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  1. Time will tell - as a tech buff, have you any wisdom to impart about how to listen to the press conference?
  2. You have significantly oversimplified what I have been saying, and if you chose to try my "interesting exercise" you will see that with every statement - if you state the opposite, you would see it would be daft. If you cannot be bothered to do it, then I cannot spend more time - I have answered many dozens and have other things waiting to be done. I wish you joy of the day!
  3. Try taking every one of those sentences and turn it around to mean the exact opposite. Try it, I just did and it was an interesting exercise. Most of what I have said is stating the bloody obvious. We will all have to see how it pans out.
  4. I have repeatedly stated that I have no more idea than anyone else when it comes to the boardroom discussions, but I have been in enough board meetings to know the kind of things that will probably need to be discussed. What nobody outside knows is what inspired the choice of Dean Holden - either you think badly of the board for making a choice like this, or you start to wonder WHY they made the choice. Most on here seem to dismiss the idea that he might just have been recognised as a very fine coach who was stymied in his ideas by Lee Johnson. That may be total bull, but it is a possibility.
  5. Be of stout heart! Bristol City will rise and the Ashton Roar will be heard again before long. Personally I can't wait to get some "Feed the Goat" food again. Bloody marvellous!!
  6. The firms that use Ag facilities, sponsorship, merchandise, and many other items will be impacted - for how long? Will it get better? Or worse? How many supporting companies will go bust? There are so many shadows of this dreadful disease. I am just longing for a vaccination so we can get on with our lives. I bet the board would like to find some certainty in plotting the way ahead. Many of the indices are still around the lowest they have been since the last recession. The future is murky at best and even Shell had not seen fit to pay their normal high dividend. Respectfully, you have
  7. Well we don't attend matchdays at the moment and will have to see what happens in the months ahead. My family is locked down still and I won't be going again until vaccinated. The board and coaches will do their best to give us a good show when Ashton Gate can be safely filled again.
  8. The accounts will be an historical record and although they indicate match day revenue, they do not predict what will happen if there is another shut down of everything. All the catering, merchandise and much else will be hit but many (not all) of the bills will still need to be paid. We do not know if FFP will be an issue going forward and I would expect the board to be cautious and prudent in their approach. If you care to look at the FTSE100 and other indices, you will see that there is a severe impact from this covid inspired recession. Dividends are most certainly down (I live on
  9. We do not know the ins and outs of compensation payments, new wages and the like. We are not Barcelona but a second tier English team with an owner. He might well be interested if fans clubbed together and made a takeover offer. I'm sure that all aspects of finances are carefully weighed before being made. We can only guess at what has been going on behind the scenes and how various personalities have interacted. I worry about ascribing dark motives or insinuating that the board or SL are incompetent or lacking in ambition. These are normally conjured up by fans who are pissed off with some a
  10. I'm sure that the costs would have been carefully weighed. I am not an apologist for the board but I have an idea of the kind of problems they may be facing.
  11. Have you considered counselling?
  12. We would all like the real truth but it is not available. We are speculating, but I thank you for your kind and considerate reply.
  13. Would you rather sail in a tight ship or one that leaks like a sieve?
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