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  1. I was there as well that day. Well worth the trip!
  2. That sounds great - what was the tune?
  3. You really do not understand the modern cancel culture fashion, do you.
  4. Mock you not! Master Bater really knows his stuff on gravitational-wave astronomy!!
  5. We can never know of course. Young managers can develop and improve by learning their trade, just as young players can improve from season to season. All that is now gone, but I hope that Nigel will be allowed to really develop the playing side of the club in order to match the development of the infrastructure. Bristol should have a team in the top flight and we are the only real candidates - unless you include the Mangos.
  6. Not me. I would always sing with lust the song that advised Irene what to do!
  7. The problem seemed to stem from fielding weak teams. The kids are very good but not up to the demanding standards of the Championship. I agree that the attitude was disappointing and that that is a sad reflection on their professionalism. I wonder if our current medical team could have stopped the rot.
  8. Maybe Dean Holden was overwhelmed with the injury crisis. Nigel coped no better with the same issues when he inherited the squad. I believe that both were/are good candidates and have/had the ability to succeed. Nigel would clearly be better placed to perform a root and branch overhaul of the squad in view of his experience. We will never know what really happened unless someone spills the beans and then you may have to consider that that individual might have a self protecting agenda. We have to move on, and I would like to see continuity with the only manager who is now in a position to achieve that - viz Nigel.
  9. Sounds like a conspiracy theory. Maybe they realised that the rump of the squad chosen on matchday was simply not strong enough to cope given the huge injury list. I still think that the attitude of certain players was disappointing.
  10. The past has gone and the future must be out concern now. I would like to see Nigel given a dozen years or so to really develop the club. I fear that a further run of bad luck could cause a clamour for a change that would not benefit us in the long run.
  11. I would have expected a new manager to try to lift a dispirited team. Maybe the number of injuries were just too much for him to handle - as it had been for Dean Holden?
  12. A deep thinker like Mr Holloway only needs to think - that is what he does!
  13. The problem with chicken shack is that they can encourage blood sucking mites. They have to be built with wisdom and consideration of the risks involved!
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