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  1. “We haven’t been good enough for whatever reason”. Could be just a platitude but comes across like he doesn’t know why (maybe he doesn’t, genuinely). If he doesn’t know, could explain why he’s falling short (no pun intended).
  2. Imps look scarier than Ewoks so has to be the Imps.
  3. I take from the BP that maybe NP considered it’s too late this summer for new HoR to make impact immediately and/or who he wants isn’t available. So will work with existing team for now. He’s not going to fully rebuild in one window anyway so I’m fairly relaxed. Can build over next 2/3 years (I’m assuming we stay in Championship of course!) Get the right man in in due course.
  4. Brilliant to see that and great memories with Riley, Ritchie, Pritchard, the great Terry Cooper et al.
  5. Believe it was a draw so they lost the point gained from the match so seems fair. Journalist covering WSL on the radio correctly predicted this is what would happen.
  6. Sunderland losing to Blackpool. Down to 4th too currently though should still make playoffs. Form not so good though. Natives won’t be happy if stays like that.
  7. and meanwhile... Sunderland fans 'not happy' Blackpool 1-0 Sunderland Lucy Oliva BBC London Sunderland fans are not happy and who can blame them? Three defeats in a row and it's not looking good for Lee Johnson's side.
  8. I did too.... and enjoyed my bottle of Lanson Black Label the other night to toast it! Oh what a joyous occasion.
  9. Both Wigan and the Wombles have won 2 in a row so maybe coming into some form just at the right time. Not looking good for Rovers. I think they’ll go down.
  10. Pretty sure Harry or Davefevs confirmed MA consulted in 2012 but only came back the December before Cotts was sacked. If so, assume Burt and Cotts fully responsible for double winning team and MA had no part in it.
  11. Would they like the data and medical teams too...?
  12. Thanks to Ipswich for taking him and to Mark for going. Seems outside events may help City move forward if we now get a better structure and personnel in place to improve recruitment and help NP. Shame we couldn’t rely on SL to do it but done now thankfully so next appointments are crucial. Over to you SL. Certain a Champagne Tuesday
  13. Wigan score 4th and Rovers down to third from bottom on goals scored
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