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  1. SL, MA, and the board should hang their heads in
  2. He might sell once all his development work (housing, basketball arena etc.) is complete so he can recoup his total investment. Don’t think it’ll happen for a few years yet though.
  3. Are the bedsheets going to make an appearance?
  4. Even he was sacked by the Priest so may not auger too well!
  5. Enjoyed this one too and was a good discussion all round. Have always enjoyed listening to Mark and Ian's view on RB and no different here. (Dave was good too)! Some may not like Ian's challenging (perceived negative views) but he talks a lot of sense IMO and we need balance so don't see an issue here. Fans of all clubs do the same. I'd be concerned if there wasn't sufficient challenge where there are apparent issues surrounding how the club and/or team affairs are run.
  6. While I’m not necessarily expecting it, it wouldn’t surprise me if MA left shortly after the season starts like Pell did after the 2015 Cotts transfer shananigans. It’s not been a smooth process and someone may have to answer for it. There’s previous as per the Live article too.
  7. What a brain fart that would be...dear oh dear
  8. Not in a million years. The hype around LJ is ridiculous. He's acheived nothing of note other than not take us down having had huge backing. LJ's going to have prove himself the hard way lower down the pyramid if he's willing I think. Can't see him getting a Premier League job as a No.1, and he'd be a risk at Championship level so think it doubtful. Could see him on TV or radio as a pundit as has the gift of the gab with sense of humour which seems to go down well there.
  9. If we're on Bonzo Dog songs, how about one for Keynsham (it's at about 2:05):
  10. 3 of my PE teachers at school were Chalk, Flint and Burns. I kid you not
  11. I could believe it. A boy in my year at School years ago was called Ronald McDonald!
  12. This whole interview saga is starting to sound like something out of "The Office": Dean to SL "I did really well at the end of the season, Steve. Don't I deserve an interview? LJ taught me all he knows, only lost 1 game so job's a gud 'un. " SL to Dean "'Of course you do Dean. Come in tomorrow - you're on my shortlist." Dean to himself "Got a real shot at this " SL to MA "Hasn't got a prayer that one but'll keep him happy for a few days until he gets the sack and interviewing him will no doubt send OTIB into an uproar". JL to SL "OK if I feed GmG some titbits Dad?
  13. Can't help but think we'd do better on recruitment if MA stuck to the negotiating and we had an separate head of recruitment/Scout/DOF with team of scouts augmenting whatever software and database they have. Why not let SMEs to do their job as they do in other industries/sectors or indeed as with other football clubs? Too much power in too few hands without the necessary experience IMO. SL seems to have thrown in his all with MA controlling all footballing matters.
  14. If CH is not being offered the job can’t see NP being offered either. SL could still prove me wrong but not sure he’s ready to appoint someone with that type of experience. Either too expensive and/or would want more control than he’d want to allow is my guess.
  15. Yes could be the package or conditions (including recruitment) under which the club is willing to operate may not be acceptable to some. Be a real shame to cut off our nose to spite our face. This is a great opportunity for SL to re-evaluate and tweak the model to maximise our chances for the best coach/manager available within our reach. if we can’t appoint CH or someone of similar experience now, shows we’re not nearly as ambitious as is made out and we’ll be back here again in another few years but may not be in as good a league position.
  16. Would agree with that (though they’d still be better qualified than JT). Just don’t think another inexperienced managerial ”punt” is the wisest way to go even if they are higher profile. CH or MM much safer propositions IMO.
  17. Baffled he’d even be considered as has no previous experience in achieving promotion from the Championship which surely has to be the logical criteria for the next coach/manager. Would show SL hasn’t learned a thing with further waste of time and money. Could just be paper speculation of course but is worrying if there’s any grain of truth in it.
  18. Where we are probably has more to do with Ashton’s recruitment than LJ’s management IMO. Yes we’ve consolidated our Championship status so credit to LJ but very doubtful LJ would’ve got City into the Championship in the first place so the greater credit has to be given to Cotts (for me). Cotts with LJs backing- now that would’ve been interesting (though appreciate different model with Ashton in place).
  19. If he's in favour of a museum instead, that'll do!
  20. Enjoyed it, thanks David. Good luck with it and will look out for these.
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