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  1. It said you won the raffle!
  2. You mean they sell vintage pasties!
  3. He's a football player!
  4. At the end of life, there may well be a choice of Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. This does not look like Heaven - so the real question should be: Is in Hell or Purgatory?
  5. They have a bright, modern stadium that really brings in the cash. Their owner is one of the richest men on the planet and renowned for his generosity towards his club. Unlike any other club, they also have a Santa's Grotto to entertain the youngsters throughout the year. Add that to a rich history of achievement and you can see why they are so high in the betting!
  6. Ah... you must have transgressed the unwritten laws!!
  7. Cautiously pessimistic! But hoping for the best!
  8. OK I have a solution to all this dilemma. Let all vaccinated fans sit in the three home sides of the stadium and the unvaccinated can sit with the away fans in the away end. All can enjoy the match and if anyone is going to catch Covid, it will only be away fans. We could even invite the Gas to play a friendly! Simples!!
  9. Ask Rudolph what he is up to!
  10. Who are the Gas playing?
  11. Far too sensible as a suggestion. You should feel ashamed!
  12. I just read that Covid could be spread by flatulence - hope you don't sit next to Guinness drinkers who also like the high bean veggie pasties!
  13. You would be lucky if they have lines on the pitch and goalposts!
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