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  1. Smugglers - The men they couldn't hang
  2. Swords of a thousand men - Tenpole Tudor
  3. Soul for sale - Pretty Addicted
  4. Leaving so soon? - Keane Cue smart arse comments about the Dolmanites (of which I am one but always stay to the bitter end )
  5. Back in the 80s my grandma was surprised and disappointed that I'd gone all the way to York and didn't go to the minster!!
  6. Burn the witch - Desensitised
  7. Dressed for success - Roxette
  8. In the morning - The Coral
  9. Looking forward to this
  10. Dark Matter conditioning for another week in the pinter. Space Hopper in bottles for a week or so. How clear!!
  11. They look good. Only thing I'd say about the Dark Matter trub is that it does give a strong stout taste. Tasty mind.
  12. s 500g of bread flour 400ml of trub 2 tea spoons of salt 3 table spoons of oil Method Weigh out your 500g of flour in a mixing bowl and add your salt. Make a well in the middle of the flour. Add your oil and slowly add your trub mixing in the well and combining the flour as you go. Once combined lightly dust a work surface with flour and tip out your dough onto it. Begin kneading the bread until you get a satin texture on the surface (usually about 10 minutes). Lightly oil a bowl and place your dough in. Cover with clingfilm and place somewhere warm to prove for 1 hour. Once proven, take your dough out and knock it back on a work surface. Place on a baking tray and allow to prove for another hour. Once proven, use a knife to cut a cross into the top of the dough. Place in a preheated oven at 200C for half an hour or until golden on the top and hollow sound is made when you knock the bottom of the loaf.
  13. Sorry missed this, I didn't add any yeadt - just 400ml of trub to flour, salt and yeast. Here's the recipe I used
  14. I'm a volunteer for Sea Shepherd and often wear a hoody / coat etc to AG. I've been told to p1$$ off to Forest Green a couple of times
  15. I wanted one of those for Christmas
  16. Pedalpusher - Stereophonics
  17. Bread made with Dark Matter trub - very impressed, very dense which is how I like bread, very stouty taste.
  18. I'll give that a try, cheers. Haven't tried Space Hopper yet - recovering from an attack of gout so off alcohol for another few days. I've a Dark Matter cold crashing as well so getting a bit of a backlog!
  19. Skeletons - Häxan Great hard rocking Welsh 3 piece!
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