danish team too. Surrounding him and seeing it happen infront of them. Must’ve been horrific for them to stand there and witness it. Very strong character
  3. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    What a shocking and emotional episode. My heart was thumping!! Glad he’s been stabilised and hopefully he can make a recovery.
  4. He’s completed 90 minutes only 3 times in 2 years at Juve
  5. If anyone is being bypassed by this game it’s Ramsey. Absolutely useless.
  6. He’s playing much higher than Allan. Allen is definitely the deepest, then Morrell and Ramsey both seem to be operating as a 2, ahead of him. It’s not a role I’ve seen him play for Wales before. Morrell is usually the disciplined holding one.
  7. Yep. The reaction to Gould, I thought was a mix of “thank Christ someone is now in place” with a hint of “what a shitshow he’s inheriting”. It was a very telling little laugh.
  8. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    As above, Seferovic doesn’t own a pair of shooting boots, I don’t think.
  9. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    That Seferovic who missed that is awful. Seen him play quite a few times and he seems to need about 37 chances for a goal!
  10. Harry

    Euro 2021/21

    Morrell playing a bit higher up that he usually does. Looks like Allen is the deepest and Joe is playing higher up.
  11. Did you see the well-positioned book collection? This was him saying “it’s a shitshow here, but I’m coming to terms with it and will take responsibility myself”.
  12. This interview alone. No. But compared to every other interview / podcast etc I’ve ever listened to him, there is definitely an exasperation in his voice at times.
  13. I think he started off by displaying his frustrations but then quickly tried to hide it by shifting it to ‘market forces’ instead. I think there’s a lot of excuses flying around about the market this year - it’s the same as any other season when there’s a major competition- there’ll be a waiting game, domino’s falling etc. Whilst the free agency market will be as testy as it always is. The process that clubs players and agents go through each year are no different (it’s just that the finances are lower, but everyone will have a budget, same as every year). The only problem we’ve had is that no one has been in overall control of it, so we’re behind the 8-ball. Which is what I said a few weeks ago when the agents I know had said they had heard little to nothing from City.
  14. Since he arrived, I’ve listened to a LOT of Pearson’s interviews. Not just with us but at his previous clubs and also various podcasts, radio interviews etc. Having watched so much of him, I feel I know his personality - at least the persona he gives across in these interviews. This one today is the most exasperated I’ve ever seen him. He was clearly not very happy with how the recruitment has progressed so far. As others have pointed out, there was still the subtle (not) digs at the players fitness - so it obviously wasn’t just those who’ve now left he wasn’t impressed with last season. He scoffed at the question of Gould’s arrival - almost as if to say “about effing time someone started running this shitshow”. I sense that he is not at all happy that he’s not been able to bring anyone else in, either on the coaching team or recruitment side (ie Walsh, McKenzie etc). He didn’t sound like a man who was in a happy place; although he also sounded as if he was prepared to embrace the huge challenge.
  15. Owner is a City season ticket holder too
  16. I saw Devon White in the JCR at Longwell Green the following day after the away goals loss. “You were bloody lucky last night” I said to him. His reply “Well, who’s playing Forest next round”. Ooh, you sly bugger!
  17. The Falcon Steakhouse in Wotton-under-Edge. Opened again 3 weeks ago as they don’t have outdoor seating. Superb local steak, the best double-cooked chips you’ll ever have and a salivating cheesecake for dessert. I’m booked in on Friday. https://www.falconsteakhouse.com
  18. I agree. Sadly I think Southgate will revert to his so-called tried and tested in Sterling & Rashford. Even though both have been poor of late. I’d have Grealish left and Foden right, every day of the week. Any defence would be tested regularly with those 2 committing them.
  19. You’re not quite understanding the point Tony. Grealish draws contact and wins free kicks. That’s a huge difference from diving under no contact whatsoever. There are many worse examples of players who dive. Grealish wins more fouls but isn’t the worst diver, by a long way.
  20. I think there is a difference - there’s contact and there’s contact. A little pinkie in the shoulder isn’t enough for someone to go down (you see a lot of this!). In the case today, Grealish has clear contact on his left calf that, if you watch carefully, is strong enough to see his calf muscle be moved in the opposite direction. It’s more than enough contact to be considered a clear foul. So you are correct in that contact isn’t always a foul. But ‘enough’ contact is.
  21. Exactly. I don’t know why Grealish is the only one who gets criticised for winning free kicks. Every player does it nowadays. Why criticise the one who isn’t anywhere near the worst??
  22. There’s a big difference between drawing contact and diving. Grealish win fouls because he cleverly attracts the contact of dumbass defenders. It’s not cheating and it’s not diving. The contact he receives are mostly enough for a foul. If he went down with zero contact whatsoever, it’s diving. Drawing contact is clever.
  23. Well, I think “cheat” is a bit strong to label him. A cheat is someone who dives without any contact. Grealish has such a great body swerve, strength and quick feet that he draws fouls. Does he intentionally draw contact in order to be fouled? Yes. But it’s still a foul
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