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  1. Your right but my response was to someone regarding wages. Who a manager can sign has no bearing on what they earn. For the record neither of these 2 have done anywhere near enough to be manager of our club imo anyway.
  2. With the greatest respect, what has Gerrard done in the managerial game to deserve a high paying job?? I know he is a name but when you boil it down DH has more coaching experience which should give you a better understanding of the managerial role than Gerrard has.
  3. [...] pompous, self-congratulatory discussion where little to no progress is made.
  4. You really should be careful mate. If I put you on ignore like everybody else you will be left circle jerking by yourself. Doubt it would be the first time!
  5. Here we go again. The plant is back to paint a rosy picture and teach us the error of our ways!
  6. The whole club are going to look pretty stupid soon. Including all fans for believing that the club was ready to go to the next level. No need to single out people who could see that LJ had come to the end of his time here.
  7. Yea all 11 games. Oh and 4 as caretaker. If you add the 5 as caretaker for us he has now amassed a whopping 20 games as a manager. I for one am comforted by the fact that the man for our big promotion push will have a 20 game headstart as a manager than say if city employed any tom dick or harry from OTIB. Perhaps I could go for it?? I have no managerial experience but I am only 20 games behind!! Edit: just checked and he has a solid 25% win rate from those 20 games. So DH has overseen 5 wins from 20.
  8. Please, I have heard this crap so often now. No, if we wanted to just hang around the division forever then yes just employ DH. We have 90% of the pieces in place to be a top 6 side. We need a manager to accompany these pieces. This is why they can get away with even entertaining the thought of employing a nobody who hasn't managed 10 ******* games!! We have fans who will accept whatever shite is thrown at them. We have been towing the line with LJ for years and getting mid table finishes and seeing young players come through. We even saw some good attacking football for a while but after all
  9. But that's garbage because in what world would DH come out on top after an exhaustive process when the criteria set by SL himself was Fresh face manager to take us to the next level managerial experience previous promotion experience managing at the top level have more that 10 games as a manager on his CV. The top 2 examples were set by SL himself and anyone with an ounce of sense, when looking for a Championship manager to crack the top 6 would be looking for the other examples. Where does DH fit in? and IYO where does he come out on top v any of the
  10. You either have to be trolling or your head is so far in the clouds that you can't see what you are writing!!! How is appointing Holden 5-6 weeks after LJ got the sack anywhere near the plan or within the same ballpark of what SL stated in his interview??
  11. No fair way that this could work out. We are all City fans and prioritising any fan over another is wrong. It's actually more important for the club's future that the u19s should attend over everyone else really. If we exclude the youth and they all decide to go do other things for a season, who is to say they bother to come back?? We adult's are going to be back regardless so what would be the point in placating the people who are already coming back? If the club wanted to tell me that only certain members of my family could attend then I would probably just refund us all. I imagine that a fe
  12. Trouble is at this stage of the season we are looking for results rather than performances. Business end of the season and regardless of performance from the players and management we have 2 from 21 points. It's not good enough with 6 games to play and we are clutching at straws to grasp positives from another loss.
  13. Haha so you don't have any facts to respond to my post so thought you would throw in a dig in the middle of responding to somebody else? Also based on actual fact or evidence why can you see another good run coming again? Other than the fact than we have done it in the past. There is 0 evidence with regards to tactics, results, recent performances or is it tales from your ass kinda evidence?
  14. I have not lost my shit either. I was just pointing out the fact that Brentford have let in 20 less goals than us and scored 8 more. Anybody who knows anything about football will tell you that a side would have had to have a fair slice of bad luck to be only 3 points clear of a side with those stats. Also Wigan have conceded less goals than us this season and they are fighting relegation.. We have been extremely lucky with nicking a lot of points from games where we have been dominated. If as people say that luck evens it's self out over the course of a season then we are potentially in for a
  15. Citys last 4 games are as follows played 4 won 1 lost 3. We have had 34 shots with 10 on target scoring 3 goals. Brentfords last last 4 games are as follows played 4 drawn 3 lost 1. They have had 59 shots with 23 on target scoring 5 goals. It's clear they put a lot more effort into winning games and getting the fans off of their seats than we do even though they only have 3 points more than us. This is only a 4 game snippet so to me it seems that they are just a little unlucky in front of goal or opposing keepers are having better games against them. Fact is they play better f
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