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  1. Asado and Bronx burger are my 2 favourite burger places in Bristol
  2. I noticed from the Bristol bears tv advert that we are now doing Buxton and Bird pies at the gate. Freddie Bird is the owner of Buxton and bird pies and little French. Is a guest on Saturday kitchen fairly regularly. Buxton and bird pies have a unit at wapping wharf. They are very nice if I do say so myself.
  3. My understanding of the baldock signing at the time was that we were still owed money from West Ham for Nicky Maynard and they offered us Sam baldock at a reduced rate in return for us wiping that debt. So presumably baldock’s market value was say £5m, and they offered him to us for half that and we obviously thought that was too good to refuse rather than wait for the rest of the Maynard cash. Could’ve been rubbish terrace talk though.
  4. True. Sadly we already have fans that think Nigel Pearson isn’t good enough because he hasn’t won every game with this shower of poop he’s inherited. And there will be more next year that will turn on him if we spend most the season in the bottom half. Give Nigel time to do what he needs to do and we’ll be heading in the right direction in a year-18 months time
  5. Was trying to work out if kodjia and diedhiou signings would have been possible under the new rules. They both played in ligue 2 which wouldn’t have been regarded as a top league and they have played for their country but it depends on if Senegal and Ivory Coast are considered to be top level countries. For example, we can’t go out and buy St Lucia or Samoa’s best player even if they’ve played 110 times for St Lucia or Samoa. The nation has to have a certain ranking in world football. I guess that’s where you employ someone to to figure all this out and create a shortlist of foreign players that would meet the criteria to gain a work permit.
  6. I’m not excited about next season as it’s likely to be one spent in the lower half of the table and fans need to understand that this is a reset, a rebuild. Give a Nigel next season to get his staff in place and to start assembling his squad together. Hopefully a top half finish the following season and then a proper go at promotion/reaching the play offs in season 3. It’s where we could be in 3-4 seasons time that excites me. Just got to trust the process and give the guy time and freedom to do things his way.
  7. Presumably Brentford’s model is no longer possible to copy or possible to continue with for them due to brexit?!? As I understand it, no clubs in England can just buy random players from France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc like they have been unless they’ve played a certain amount of games for their country or a high percentage of games in a top rated league (bundesliga, serie a, ligue 1 or la liga) Any players that have played lots of times for their country or in a top European league aren’t very likely to be heading to the championship anytime soon so it’s home grown or nothing for us now. No chance of finding another Mahrez, Benrahma, Mbuemo, Pontus Jansson etc. Not that our scouting department has ever been able to find a gem like them anyway. I’m sure someone on here will know the full rules and correct me if I’m wrong
  8. I didn’t know anything about these podcasts until I saw the Wilbraham one shared by a City fan on twitter. So watched that and enjoyed it. Watched loads of them since. Marc Bircham, Rowan Vine, Luke chadwick, Martin Allen all very good but the Andy Johnson (ex West Brom, Norwich, Forest and Wales midfielder) one is AMAZING. Didn’t realise he was Bristolian. Sooo funny. Modern day footballers just won’t have the stories that players of 15+ years ago will have. Camera phones and social media has put an end to most of the stuff that used to go on. Highly recommend you all have a listen to that Andy Johnson one if you have time.
  9. He played Graeme, one of the dumb guards. Did a google image search and there he was. Is David actually a city fan? He’s from Cheshire originally. No idea if he’d have been a city fan back in his maid Marian days. Suppose if I listened to the podcast I’d find out.
  10. I was completely unaware until the other day that he used to be an actor. No major roles but was in the young ones, bottom, allo allo and was in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men which was a hugely popular program for those of us that were kids in the 90’s.
  11. In terms of performances at Ashton Gate, Collymore for Forest was unreal. Powerful, quick, both footed. Destroyed us.
  12. Football - Ronaldo - Brazil vs Sweden in the Umbro Cup at Villa park back in the 90’s. I expect there will be a fair few on here that have seen Messi live though. Tom Brady - New England Patriots @ New York Jets 2016 (Brady won the Super Bowl that season) Chris Gayle - multiple times for Somerset. One of the best, if not the best T20 batsmen ever.
  13. How much do we reckon Ashton is on? He’ll probably become the highest earner at the club if they bring in a salary cap for players. Which is probably why he’s all for it.
  14. Akinbiyi. Marcus Stewart and Michael Bridges. Nicky Maynard. Luke Freeman. Lee Tomlin.
  15. For city Neil Kilkenny because he was a c*ck and Lee Johnson because I never rated him. Non city- Danny Mills, Lee Camp, Michael Chopra
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