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  1. Imagine the uproar in the Premier league if, for instance, relegated Norwich were playing Arsenal and fielded a team of mostly inexperienced youngsters. Arsenal won 7-0 which meant they finished 4th on goals scored and pushed Spurs to 5th therefore Arsenal securing the final Champions league spot and the financial rewards that go with it. However this is only 4th division Northampton so no one in the EFL really cares (except NTFC and their fans).
  2. I thought Cundy last night was very limited. I think he lost his man for the 2nd goal. Also looked a bit league1/2 in possession. Having said that most of them looked L1/2 last night.
  3. Probably a faster game now but I don’t recall the likes of Gerry Gow getting burnt out. And let’s face it the training, fitness, conditioning and diets etc are streets ahead of where they were back in the day.
  4. Yes probably was better than Martin who was a 2/10.
  5. Pearson cocked up the recruitment last summer. I’ve totally zero confidence in him doing better this summer. Get a new manager in now rather than wait for Pearson to lumber a new manager in October with his new signings.
  6. Well I thought he was as useless as the rest of them.
  7. Based on Peterborough’s result at Bournemouth they might not be too much of a push over.
  8. What was your view of our games against Barnsley away, Peterborough home, Derby away in those teams reaching their respective points totals. IF we avoid defeat in those 3 games then we should be Ok. Given our recent form though I’m no longer confident for any game.
  9. The comments were not disrespectful to me but perhaps they would be to Steve and his wife after what they have contributed to the club. The comments about JL not being able to string a sentence together and the Dick Emery jibe (I know that was not you) were in my view plain wrong. Also, none of us have any idea on whether Steve would not want John anywhere near any of his other business's as he would be unable to work in those environments. He may well be wholly capable but prefer his role at Bristol Sport. Personally I'm ok with the Chairman also being a fan. Scot Davidson and Les Kew were and still are. Although not the chairman (I think it was Des Williams?) its lucky that directors Darren Coller and Ken Sage were fans or else it's unlikely that we would have a club to support. With regard to the shambolic 6 weeks process that was probably as much down to Mark Ashton as CEO as it was JL. Lets be fair no one, including Steve Lansdown, came out of that sorry process with any glory.
  10. I listen to the podcast every week and am normally in broad agreement with most of what is said. I really enjoyed what was an excellent podcast apart from the rather rude and unnecessary taking apart of John Lansdown. I considered that to be in dreadfully bad taste and as the owners son and club chairman deserves some respect rather than the lack of respect that he got. If I was Steve or his wife I would find some of the comments about my Son upsetting.
  11. Blimey we need our recruitment team to do a much better job than last close season. James injured. King, Simpson past it. Atkinson, Tanner punts who might come off. Injured Baker, unluckily injured but never the less has a questionable recent injury record. Weinman 1 in 7 who has proven to be a good signing. We need to sign players who have a very good injury record in the summer.
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