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  1. Banana Republic - Yur Mum
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep blue something
  3. I'm not a vampire - Falling in reverse
  4. I do like some of the Belgian fruit beers, some of the sour cherry ones have been stunning. I'm intrigued by the peach one, I felt like I need to try it I really like the sound of the Dark Matters as well, that will be on my list soon
  5. Impossible - The Charlatans
  6. Resting peach face - I'm brewing them in chronological order by best before date. I've got until 6th November to kick that one off! Then Uplands, Space Hopper and then 4 Saisons!
  7. I know this seems to be something I've been saying forever, buuuuuut I'm getting close to starting. Kitchen should be finished in two weeks then it's go go go!
  8. New lace sleeves - Elvis Costello and the attractions
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