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  1. Did'nt the fake sheik get turned down by Gillingham and Southend before the gash approached him ?
  2. 73/74 season City 5 millwall 2 October saturday.
  3. I thought it was out. Both the keeper and ball were well behind the line,as you say , the position of the keepers feet made that obvious. On replay it also shows that the linesman is running back to try to get in position,so he could'nt see properly. If VAR was available it would have given a corner.
  4. fatchers


    You are right weepy, it was a league game, I got to the game close to kick off. There were queue's at the East end so I went to the open end so as not to miss kick off. Got in just in time. Can't remember who we were playing, if I remember correctly the attendance was announced to load derision. It was updated a second time to more derision then updated again. The excuse later was that the ticket counting for the four different stands had been given out before all four stands had been counted. Although there was always a thought by many that there were turnstiles that had a one for the club and one for the tax man counting system.. Now, I wonder who's company made those turnstiles ? B,D,R I think. Was it Brechnall Dolman Roger's?
  5. fatchers


    Covid has had an effect on many people and families. For those not affected by the death of family or friends or redundancies or financial hardship related to this virus it may all seem life, as you know it, is back to normal. For a lot of others, making those first cautious steps back to the hustle and bustle in crowds can be quite daunting. I know of fellow reds with season cards who are dubious about returning but Love the club. They did not go . Time is a healer. The deeper people have been affected the more cautious they may be.
  6. Mine arrived this morning.
  7. I'd like to see the officials get more stick for their dodgy decisions that go against us. Diving and play acting from opponents,kicking the ball away and standing in front of set pieces to delay them and going walk about for 20 or 30 yards for throw ins. Kicking the ball away used to be a bookable offence,so why don't they enforce it.
  8. NP said in his interview that pre season games were just another training session. I would'nt be interested in going to see the jocks. Celtic tossers ummm.
  9. I thought the song was associated with Celtic fans.
  10. I can't stand that stupid "early doors " phrase. What next ? Late windows. Slow walls. Moderate Roof tiles.
  11. I thought foam rollers was something they put in their hair.
  12. John Bonham died from his own vomit while asleep after a very boozy session.
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